Work is The Ladder To Success

This poem was written in 1910 by an Unknown Poet, however the verses still apply today. There is much wisdom in its words. So next time someone is wondering why to work or is this work have them read this poem!

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Work is The Ladder Upon Which Men Climb to Success
 Poet Unknown

Work is what you make it - a drudgery, or a joy,
Work is the bread upon the waters,
Work is the genius of application.
Work is the cure of laziness, riches and indigestion and poverty.

Work is the philosophy of life.
Work is what the loafer shuns, and see his reward.
Work is prosperity.
Work gives you back self-respect.

Work keeps the wolf from the door, also the rent agent.
Work keeps some people out of the poor house, others out of jail.
Work is a substitute of genius.
Work dispels sorrow.

Work shortens the day and lengthens the pay.
Work is the great leveler of mankind.
Work is good enough for anyone.
Work makes play all the more enjoyable.

Work makes life worth living.
Work is economy of time.
Work is forgetting the clock.
Work is concentrating the mind on something you are doing.

Work is the hardest thing in the world to avoid, and the easiest to take up, when you get the habit.
Work is the ladder upon which men climb to success.
Work is always at hand.
Work and you will find it.

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