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12 Poems on Life Lessons

Find examples of life lessons that we all learned from in these poems. May they encourage and motivate you. We all go through life learning as we go. And there are many lessons that we can learn from.

We all make mistakes and errors, and have disappointments and discouragements. But if we are wise we learn from these. You can also learn from other people's lives and experiences. Let these poems remind you that life is too short to focus on regrets or on the past, learn from them and move on.

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  1. Life Lessons
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life lessons are so precious,
    Take them wherever you go.
    In every experience, no matter the age
    Grow wiser and accept what you know.

    Seems as if we learn something new every day,
    Mistakes arise but they can be fixed.
    Don't quit, move forward each day,
    Accepting ups and downs, don't get signals mixed.

    Life teaches us to be strong, resilient, and keep hope alive,
    Grow in confidence each day that passes by.
    No matter how hard life may knock us down each time,
    We'll stand back up and won't fail to thrive!

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  3. Life's Lesson
    Poet: Bernhart Paul Holst

    While yet a child, on ocean's shore,
    I gazed across the restless sea;
    I heard the music of its roar
    And wondered what it meant to me.

    In those sweet years I longed to sail
    Mid treasures rare of ages' lore;
    I set my canvas to the gale
    And steered my vessel far from shore.

    With joy I sailed the summer sea
    While skies were bright and winds were fair,
    But storms soon disappointed me
    And drove my vessel here and there.

    And when arose the tempest wild,
    It tossed my ship on billows wide.
    It swept me back where as a child
    For joy and pleasure I had sighed.

    Ah! well, if we could only know
    In early years, so sweet and kind,
    What joy and pleasure from us flow
    As we leave childhood years behind.

  4. Oh, the lessons we learn as we age!
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  5. Life - A Tapestry Of Lessons
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Life's a tapestry of lessons we must learn,
    To understand what life truly has to offer.
    New experiences fill our days and earn,
    Wisdom can make life softer.

    We travel down new paths leaving behind the old,
    Meeting people and obstacles along the way.
    Our minds kept open striving for untold gold,
    Accumulating knowledge with each passing day.

    The lessons life takes us on may seem hard,
    The challenges oft' filled with struggle and pain.
    Face them head on and learn each day
    With courage and fearlessness in every way.

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  7. Take The Lesson
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Failures can sting, leaving us oh so blue,
    But heartaches and sorrows make us more true.
    We must not be discouraged and give up the fight,
    Lest we leave our goals dormant like the night.

    It's okay to stumble, it's okay to fall
    Perseverance teaches -  get up and stand tall.
    From these experiences, strength will arise,
    From previous failures knowledge is wise.

    So take time to reflect when things have gone wrong,
    Analyze what went right but mistakes do not prolong.
    What you learn will keep you for days ahead,
    Take the lesson apply it to your life and onward tread.

  8. Your failures can be turned into life lessons presenting new opportunities, it just all depends on how you see it. More poems about failure to inspire you to look at failures as lessons of life, and keep moving forward!

    there is a lesson to be learned every day let your experience guide your way
    More inspiring life lessons quotes.  

  9. Lesson Learned Every Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2011

    A lesson is learned every day,
    The one I learned was just today.
    I learned that others can’t be pressed,
    To do or act as I feel best.

    I've learned that people are their own,
    And only I can change the known.
    If I don't like how something is,
    Changing me is all there is.

    So next time you come across this issue,
    Don't get mad and grab a tissue.
    Change the way that you react,
    And that will have a positive impact.

    A lesson is learned every day,
    What lesson did you learn today?
    Whatever it is, I'm sure it's great,
    Take what you've learned, don't let it wait.

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    there are always lessons in life to be learned no matter what your age
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  11. No Matter Your Age
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2016

    There are so many lessons to learn
    No wonder our parents were concerned.

    We never stop learning no matter our age.
    The worse of these are the years of teenage.

    As we age we often find
    We have to keep an open mind.

    Many times we thought we knew it all
    Only to realize how quickly we could fall.

    So no matter what your age pay attention
    To the lessons that others do mention.

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  13. A Lesson
    Poet: Leonora Milliken Boss

    When along the street you're passing,
    Note the people whom you meet;
    Some whose faces speak of sorrow,
    Some who show that life is sweet.

    Some who dress in height of fashion,
    Some in rags and dirt you'll see;
    Still they all are human beings.
    Of one family, you'll agree.

    Then let us cheer the heart of sorrow,
    Let us lift our brother's load;
    As he ever trudges by us
    In the journey o'er life's road.

