35  Inspirational Poems

A collection of short inspirational poems full of uplifting and inspiring verses. Influential poems to inspire and motivate you. We all need a bit of inspiration at different times in our lives. Let these poems be ones that give you inspiration for your day.

Let these poems be ones that give you inspiration for your day. Share these poems with others who may need a positive verse or a bit of motivation!

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    Short Inspirational Poems

  1. Love's Power
    Love's power brings joy to our days,
    A connection that lights up in a blaze.
    It warms our hearts and fills us with light,
    Bringing us closer, day and night.

  2. Joy And Glee
    In the chase for joy and glee,
    We search for what sets our hearts free.
    Finding happiness in little things,
    Like the dance of butterflies on wings.

  3. Your View
    In this vast world, your view is key,
    Determining your success, you see.
    Keep a positive outlook, never despair,
    For your viewpoint shapes what's fair.
    So view the world with eyes that shine,
    And successful paths will soon align.

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  5. The Pursuit
    The pursuit is thrilling, never dull,
    As we revel in life's joyful lull.
    With every step, a new discovery,
    Reflecting on happiness, our hearts full of glee.

  6. Bonds Of Friendship
    In bonds of friendship, we find our might,
    A force that lifts us up and takes flight.
    Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand,
    Together we conquer a fearless band.

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  8. Trials And Triumphs
    Through trials and triumphs, we stand tall,
    Bound by love and trust, we'll never fall.
    With friends by our side, we'll reach the sky,
    Unstoppable together, you and I!

  9. Rising Up
    Rising up from the depths of despair,
    Facing adversity with courage and flair,
    Every challenge becomes a chance to grow,
    Defeating obstacles, our confidence will show.

  10. With Determination
    With determination burning bright,
    We conquer hardships, embracing the fight.
    Triumphant and strong, we navigate the way,
    Overcoming adversity, our spirits burn come what may.

  11. In Every Breath
    In every breath, in each step, I find pure delight,
    For life's precious treasures, they give me such might.
    Every moment, a gift, a chance for appreciation,
    Grateful for it all, overflowing with abundant elation.

  12. The next time you think you need some luck, remember this poem and take its words to heart then you will find plenty of luck!

  13. Luck
    Poet: Unknown

    What we call Luck
    Is simply Pluck,
    And doing things over and over;
    Courage and will,
    Perseverance and skill -
    Are the four leaves of Luck’s clover.

  14. A short but inspiring poem!
  15. How Many
    Poet: Unknown

    How many sick ones wish they were healthy!
    How many poormen wish they were wealthy!
    How many ugly ones wish they were pretty!
    How many stupid ones wish they were witty!
    How many bachelors wish they were married!
    How may Benedicts wish they had tarried!
    Single or double, life's full of trouble;
    Riches are stubble, pleasure's a bubble!"

  16. Make Men Happy
    Poet: John Ruskin

    To watch the corn grow, or the blossoms set;
    To draw hard breath over plowshare or spade;
    To read, to think, to love, to pray, -
    These are the things
    That make men happy.

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  18. Embrace What Is Close
    Poet: Unknown

    We often fail by searching far and wide
    For what lies close at hand. To serve our turn
    We ask fair wind and favorable tide:
    From the dead Danish sculptor let us learn
    To make occasion not to be denied.
    Against the sheer, precipitous mountain side,
    Thorwaldsen carved his lion of Lucerne.

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  20. Now Is The Time
    Poet: Sarah K. Bolton

    Now is the time to love, and, better still,
    To serve our loved ones, over passing ill
    To rise triumphant ; thus the perfect flower
    Of life shall come to fruitage: wealth amass
    For grandest giving ere the time be gone.
    Be glad to-day, to-morrow may bring tears;
    Be brave to-day, the darkest night will pass,
    And golden rays will usher in the dawn:
    Who conquers now shall rule the coming years.

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  22. When I Have Time
    Poet: Miriam Brown

    When I have time so many things I'll do
    To make life happier and more fair
    For those whose lives are crowded now with care;
    I'll help to lift them from their low despair
    When I have time.

    When I have time the friend I love so well
    Shall know no more these weary, toiling days;
    I'll lead her feet in pleasant paths always
    And cheer her heart with words of sweetest praise,
    When I have time.

