13 Respect Poems

Find a respect poem that encourages and inspires people to treat people with respect and love. We all need to show consideration and thoughtfulness to others.

It doesn't matter the color of our skin, the type of work we do, where we live, or how much money we have - every human being should be shown respect.

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  1. Everyone Is Worthwhile
    Poet: Julie Hebert, ©2015

    Life is for the go-getters,
    The ones who change the world.
    But never forget the few of us,
    That work till the tides are hurled.

    We are not known across the globe,
    Or have a hefty pay.
    We may not even have a car,
    But we do our part each day.

    We make a contribution,
    To the world and all who live.
    And although our jobs may not seem significant,
    We still work hard and smile and give.

    We are the people who serve you,
    The gas attendant, gardener or cashier,
    We are also hidden behind the scenes,
    Wishing that we could appear.

    We are often overlooked,
    Not even given a smile.
    Next time you run a quick errand,
    Remember, respect and everyone is worthwhile.

  2. In life we all need respect and we all need to treat others the way we want to be treated. Life has enough challenges.

    everyone is worthwhile
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  3. Wealth and Want
    Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    How often the poor are despised and neglected,
    For no other reason except they are poor;
    How often the rich are beloved and respected,
    Because they have uncounted wealth at their door.

    There’s many an honest and virtuous heart,
    To-day within poverty’s prison enchained;
    While thousands reside amid pleasures of art,
    Whose wealth was thro’ vice and dishonesty gained.

    Despise not the needy because they are poor,
    Nor envy the wealthy because of their gold;
    Good or ill fortune may stand at our door,
    But true hearts are not to be purchased or sold.

  4. respect begins with this attitude: I acknowledge that you are a creature of extreme worth. Gary Chapman

  5. With Respect In Our Hearts
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Embracing diversity, what a sight to see,
    The world's colors and cultures, so beautifully free.
    With respect in our hearts, we celebrate each other,
    Differences make us stronger, together we discover.

    From far and wide, we come together as one,
    A kaleidoscope of beauty under the shining sun.
    Oh, how amazing it is to appreciate the diversity,
    In this vibrant world, where respect is the key!

  6. Advice
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    I must do as you do? Your own way I own
    Is a very good way. And still,
    There are sometimes two straight roads to a town,
    One over, one under the hill.

    You are treading the safe and the well-worn way
    That the prudent choose each time;
    And you think me reckless and rash to-day
    Because I prefer to climb.

    Your path is the right one, and so is mine.
    We are not like peas in a pod,
    Compelled to lie in a certain line,
    Or else be scattered abroad.

    'Twere a dull old world, methinks, my friend,
    If we all went just one way;
    Yet our paths will meet no doubt at the end,
    Though they lead apart to-day.

    You like the shade, and I like the sun;
    You like an even pace,
    I like to mix with the crowd and run,
    And then rest after the race.

    I like danger, and storm and strife,
    You like a peaceful time;
    I like the passion and surge of life,
    You like its gentle rhyme,

    You like buttercups, dewy sweet,
    And crocuses, framed in snow;
    I like roses, born of the heat,
    And the red carnation's glow.

    I must live my life, not yours, my friend,
    For so it was written down;
    We must follow our given paths to the end-
    But I trust we shall meet — in town.

  7. A Symphony Of Life
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a world teeming with life's grace,
    Where the Earth's beauty we embrace,
    Respect is the guiding light we chase,
    For all beings, we must find a place.

    From the depths of the oceans wide,
    To the highest peaks where eagles glide,
    Every creature, big or small, we stride,
    With reverence, let love be what we provide.

    In forests green, a treasure untold,
    A symphony of life, manifold,
    Every leaf, every creature, behold,
    Let harmony and balance unfold.

  8. Respect Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    Respect is appreciating other people
    Especially those outside your circle.
    No one is better than you
    We all have unique gifts, that is true.

    So no matter what your status in life
    Do not treat others with strife
    Respect the role they play
    What they do each and every day.

    When you hold others in high esteem
    The world will be brighter than it seems
    We were all created with a purpose in mind
    Respect and love and always be kind.

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  10. A Better Place
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2021

    How often do you put others first?
    Do you offer water when they thirst?
    Do you show a courtesy,
    Or are you too busy?

    Does it matter their status
    Or do you consider everyone precious?
    Is money a factor that you consider
    Before you help and deliver.

