8 Poems about Winning

Be encouraged by these poems about winning. May you find wisdom and advice about what it takes to win.

But, before you read them, think about what does winning means? Some people saying that winning is when you are successful and triumphant in your work or in sports. Some say it is conquering your life fears. And others say you are second to none, you are the star. What is the difference between winning and losing?

You may find these poems about winning may give you a different outlook on what it means in life to win.

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poems about winning and losing

  1. To Win or To Lose in Life
    Poem by Catherine Pulsifer

    To win you will have perseverance
    To lose you give up easily.

    To win you will have a passion for what you do
    To lose you would rather be doing something else.

    To win you believe in yourself
    To lose you constantly doubt yourself.

    To win you make the decisions and do it
    To lose you are wishy-washy, never fully committing.

    To win you have enthusiasm for what you do
    To lose you are mediocre and not excitable.

    To win you demonstrate optimism by find solutions
    To lose you can only see the problems.

    To win you have to focus, you keep moving forward
    To lose you are all over the map, stepping back more than forward.

    To win you take the risks
    To lose you are risk-averse.

    To win you overcome the challenges presented
    To lose you let the challenges overcome you.

    To win you demonstrate a positive attitude, seeing the good
    To lose you demonstrate a negative attitude.

    To win you find the opportunities
    To lose you wait for the opportunity.

    To win you use your time efficiently and effectively
    To lose you procrastinate.

    To win you set your goals, you take action, you set deadlines
    To lose you think about it but never set concrete plans.

    To win in life you choose your attitude
    To lose in life you also choose your attitude.

    Be a winner in life!

  2. the difference in winning and losing is most often not quitting.

  3. Make One More Plunge
    Poet: David V. Bush

    If first you haven't learned to swim,
    You're facing life with prospects dim;
    You've lost your nerve and missed your stride,
    And oft may wish you could have died.
    But if you swim, life's tide will still
    Convey you through each trying ill ;
    Fear not, when stopped, again to lunge -
    Stand up and make another plunge.

    The swimmer who would gain renown
    Must sometimes sink, be oft cast down;
    Must swallow water, gulp and choke,
    Before he learns the steady stroke.
    But soon he's safe in that calm sea
    Wherein lie rest and victory.
    If you have sunk, try once again -
    Stand up and plunge into the main!

    Before the swimmer learns to float,
    He hovers near some friendly boat.
    And looking 'round with anxious eye
    Cries out for help when waves are high.
    But when he finds no boat at hand
    He paddles hard and gains the land;
    So though in troubles to your chin,
    Strike out with all your might - and win!

  4. Keep-A-Trying
    Poem by Nixon Waterman

    Till at last we own the prize
    That belongs to him who tries
    With faith undying;
    Own the prize that all may win
    Who, with hope, through thick and thin
    Keep a-trying.

  5. Work Wins
    Poem by Lord Reading

    Know what you want.
    Keep your mind always on it.
    Face facts, but remember there is always a bright side.
    Above all, keep the tightest control of yourself.
    Remember that work wins in the end.
    No success is won without it.
    No success is worth having unless honorably earned.

  6. Success
    Poem by W.J.M.

    Success consists in doing well
    the menial tasks each day;
    The hero in life's battle stern,
    Must win the petty fray.

  7. It Can't Be Done
    Poet Unknown

    The man who misses all the fun
    Is he who says, "It can't be done."
    In solemn pride he stands aloof
    And greets each venture with reproof.

    Had he the power he'd efface
    The history of the human race;
    We'd have no radio or trolley cars,
    No streets lit by electric stars;
    No telegraph nor telephone,
    We'd linger in the age of stone.

    The world would sleep if things were run
    By men who say, "It can't be done."

  8. The Winning Salesman
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Most men are worth just what they bring,
    And he is worth the fewest pence,
    Who comes back to the boss and whines,
    "I couldn't get an audience!"

    Big things turn up when they are turned,
    And difficulty's no defense;
    Go back where once they turned you down,
    And firmly seek an audience!

    No stern rebuff or courteous slip
    Should fail a man of grit and sense,
    And if you keep your head and nerve
    You'll surely get an audience!

    The greatest men in every sphere
    Fail often - but straightway commence
    To try once more, and in the end
    They always get an audience!

    So take your knocks just like a man;
    Somehow, you too, can leap the fence!
    If one way fails, another wins -
    Go back and get your audience!

  9. Workers And Winners
    Poet: Eben S. Rexford

    Keep striving: the winners are those who have striven
    And fought for the prize that no idler has won;
    To the hands of the steadfast alone it is given,
    And before it is gained there is work to be done.

    Keep climbing: the earnest and steadfast have scaled
    The height where the path-way was rough to the feet;
    But the faint-hearted faltered, and faltering failed,
    And sank down by the way-side in hopeless defeat.

    Keep hoping: the clouds hide the sun for a time,
    But sooner or later they scatter and flee,
    And the path glows like gold to the toilers who climb
    To the height where men look over landscape and sea.

    Keep onward - right on, till the prize is attained;
    Front the future with courage, and obstacles fall.
    By those, and those only, the victory's gained
    Who keep faith in themselves and the God over all.

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We hope that these poems about winning have given you thought on what winning means in your life.

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