    When you have time! The friend you hold so dear
    May be beyond the reach of all your sweet intent;
    May never know that you so kindly meant
    To fill her life with sweet content
    When you had time.

    Now is the time! Ah, friend, no longer wait
    To scatter loving smiles and words of cheer
    To those around whose lives are now so drear;
    They may not need you in the coming year--
    Now is the time!

  23. One of the most inspiring and influential poets of his time, Edgar A. Guest wrote this stirring poem to inspire each of us not to make judgments of others.

  24. When You Know A Fellow
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    When you get to know a fellow, know his joys and know his cares,
    When you’ve come to understand him and the burdens that he bears,
    When you’ve learned the fight he’s making and the troubles in his way,
    Then you find that he is different than you thought him yesterday.
    You find his faults are trivial and there’s not so much to blame
    In the brother that you jeered at when you only knew his name.

    You are quick to see the blemish in the distant neighbor’s style,
    You can point to all his errors and may sneer at him the while,
    And your prejudices fatten and your hates more violent grow
    As you talk about the failures of the man you do not know,
    But when drawn a little closer, and your hands and shoulders touch,
    You find the traits you hated really don’t amount to much.

    When you get to know a fellow, know his every mood and whim,
    You begin to find the texture of the splendid side of him;
    You begin to understand him, and you cease to scoff and sneer,
    For with understanding always prejudices disappear.
    You begin to find his virtues and his faults you cease to tell,
    For you seldom hate a fellow when you know him very well.

    When next you start in sneering and your phrases turn to blame,
    Know more of him you censure than his business and his name;
    For it’s likely that acquaintance would your prejudice dispel
    And you’d really come to like him if you knew him very well.
    When you get to know a fellow and you understand his ways,
    Then his faults won’t really matter, for you’ll find a lot to praise.

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    In life we all have to be true to ourselves. We may be able to fool other people but we know what we do right and what we do wrong.
  26. Myself
    Poet Unknown

    I have to live with myself, and so
    I want to be for myself to know.
    Always to look myself straight in the eye,
    I don't want to stand, with the setting sun
    And hate myself for the things I’ve done,
    I want to go out with my head erect;
    I want to deserve all men’s respect;
    But here in the struggle for fame and self
    I want to be able to like myself.
    I don’t want to look at myself and know
    That I’m bluster and bluff and empty show
    I never can fool myself, and so

    Whatever happens I want to be
    Self-respecting and conscience free.

  27. A stirring poem that motivates us not to live in the past, to get beyond fear and to have hope for the future.

  28. Think Beyond The Past
    Poet: Robert R. Rivers, 2020

    The old things occurring in the past
    Oh so painful, you ask, will they last?
    The times before oft times you wouldn't think
    But these things, it seems, go by in a blink.

    Oh, now what shall I think
    Will I ever be beyond the brink?
    Will I go on as I have before
    Or, will I be forever cast ashore?

    Is there any hope to be seen;
    Is there happier times to think?
    Shall I not ever venture forth again,
    Beyond the shores to make some gain?

    Do not be full of fear I think,
    But is this not foolhardy like frothy drink?
    Oh so sad, I think, that this may be so
    To never think past my worried woes.

    It is not, I think, to be so mired
    In all those things as past desires.
    I know that life is not so cast
    That I should think of all things past.

    For in the morning, does not the sun align,
    That I might not think of more things to shine?
    Be not dismayed when I define
    The world to show is still refined.

    Now I see far past my pain
    There is more to life than to abstain.
    To think that I might not have grasped
    All that, I want, I saw at last.

  29. if you can't do great things, do small things in a great way

  30. Does Wisdom Come
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer, 2020

    I've looked and gazed upon the stars
    For the everlasting wisdom from seminars.
    I've found the ways and means
    To seize the pearls that I can glean.

    There is so much to absorb
    For wisdom needs to be disrobed.
    The quest to reach the top
    Is never something that can be dropped.

    Upon the day I do shine
    Without a worry, I feel divine.
    For wisdom comes throughout the day
    It is always my great mainstay.

    For those who doubt that wisdom comes
    They are those who are held ransom,
    Because they seem to say
    I can't find a way, I'm always gray.

    To those who seek beyond the norm
    Hold out your hand and join the swarm.
    Wisdom is not denied you see
    When you run with hearts of glee.

