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A collection of learning quotes; as the old saying goes, learn one new thing a day, every day. We hope these quotes inspire you to learn every day.

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  1. We want to contribute, feel fulfilled, and grow and learn every day. We long to thrive. Susan Fowler, Master Your Motivation
    Poems About Encouragement

  2. For wisdom comes to those who quest so never more to settle for less. Byron Pulsifer, Does Wisdom Come
    Inspirational Poems

  3. they say that people teach...
  4. They say that people teach what they need to learn. Gillian Zoe Segal, Getting There
    Short Quotes

  5. If the tall, sturdy oak, that all admire so much, could tell us its life story, we should learn the way of life. Author Unknown
    The Oak Tree Poem

  6. So learn all you can while you're in school don't worry about being so cool. Catherine Pulsifer, A Good Foundation
    Poems About School

  7. A lesson is learned every day - What lesson did you learn today?
  8. A lesson is learned every day - What lesson did you learn today? Catherine Pulsifer, Lesson Learned Every Day
    Life Lessons

  9. Oh, books of mine! .....As when on Learning's way I started to find the sweetest sweets in thee! Howard Carleton Tripp, My Books
    Poems About Books

  10. Grandparents want to keep learning? Spend time with your grandchildren they will teach you more than you want to know. Catherine Pulsifer
    Grandparents Poems

  11. To constantly improve my mind.- to strive through effort hard to find...is my goal. Unknown, Aim, Goal, Creed
    Poems About Goals

  12. "Education and training does not stop when you finish a great education, life is a journey of learning." Catherine Pulsifer
    Life Journey

  13. learning never takes place while you're talking.
  14. "Learning never takes place while you're talking." Andy Stanley

  15. Learn from the mistake with knowledge you have gained - don't let the mistake be a failure or a drain
    Catherine Pulsifer, Thankful For The Mistakes
    Poems About Mistakes

  16. If you’re told to learn a task, and you should begin it, do not tell your teacher, "Yes, I’m coming in a minute." Phoebe Cary, No Time Like The Present
    Poems About Perseverance

  17. One lesson in life I learned at an early age that there is learning at every stage. Catherine Pulsifer, One Lesson
    Lessons Learned In Life

  18. So learn the lesson now, that some never learn. Waiting patiently, will allow you your turn. Julie Hebert, Life Is Patience
    Patience Poem

  19. what you learn will depend on...
  20. "What you learn and do will depend on the questions you ask." AJ Winters, The Motivation Switch

  21. Each young person must be taught the difference between right and wrong and this teaching must be consistent. Byron Pulsifer
    A Father's Prayer

  22. You are richer today than you were yesterday if...if you have learned to count out things that really do not count Unknown, You Are Richer Today
    You Don't Have To Be Rich

  23. By thine own soul's law learn to live, and if men thwart thee take no heed Pakenham Beatty, To Thine Own Self Be True
    Journey Of Life

  24. The rose bush can this lesson well unfold: strive to excel in being good and wise. Howard Carleton Tripp, A Lesson From The Rose Bush
    Rose Poems

  25. "Parenthood is one area of our life that is so wonderful, yet so humbling because it is a constant learning process." Larry Hagner, The Dad's Edge

  26. if a person continues to learn and grow....
  27. "If a person continues to learn and grow, they in a sense are regenerating themselves into a new person." James Fullerton, Choose Happiness
    Positive Quotes About Change

  28. Before we accept failure we should always look at what we have learned Catherine Pulsifer, Habits We Need To Let Go Of
    Letting Go Poem

  29. Always searching, always learning something new. Different ways of doing ancient tasks Dorothy Whiston, Ode
    Graduation Wishes For A Friend

  30. Let us never cease loving and learning Unknown, Living
    Living Life Poem

  31. "If you accept failure as an opportunity to learn, it will change your whole perspective. Some people allow failures to stop them form ever attempting anything new. Rather than learn and move on, these people get stuck forever." Catherine Pulsifer

  32. "We can learn to deal with life's challenges by setting aside some time to go to work on ourselves, developing a state of acceptance. When we can learn to calm our minds and separate ourselves from our problems, we are on the road to significant improvement." Matt Clarkson

  33. learning to be content....
  34. Learning to be content with yourself will develop your tolerance of others. Elizabeth Caroline, 7 Keys To Happiness
    Contentment Quotes

  35. "We must learn to be less wasterful and to develop an environmental ethic that includes a respect for all other species." Paul Griss, The Daily Planet

  36. You, my teacher, have been all these things so much learning you did bring
    Catherine Pulsifer, There Are People
    Teacher Appreciation Poem

  37. "Some solutions are passed down from our families and some are ones we have learned since we have simplified our life." Catherine Pulsifer

  38. one of the best lessons....
  39. "One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm. Don't let challenges upset you." Catherine Pulsifer

  40. Life wasn’t meant to be easy, a time to lay down and rest, life’s a process of learning with many a trial and test. Greta Zwaan, It's Not About You!
    Poems About Faith

  41. Learn, my laddie, learn! In grassy nooks still read your books; And aye for knowledge burn
    Mary Mapes Dodge, Shepherd John

  42. Your time spent learning will be a gift that was meant to be. Julie Hebert, Great Endings And New Beginnings
    A New Chapter In Life

  43. Another way to develop and strengthen your self-discipline is to seek out support from others who are learning ... Carl Patterson, Critical Thinking Skills
    Strong Quotes

  44. Limitlessness is the sense that there are no boundaries to what you can become or do. You learn it when you know that your evolution is never-ending and your potential for growth reaches to infinity. Cherie Carter-Scott, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules
    Motivational Poems

  45. To learn, we must be willing to make mistakes, and we must be willing to own our mistakes and learn from them
  46. "To learn, we must be willing to make mistakes, and we must be willing to own our mistakes and learn from them." Oriah Mountain Dream, The Invitation

  47. Learn all you can and move forward today which will allow you to look back without dismay. Catherine Pulsifer, The Tiny Word of "If"
    If Poems

  48. "Always remember that even during the hardest of times there are lessons to be learned, and through those lessons we have an opportunity to strengthen our spirit. Never lose your sense of possibility and what life has in store for you." Josh Hinds

  49. Time management can be a good thing. It can help us look at how we spend our time. It can help us become more efficient in getting a job done and can help us learn new ways of doing old things. Anne Wilson Schaef, Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much
    Time Quotes

  50. learn something new every day
  51. Learn something new every day. Keep the mind sharp and you from growing dull. Doug Brownstone, Stop and Smell the Roses
    Good Morning Poems

  52. So start to change your mind, that a failure can be kind,
    If we allow ourselves to learn from it.  Julie Hebert, Life's Failures
    Poems About Failure

  53. Just like any learning process, training your concentration can have varying result among individuals. Christ Lewis; Laura Lewis, Organize Your Mind in 24 Hours!
    Attitude Quotes

  54. If you give up and quit you will always wonder "what if"
    Take a deep breath and start again, let learning and failure be a friend. Catherine Pulsifer, What If
    Don't You Quit

  55. It's doing your job the best you can...It's figuring how, and learning why
  56. It's doing your job the best you can...It's figuring how, and learning why Berton Braley
    The Recipe

  57. Fishing is a constant learning process, and that’s what keeps us coming back to the water time and time again. If it were easy all the time, we probably wouldn’t want to fish anymore. Joe Cermele, The Total Fishing Manual
    Fishing Quotes

  58. Experiment, learn by doing and allow yourself to make mistakes as you improve. Peter W. Murphy, Always Know What To Say
    Action Quotes

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