Poems About Work

Let these poems about work encourage and motivate you to be the best that you can be. There are many times where we wish we didn't have to go to work, but ask the person who just lost their job how they feel. We should be thankful that we have the opportunity and the skills to do our jobs. These poems were written years ago but the poems still apply today. May the poems here be ones that will motivate and encourage you.

Motivational Poems / Poems About Work

Work is The Ladder Upon Which Men Climb to Success
Written in 1910, Poet Unknown

Work is what you make it - a drudgery, or a joy,
Work is the bread upon the waters,
Work is the genius of application.
Work is the cure of laziness, riches and indigestion and poverty.

Work is the philosophy of life.
Work is what the loafer shuns, and see his reward.
Work is prosperity.
Work gives you back self-respect.

Work keeps the wolf from the door, also the rent agent.
Work keeps some people out of the poor house, others out of jail.
Work is a substitute of genius.
Work dispels sorrow.

Work shortens the day and lengthens the pay.
Work is the great leveler of mankind.
Work is good enough for anyone.
Work makes play all the more enjoyable.

Work makes life worth living.
Work is economy of time.
Work is forgetting the clock.
Work is concentrating the mind on something you are doing.

Work is the hardest thing in the world to avoid, and the easiest to take up, when you get the habit.
Work is the ladder upon which men climb to success.
Work is always at hand.
Work and you will find it.

Not Worth Fooling With
Poet: Strickland Gillilan

What - "life is not worth fooling with?"
You're right, my lad, you're right!
Just spread that doctrine far and wide, and spread it with your might.
Life never is worth "fooling with " this is the truth you're giving.
It isn't worth the " fooling with," but it's wholly worth the living!

You say it's "not worth fooling with " the task assigned to you.
You're right again, impatient lad; the thing you say is true.
Perhaps not in the sense you mean if so, there's trouble brewing.
Your job is not worth "fooling with," but it's surely worth the doing!

"No, tasks are not worth "fooling with" 'tis not what tasks were made for.
You must not fool with them at all' that's not what you are paid for.
The best that's in you, body, soul and mind, you should be giving
To what your hands have found to do not "fooling" toiling, living!

Make Hay While The Sun Shines
Poet: David J. Cable

Make hay while the sun shines,
That old maxim you'll find true,
Do not put it off to-day,
Thinking to-morrow will do.

Make hay while the sun shines,
It's a saying of old,
If you'll follow the advice,
It'll be worth more than gold.

Yes work while the sun shines, that is the way,
For to-morrow may be a rainy day,
If you put it off, your hay may get wet,
Then you'll be in an awful fret.

Make your life to shine in doing good deeds,
You'll find plenty of work, plenty that needs,
The good you may do in the young part of life,
Wil help you to conquer your trails and strife.

Make hay in the sunshine while you take hold,
Lay up of old age you may live to be old,
Make hay in life's sunny hours,
And not wait for the coming showers.

Improve your time in your younger days,
You've no lease of your life;
The big book says,
the sunshine of life is the time to make hay.

If you let the time slip away,
Until it is too late,
Then when you get old,
You'll ponder o'er your fate.

Better work over hours,
And work every day,
Then you'll feel glad,
When young you made hay.

Who Is Your Boss?
Poet: Unknown

"I work for someone else," he said;
"I have no chance to get ahead.
At night I leave the job behind;
At morn I face the same old grind.
And everything I do by day
Just brings to me the same old pay.
While I am here I cannot see
The semblance of a chance for me."

I asked another how he viewed
The occupation he pursued.
"It's dull and dreary toil," said he,
"And brings but small reward to me.
My boss gets all the profits fine
That I believe are rightly mine.
My life's monotonously grim
Because I'm forced to work for him."

I stopped a third young man to ask
His attitude towards his task.
A cheerful smile lit up his face;
"I shan't be always in this place,"
He said, "because some distant day
A better job will come my way."
"Your boss?" I asked, and answered he:
"I'm going to make him notice me.

"He pays me wages and in turn
That money I am here to earn,
But I don't work for him alone;
Allegiance to myself I own.
I do not do my best because
It gets me favors or applause—
I work for him, but I can see
That actually I work for me."

"It looks like business good to me
The best clerk on the staff to be.
If customers approve my style
And like my manner and my smile
I help the firm to get the pelf,
But what is more I help myself.
From one big thought I'm never free:
That every day I work for me."

Oh, youth, thought I, you're bound to climb
The ladder of success in time.
Too many self-impose the cross
Of daily working for a boss,
Forgetting that in failing him
It is their own stars that they dim.
And when real service they refuse
They are the ones who really lose.

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