    I am not so one to cry
    I'm sure not one to be shy.
    For wisdom comes to those who quest
    So never more to settle for less.

  31. Is it fate that controls our future? Inspiring words by Robert Rivers that remind us that one of the most important factors in life is our thoughts.

  32. Fate Challenged
    Poet: Robert R. Rivers, 2020

    Is this not all you deserve,
    Despite the wants that seem in reserve?
    Did you not want more things desired
    But got much less than you aspired?

    Are we all so set and mired
    In nothing more than fate desired?
    Are we to think that no one's empire
    Is only a dream to be desired?

    Beyond the hills you so clearly see
    Many others who grasp better quality.
    Those things that hearts so clearly see
    Are for others and not for me.

    Why should I settle for less than others
    I must admit I'm feeling smothered.
    I long for all those things I planned
    But only get what has not been banned.

    What fate, then, do I deserve
    If not like others without reserve.
    What can I do to change my past
    So I can grasp and gain at last?

    So is it not more than my desires
    That I can change what fate requires?
    I know what I am able to do
    I am more than what is taboo.

    You see, I believe, that windows can open
    For all those who see great future for certain.
    It is not fate that casts me down
    But only destructive thoughts make me drown.

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  34. Be You No Matter Who
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2013

    There are people out there,
    Who believe it's their right.
    To tear others down,
    And take away their light.

    These people are mean,
    And troubled all their own.
    But they do not have the right,
    To take away your throne.

    So stand up tall,
    And flutter those wings.
    Never allow others to,
    Take away your springs.

    Be cheerful and happy,
    Be lovely and chatty.
    As no one can change you,
    Unless you allow it.

  35. Stick to It!
    Poet: David V. Bush

    When your plans have gone awry,
    Things will straighten if you try.
    When perplexed just what to do,
    Sand and grit will help you through.
    Let this be your final clue —
    Stick to it!

    When your schemes have taken wings,
    Vict'ry comes to him who sings.
    When your project's wrecked and smashed;
    Plans by hostile critics lashed;
    And you feel your spirit thrashed,
    Stick to it!

    When your back is nearly broke,
    Race is won by ONE MORE stroke —
    Lost your rudder in the gale;
    Seems that you are bound to fail?
    Storm-clouds clear; misfortunes pale —
    Stick to it!

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  37. Sing A Song
    Poet: Unknown

    If you'll sing a song as you go along,
    In the face of a real or a fancied wrong;
    If, in spite of the doubt, you will fight it out
    And show a heart that is brave and stout;
    If you'll laugh at the jeers and refuse the tears,
    You'll force the ever reluctant cheers
    That the world denies when a coward cries
    And gives to the man who bravely tries, —
    And you'll win success with a little song.
    If you'll sing the song as you go along.

    If you'll sing a song as you go along,
    You'll find that the singing will make you strong.
    And the heavy load and the rugged road.
    And the sting and the strife of the torturous goad
    Will soar with the note that you set afloat,
    That the beam will change to a trifling moat, —
    That the world is sad when you are sad.
    And bright and beautiful when you are glad;
    And that all you need is a little song.
    If you'll sing the song as you trudge along.

  38. allow positive thoughts to shape your life

  39. Two Days of Every Week
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    That might seem a little blurry.
    There are two days of every week,
    That we should all not worry.

    Some of us tend to worry,
    every single day.
    But there are two days of the week,
    that we should instead pray.
    Today is the day that we,
    will live out and choose our route.
    But tomorrow or yesterday,
    are either done or not played out.

    So these two days we should reserve,
    for only happy thoughts.
    Worrying is never good,
    we should try and disconnect the dots.
    Yesterday has already passed,
    with all its past mistakes.
    There is no point to worrying,
    mistakes are part of life's stakes.

    Tomorrow hasn't even come,
    to worry would be a waste.
    Why spend so much energy,
    and possibly change how tomorrow is faced.
    Worrying can do much more,
    than any of us see.
    We know we can't change the past,
    but the future we can lead.

    So don't allow yourself to worry,
    about things that have passed.
    And don't allow yourself to worry,
    about things that haven't even past.

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  41. The Pure In Heart Will Meet Again
    Poet: J.J. Thorne

    We all some day must part,
    And death we Cannot abstain;
    The pure in heart
    Will meet again.

    Not take love and human life,
    As did revengeful Cain,
    The pure in heart
    Will meet again.