    Are we not all made from the same
    Whether we are rich or poor who is to blame
    We need to show kindness to all
    And make sure none do fall.

    Respecting others is what we should do
    It would spread more happiness too.
    It doesn't matter the color of our skin
    Or whether people are our kin.

    At the end of the day
    Even those who have strayed
    We are all the same
    No one is better than another, it's not in a name.

    Treat others how you want to be treated
    If we all did this and we just repeated
    You never know when your life will be changed
    And you find everything rearranged.

    Don't look down on others who face troubles
    Be there and encourage them in their struggle.
    Respect is a thing you can freely give
    Respect will make the world a better place to live.

  11. Respect will make the world a better place to live.

  12. Reflection
    by Dorothea S, Kopplin

    The rewards of love are as great
    as the efforts contributed to gain it.
    If love is built on a strong foundation
    of respect and admiration and grows little by little
    with tiny deeds of kindness cementing it firmly,-
    with consideration for the welfare of both individuals,-
    then, love will live forever, faithful and undying.

    There is no place in true love for disrespect, criticism,
    selfishness or neglect.
    Occasionally, it is wise to ask ourselves,
    ''Am I kind? Am I considerate?
    Am I selfish? Am I thinking of my own personal desires or
    am I thinking of the true welfare of all concerned?
    Do I respect the individuality of my loved ones interests, desires and opinions,
    or do I expect them to coincide with my own?"

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  14. Respect Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2021

    Respect is a consideration for others
    Remember we are all sisters and brothers.

    Respect is putting others ahead of ourselves
    Thinking less of me and myself.

    Respect is being polite
    In our speaking and what we write.

    Respect is showing manners that are good
    And loving others in our neighborhood.

    Respect is compassion for all
    Whether they are rich or poor,  big or small.

    Respect is kindness that is shown
    Doing it happily without a groan.

    Respect is demonstrating dignity for those
    Even for those who might impose.

    Respect is being courteous too
    It is how you live and what you do.

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  16. Lost
    by James Freeman Clarke

    And so when we are lost in the great maze of life,
    And wander through the streets of this world feeling
    That the familiar path is gone,
    When we see no landmark of duty,
    No inspiring light of attractive work,
    And know not where we are,
    Then, if our trust in God does not fail us,
    We learn lessons we should not otherwise gain.
    We learn self-direction or humility;
    We learn to cast our care on Him who cares for us;
    We learn to be grateful for every kindness that others can do us,
    And to respect all forms of life,
    And call no man common.

  17. When we offer kindness we are showing respect for another. Let these kindness quotes be ones that give you thoughts on being kind and respecting all other people.

  18. Money
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    I'd hate to think so much of gold
    That I would sell myself to gain it,
    I'd hate the sound of metal cold
    If I must shamefully attain it.
    I'd hate to be so much a slave
    To minted silver, gold and copper,
    That I'd forget in moments grave
    To do the decent thing and proper.

    I'd like to live a life of ease,
    And tread a pathway always sunny.
    But I'd not worship on my knees
    The golden idol known as Money.
    A man of wealth I'd like to be.
    But I would rather dig in ditches
    Than ever have it said of me,
    I'd sold my self-respect for riches.

  19. Seeds Of Harmony
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a world that yearns for progress and change,
    Let us not forget the wisdom of age.
    For in the depths of their wrinkled skin,
    Lies a treasure trove of stories within.

    Their voices may tremble, their steps may slow,
    But their wisdom shines through, a radiant glow.
    In their weary eyes, we find a spark,
    A gentle reminder, to live life with heart.

    Let us develop our respect, like pages turned,
    Each chapter filled with lessons learned.
    Their contributions, like whispers from above,
    Teach us the meaning of patience and love.

    So let's bridge the generations with care,
    And sow the seeds of harmony, everywhere.
    For it is in the union of hearts that we find,
    A world where age is embraced, and love is defined.

  20. Respect Earth's Bounty
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The Earth, our home, she needs our care,
    With gentle touch, her wounds repair,
    Respect her bounty, her lifeblood spare,
    Embrace the duty we all shall bear.

    Let stewardship define our quest,
    To safeguard the planet we are blessed,
    Respecting Earth, her creatures and the rest,
    For a future where harmony should be our quest.

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We hope these respect poems have been an inspiring reminder that in order for us to be respected we must also respect others. And in life, we need to respect that each day is a gift and we should use it wisely.

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