    A word, a smile, a kindly glance,
    Hath power to help another;
    For all the world's akin, you know,
    We're sister or we're brother.

    So, give forth good to all the world,
    And you'll find this saying true;
    "Give to the world the best you have
    And the best will come back to you."

    We each need help in this old world,
    And the ones who wear fashion's best.
    May need it more than the beggar in rags,
    When they're put to the crucial test.

    So, let your light shine and kindle
    That fire which shall warm a heart;
    And teach them that, of the Father,
    We are each and all a part.

    Then let us live in accord with good.
    That spark divine, within each one,
    Which shall bring in all upliftment,
    Now and when the earth life's done.

    We are atoms; this is true, indeed;
    But drops in the ocean of life;
    But many atoms, working together.
    Can overthrow discord and strife.

    And many drops drawn from the ocean,
    Can make the great sea go dry;
    Then, can you not see the good we may do,
    If you and I, brothers, just try?

  14. your attitude will determine whether you will learn or whether you will be blue
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  15. Life Issues
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2019

    When faced with life issues
    Don't let it give you the blues.
    Look for the lesson in it
    Rather than sulking and having a fit.

    With every trouble comes a blessing
    Don't be discouraged, it is not depressing
    Often times when you look back
    There was a lesson to learn not an attack.

    So change your attitude and you will find
    Learning life lessons can be kind.
    Helping you become the person you were meant to be
    Just do your best and you will see!

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  17. Over And Over Again
    Poet: Josephine Pollard

    Over and over again,
    No matter which way I turn,
    I always find in the book of life
    Some lessons I have to learn.
    I must take my turn at the mill;
    I must grind out the golden grain;
    I must work at my task, with a resolute will,
    Over and over again.

    We cannot measure the need
    Of even the tiniest flower,
    Nor check the flow of the golden sands
    That run through a single hour;
    But the morning dew must fall,
    And the sun and summer rain
    Must do their part, and perform it all
    Over and over again.

    Over and over again,
    The brook through the meadow flows;
    And over and over again
    The ponderous millwheel goes.
    Once doing will not suffice,
    Though doing be not in vain;
    And a blessing, failing us once or twice,
    May come if we try again.

    The path that has once been trod
    Is never so rough for the feet;
    And the lesson we once have learned
    Is never so hard to repeat.
    Though sorrowful tears must fall,
    And the heart to its depths be riven
    With storm and tempest, we need them all
    To render us fit for heaven.

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  19. Live To Learn
    Poet: Bayard Taylor

    Learn to live, and live to learn;
    Ignorance like a fire doth burn,
    Little tasks make large return.

    Toil, when willing, growth less;
    "Always play" may seem to bless,
    Yet the end is weariness.

    Live to learn, and learn to live,
    Only this content can give;
    Feckless joys are fugitive.

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  21. I Have Learned
    Poet: Arthur C. Benson

    I have learned that
    Mistakes can often be set right,
    That anxieties fade,
    That calamities have sometimes a compensating joy,
    That an ambition realized is not always pleasurable,
    That a disappointment is often
    Of itself a rich incentive to try again.
    One learns to look over troubles,
    Instead of looking into them,
    One learns that hope is
    More unconquerable than grief.

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    Try Try Again Poem

    We are inspired by poetry, by words, expressions, and feelings. We hope you are inspired by our collection of inspirational poems.

  23. Life Is Not A Holiday
    Poet: Henry Drummond

    Life is not a holiday, but an education.
    And the one eternal lesson for us all
    is how better can we love.

    What makes a man a good artist,
    a good sculptor, a good musician?
    What makes a good man?
    Practice; nothing else.

    There is nothing capricious about religion.
    We do not get the soul in different ways,
    under different laws, from those in which
    we get the body and the mind.

    If a man does not exercise his arm
    he develops no biceps muscle;
    and if a man does not exercise his soul,
    he acquires no muscle of soul,
    no strength of character,
    no vigor of moral fibre,
    nor beauty of spiritual growth.

    Love is not a thing of enthusiastic emotion.
    It is a rich, strong, vigorous expression of
    the whole round Christian character -
    the Christlike nature in its fullest development.
    And the constituents of this great character are
    only to be built up by ceaseless practice.

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We hope you have found a poem on life lessons that expresses your thoughts and feelings. Share a poem with someone who could use a bit of inspiration. Life lessons are just the journey of life - we always need to be learning and sometimes the lessons we learn are through failure or mistakes but that is okay as long as we find the lesson and apply it to future experiences.

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