    A generous heart is filled with love,
    No goodness to disdain,
    The pure in heart
    Will meet again.

    Piety and a good conscience
    Makes our whole lives fain.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    Perversion and intemperance
    Have made many minds insane.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    Let us live in peace and harmony
    With filial love and compassion of pain.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    Let the dictates of our conscience
    Over temptation reign.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    If we do as we wish to be done by
    Our lives will leave no stain.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    Love places humanity in despair
    And pleasure it does obtain.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

    Let's do all within our power
    That we may not fall in vain.
    The pure in heart
    Shall meet again.

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  43. Grit Your Teeth And Bear It
    Poet: David V. Bush

    "When each thing has gone awry,
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    "When you choke and heave a sigh,
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    When your luck is not with you,
    Life's horizon streaked with blue,
    Pluck and sand will pull you through —
    Grit your teeth and bear it!

    When your plan's been blown away,
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    There will dawn another day.
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    When your feet are slipping fast.
    And you're dwelling on the past,
    Brace yourself — these things can't last —
    Grit your teeth and bear it!

    When they say, "we told you so",
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    Free advisers seldom know —
    Grit your teeth and bear it!
    You have got the stuff to win;
    Finish it if you begin;
    Fill your lungs and lift your chin!
    Grit your teeth and bear it!

  44. To Try Is Better
    Poet Unknown

    To try is better than the thing you try for;
    To hope is higher than the height attained;
    To love is greater than the love you sigh for,
    To seek is nobler than the object gained.

    "To wrestle with the angels," this avails,
    Although the motive for the wrestling fails;
    To learn is more essential than the knowing,
    To know is deeper than the wisdom found.

    To live is grander than all life's bestowing,
    To advance more fruitful than the vantage ground.
    To give is far more blessed than receiving,
    To tell the truth needs not to force believing.

    To speak is voice eternal in vibration.
    To blaze a trail is safer than hewn road.
    To think is power of infinite creation.
    To trust is finer than to see your God.

    To think — to act — these bridge the world's abysses.
    To die — no soul has told a soul what this is.

  45. Honesty always pays off!
  46. An Honest Deed
    Poet: J.J. Thorne

    The dictates of a clear conscience
    An honest heart will -feed
    With bread of harmony baked by love,
    Of a pious deed.

    A gripeing- and malicious heart
    Is filled with nature's greed.
    The dictates of an honest heart
    Approves an honest deed.

    Truth and honesty is the best policy,
    A lesson we all should heed;
    It clothes us with raiment of honor
    By an honest deed.

    If we wander off in wrong
    And our conscience do not lead.
    We fail to abide by a guide
    Of an honest deed.

    The betterment of humanity
    Is a universal need,
    A large portion is contained
    In an honest deed.

    For the right and justification,
    Our conscience will plead,
    And place satan in the rear
    By an honest deed.

    The mysteries of humane weakness,
    Our conscience will help to read.
    Assisted by a wise heart
    That loves an honest deed.

    If we wish a happy harvest,
    Let our hearts plant the seed;
    Providence will reap the harvest
    If our lives be an honest deed.

  47. A Home Song
    by Henry vanDyke

    I turned an ancient poet's book,
    And found upon the page:
    "Stone walls do not a prison make,
    Nor iron bars a cage."

    Yes, that is true, and something more:
    You'll find, where'er you roam,
    That marble floors and gilded walls
    Can never make a home.

    But every house where Love abides,
    And Friendship is the guest,
    Is surely home, and home, sweet home,
    For there the heart can rest.

  48. Little Things
    Poet: Unknown

    Only a drop in the bucket;
    But every drop will tell;
    The bucket would soon be empty
    Without the drops in the well.

    Only a poor little penny;
    It was all I had to give;
    But as pennies make the dollars.
    It may help some cause to live.

    Only some outgrown garments -
    They were all I had to spare;
    But they'll help to clothe the needy.
    And the poor are everywhere.

    A word now and then of comfort,
    That cost me nothing to say;
    But the poor old man died happy.
    And it helped him on the way.

    God loveth the cheerful giver,
    Though the gift be poor and small:-
    What doth He think of His children,
    When they never give at all?

