Our Personal Duty

An inspirational poem by J. J. Thorne that contains much wisdom on how to live life and be happy. Following the advice of this poem will result in a much happier life!

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Our Personal Duty
Poet: J.J. Thorne

Never yield to evil habits.
Never good things disdain,
Never suffer tongue and lips
To take God's name in vain.

Never curse and swear,
Never steal and fight;
Never fail to show a conscience
Clear, clean and white.

Never stoop to cheat a person,
Never tell a lie.
Never let thoughts and malice,
Break a friendly tie.

Never bear a stain or grudge,
Never suiter an envious heart
Never fail to love your neighbor.
Never fail to do your part.

Never bear false witness,
Never envy other's wealth.
Never forget that hygiene.
Is a benefit to health.

Never speak ill of any one,
Never their business offend
Never yet was it our duty,
Never did it gain a friend.

Never commit a harsh deed,
Character it does not adorn;
Never did a pious person
Treat any one with scorn.

Never fail to help the needy,
If it be in our power.
Never will we lose the honor,
Never will be lost the hour.

Never was there a flower
Sprang up from any shore.
With beauty superior to a helping nature.
Of charity for the poor.

Never let the devil lead us
In to toil and strife.
Never let our temptations
Degrade a moral life.

Never be led by any one
Into a wrong deed.
If you are doubtful, ask your conscience,
The mysteries it will plead.

Never rebuke any person,
Never did it defend,
Never will it be of honor,
If they desert a friend.

Never form evil opinions.
Of your fellowman.
Never will the deed decay,
To prevent them if you can.

Never use deceit.
Never work for spite,
Never say I can't.
But try with all your might.

Never kill, rob and murder,
Never dispossess;
Never fold an idle arm,
If a chance to bless.

Never put off to-morrow
What we should do to-day,
Never contract a debt.
That we do not aim to pay.

Never fail with careful thought,
To think before we speak;
Never fail with kind words,
Friendship to seek.

Never laugh at other people,
To joke and make fun;
Never speak a harm word
To hurt any one.

Never fail in search of wisdom,
To strive to get your part;
Never think that all of wisdom
Equals an honest heart.

Never forget that our duties,
In twelve words they ly,
To love and do by others.
As we would be done by.

If we control our temptations -
With heart, lips, and arms -
We will live in peace and love.
No creature we will harm.

Let our footprints prove our fate,
Our lives a friendly tie.
Honor and wisdom will commemorate,
In bereavement when we die.

After we are placed away
We return to mother sod,
Whether we find joy or woe
It all lies with God.

Never forget that we have a father
Who knows our fate and heart
From kind deeds and good works
Never will he depart.

We should toil to live in obedience,
God's mercy protect and bless -
By his mercy and obedience
Depends our life and rest.

There is a home prepared for us,
Whether it be joy or woe,
After we have done the best we knew
No debt to the world we owe.

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