Inspirational Poems

A collection of inspirational poems to encourage and inspire you. We all need a bit of inspiration at different times in our lives.

How Did He Know Me?
Greta Zwaan, 2001

I saw Him walk along the shore, alone, He journeyed slowly;
In dark brown sandals, long gray robe, stooped, like the meek and lowly.
His mind seemed oh, so far away, His burden almost felled Him,
He looked quite strong and in control; what inner source compelled Him?

The contradiction of great strength, the burdened look of sorrow,
What grief could stoop a man so low? The troubles of tomorrow?
From whence came He? What was His name? And just where was He headed?
I wondered, did He want to go, or was His journey dreaded.

I could not turn my eyes away, His presence kept me near Him;
I felt no danger watching there, I saw no cause to fear Him.
A drawing power I'd never known, a longing just to meet Him;
Perhaps to help Him with His load or maybe just to greet Him.

I didn't think He'd noticed me, I'd hid myself discreetly;
I wasn't spying, just intrigued, spell bound and drawn, completely.
Yet when He turned and came my way, His steps a little lighter,
His shoulders were not quite so stooped, perhaps His burdens lighter.

As He drew nearer where I was, I wondered if He saw me;
Amazed, I heard Him call my name, His power just seemed to draw me!
I questioned, "Sir, You knew my name, but this is our first meeting."
He stopped, smiled and shook my hand, a warm and friendly greeting.

"I knew you 'fore you drew first breath, I've always walked beside you,
Most of the time 'twas unawares, but I was there to guide you.
I saw you when your pain was deep, too deep for you to master,
I helped you through that terrible grief when you faced great disaster."

I pondered that He knew so much, and then, the veil was lifted;
'Twas Jesus I was speaking to! The Holy One, most gifted!
The One who's burden had been mine, who knew my heart's condition;
Who, on the cross had set me free, that was His earthly mission!

And when I recognized His face, immediately, He vanished,
Yet loving radiance stayed behind, and all my grief was banished!
Yes, I have walked the shores with One who strengthened me that hour,
Who filled me with His tender love; His grace and Holy power.

In order to have a silver-lining disposition about life we need to have an unbeatable, resilient, and never-ending hope.
Byron R. Pulsifer

Hidden Messages
, 2012

Easy is as easy does,
Who hasn't heard that phrase?
But what really does that mean,
If you don't do, easy never finds the way?

There are so many different ways,
That messages are tangled in.
Find a quote or poem you like,
Then make sense of what is says.

Sometimes you may not understand,
But then there will be times you do.
And those times are when we truly benefit,
And bring the message into view.

Wisdom finds us in many ways,
It's up to us to allow it to help.
Many people benefit from these thoughts,
And it's a way to allow yourself to self-help.

Be You No Matter Who
Julie Hebert, 2013

There are people out there,
Who believe it's their right.
To tear others down,
And take away their light.

These people are mean,
And troubled all their own.
But they do not have the right,
To take away your thrown.

So stand up tall,
And flutter those wings.
Never allow others to,
Take away your springs.

Be cheerful and happy,
Be lovely and chatty.
As no one can change you,
Unless you allow it.

Assist From Fate
Julie Hebert, 2014

Sometimes things don't go our way,
And there is nothing we can do.
We wish and plead to those above,
And often feel quite blue.

We wonder if things could have changed,
If there was something we had done.
Knowing deep down in our hearts,
That there was simply none.

Time will pass and feelings will fade,
We will soon be at our best.
Our faith was tried and limits pushed,
It was one big faithful test.

Now that we've had a chance to think,
And find what good was missed.
We realize fate was on our side,
And lucky to have that assist.

The Wage Of Life
Julie Hebert, 2012

In life we must earn a wage,
To get us through some trials.
As to live a certain life,
Money is needed in piles.

We have to pay our bills,
And have a place to live.
So we find a simple job,
And money it will give.

But simple jobs are that,
A means to an end.
It is just a job,
It does not feel like a best friend.

So we work our simple jobs,
And pay what we can.
Our lives roll on by,
Without even a begin.

There will come a time,
When we’ll want more than this life.
And we’ll have to do what we can,
To get out of all of this strife.

A wage is nothing at all,
If a smile it can not make.
So its time to make a big change,
And take this life and give it a shake.

Figure out what will make you smile,
And make that feeling true.
Life will take you everywhere,
If you only allow yourself too.

Be who you want to be,
And don’t stop for anyone.
You can be anything you want,
And your wage can be your sun.

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