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  50. Not Totally Lost
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Tho' from the beaten path, perchance, you have strayed,
    And pictures with dark spots in Memory are laid.
    Pictures that truth and honor have cost,
    Turn back, nor think you must meet a deplorable end,
    As a matter of course, for there's still time to mend,
    And you are not totally lost.

    Do friends spurn you and contumely pass by,
    Does there seem no pardon from even on High;
    If in shipwrecks of doubt you are tost,
    The past missteps may not be obliterated, 'tis true,
    But redeemed with regrets, and pure aims in view,
    For you are not totally lost.

    Sink not in despair, let not hope nor courage forsake
    There are few in life who make no mistake,
    Some less temptations accost;
    Despair only need come when remedies are ended,
    Never for fractures that still may be mended,
    And you are not totally lost.

    If rash acts have made you outcast and forlorn,
    The evening is dark, and darker the morn.
    Showers of acrimony o'er you are tost;
    All need a draught from the sin-forgiving-cup.
    Instead of sinking lower, strive to rise up.
    For you are not totally lost.

  51. Throughout The Year
    Poet: George L. Perin

    Throughout the year, why not keep sweet?
    No frown ever made a heart glad;
    No complaint ever made a dark day bright;
    No bitter word ever lightened a burden or made a rough road smooth;
    No grumbling ever introduced sunshine into a home.

    What the world needs is the resolute step,
    The look of cheer,
    The smiling countenance,
    And the kindly word.

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  53. The Silver Lining
    Poet: Unknown

    There's never a day so sunny
    But a little cloud appears,
    There's never a life so happy
    But has its time of tears;
    Yet the sun shines out the brighter
    Whenever the tempest clears.

    There's never a garden growing
    With roses in every plot;
    There's never a heart so hardened
    But has one tender spot;
    We have only to prune; the border
    To find the forget-me-not.

    There's never a sun that rises
    But we know 'twill set at night;
    The tints that gleam in the morning
    At evening are just as bright;
    And the hour that is the sweetest
    Is between the, dark and light.

    There is never a cup so pleasant
    But has bitter with the sweet;
    There is never a path so rugged,
    Bearing not the print of feet,
    But we have a helper furnished
    For the trials we may meet.

    There is never a way so narrow
    But the entrance is made straight,
    There is always a guide to point us
    To the "little wicket gate."
    And the angels will be nearest
    To a soul that's desolate.

    There is never a heart so haughty
    But will some day bow and kneel;
    There is never a heart so wounded
    That the Saviour cannot heal;
    There is many a lowly forehead
    Bearing now the hidden seal.

    There's never a dream so happy
    But the waking makes us sad;
    There's never a dream of sorrow
    But the waking makes us glad;
    We shall look some day with wonder
    At the troubles we have had.

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  55. I Can't
    Poet: Unknown

    Never say, "I can't," my dear;
    Never say it.
    When such words as those I hear,
    From the lips of boy or girl,
    Oft they make me doubt and fear:
    Never say it.

    Boys and girls that nimbly play,
    Never say it.
    They can jump and run away,
    Skip and toss and play their pranks;
    Even dull ones, when they're gay,
    Never say it.

    Never mind how hard the task,
    Never say it.
    Find some one who knows, and ask,
    Till you have your lesson learn'd;
    Never mind how hard the task;
    Never say it.

    Men who do the noblest deeds,
    Never say it.
    He who lacks the strength he needs,
    Tries his best and ne'er gives o'er,
    Surely will at last succeed;
    Never say it.

    When good actions call you near,
    Never say it.
    Drive away the rising fear,
    Get your strength where good men do,
    All your paths will then be clear,
    And you'll find a happy year;
    Never say it.

    But when tempted to do wrong,
    Always say it.
    In your virtue, firm and strong,
    Drive the tempter from your sight,
    And when follies round you throng,
    Ever say it.

  56. No Bad Weather
    Poet: David V. Bush

    The sunshine comes to bless and heal,
    Yet some will cry "Too hot!"
    It all depends on how you feel,
    And on your kind of thought.

    Refreshingly descends the rain,
    But some dislike the wet;
    Whether you find it joy or pain,
    Is as your heart is set.

    The wind has magic in its breath.
    But some to this are blind;
    It brings you songs of life or death
    According to your mind.

    So there's no weather truly bad,
    If mortals only knew it;
    Each kind in its own boons is clad -
    It's only how you view it!

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