9 Opportunity Poems

I'm sure, when you read these opportunity poems, you will be reminded of an opportunity that you lost. Or, you may remember an opportunity that presented itself and you grasped it with all the strength you could muster. Then, you may also reflect on those people who you see as successful with greater wealth or a fantastic career and think that these types of people had a lot more luck than you have ever experienced. All of these emotions that stem from what the poet calls opportunities surround each and every one of us. In some cases, a person has been unable to see such a probability to grasp. Why would this be the case? Part of the inability to see an opportunity before us is the fear of failure. That's correct - the overwhelming fear that if you grab a particular venture you would end up failing anyway so why bother doing anything. In this case, the individual is definitely risk-averse. To these folks, it is better to stay mired in what they already do or already have rather than stepping forth boldly.

In other situations, some people will be averse to grabbing hold of any new opportunity because they have done so in the past but ended up failing miserably. For these types of people, any identification of a future opportunity comes with past baggage that will forever bind them to seek again. On the other hand, as the poet reflects, opportunities will rise again even if at first one does not engage in pursuing the next opportunity. What the poet means is that there will be other chances to change your circumstances or move forward in life towards a goal. Those people who have failed in the past need not despair from ever trying again. Why? Because they can utilize learning from past mistakes and proceed with renewed confidence.

Some of the most successful people in the world experienced failure after failure before they finally rose to the top in whatever endeavor they chose. This is true in both the business and political world. There are opportunities all around us each and every day. But, do we seize the opportunities presented to us or, do we stay focused on our failures?

Give yourself a boost by allowing the verses in these poems to speak to your sense of renewed vigor and hope for a much brighter future.

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  1. Opportunity
    by David V. Bush

    Opportunity knocks many times every day,
    And if carelessly slighted departs on its way;
    But it never evades you, for some time again,
    It is sure to return — and if seized, will remain!

    You must study its aspect and know how to take
    Every chance that is offered, its friendship to make;
    You must cherish a faith that it some day will bless
    The dull course of your life, and turn ills to success.

    Believe in its coming with mind strong and keen.
    And be sure that you know it, when once it is seen;
    It may come in the sun, yet look still in the storm.
    For misfortunes may show you its bright beaming form.

    Each night the great sun nestles down in the west.
    But next morning returns with the same ardent zest;
    So remember whenever you fall by the way.
    That a new opportunity waits you next day!

    No care is so trying, no failure so great,
    That you can't find a new chance to battle with fate.
    Watch close for your boon, for it's e'er on the wing,
    And the end of your trials at last it will bring.

    Gain knowledge and courage, seek wisdom and light,
    Lest you miss the fleet chance when it looms into sight;
    Every minute improve, and dismiss the dull past.
    Nor believe that old woes 'til the morrow will last.

    Through the star-studded night and the noonday's blue vault,
    Floats benign Opportunity, never to halt;
    It is knocking each hour, and it calls loud and clear,
    So be watchful and ready to answer, "I'm here!"

  2. Opportunity
    by Edgar A. Guest

    So long as men shall be on earth
    There will be tasks for them to do.

    Some way for them to show their worth;
    Each day shall bring its problems new.

    And men shall dream of mightier deeds
    Than ever have been done before:

    There always shall be human needs
    For men to work and struggle for.

  3. Today
    by E. V. Hill

    Slips quickly by —
    To-morrow's but a link.
    And while we idly dally, dream, or think.
    Our golden opportunity goes by.

  4. Most Out Of Life
    by Charles Rufus Skinner

    The man who gets most out of life is
    The man who takes advantage of every opportunity
    And neglects no chance to enlarge his field of observation
    And extend his experiences.
    The more mosaics we work into our allotted years
    The nearer our life will be worth living.

  5. Opportunities
    by Rev. Evarts Scudder

    Opportunities for Christian work
    Are constantly slipping by.
    We recognize them too late. . . .

    Opportunities for patience, forbearance,
    Meekness, self-denial, courage.

    Opportunities for honoring God —
    For bringing friends to Christ.
    These are continually coming and going —
    Coming? Yes — but also going as surely
    And rapidly as minutes go.

    How full of good work our life would be
    If we lost no opportunity.

  6. Three Things
    Poet: Constantina E. Brooks

    Remember three things come not back:
    The arrow sent upon its track —
    It will not swerve, it will not stay
    Its speed; it flies to wound or slay.

    The spoken word, so soon forgot
    By thee; but it has perished not:
    In other hearts 'tis living still,
    And doing work for good or ill.

    And the lost opportunity,
    That cometh back no more to thee.
    In vain thou weepest, in vain dost yearn.
    Those three will nevermore return.

  7. Opportunity
    Poet Unknown

    Day-dreaming in my chair I sit
    And watch dream- visions past me flit:
    One, beautiful, and fair, and grand.
    Beckons with airy, fairy hand.
    Then smiles and points to Fortune's gate,
    And bids me not procrastinate.

    But sluggard-like within my chair
    I see this vision sweetly fair,
    Until at last she disappears.
    And I, with eyes bedimmed with tears.
    Awaken with a sudden start
    And cry, "Oh, tell me who thou art?*'

    The answer made me sorely grieve,
    Although such as we oft receive;
    "The vision that you chanced to see
    Was life's best opportunity;
    And this the lesson it would teach.
    Neglected, 'tis beyond thy reach."

  8. Small Things
    by Maria Frink

    He who overlooks a small occasion will have
    Lost his eyesight when a great one comes.
    Never wait for a chance to do good,
    Never seek for some great thing,
    But improve each small opportunity as it comes to you,
    And some day you will be surprised to find that
    The truly great occasion of your life would have been
    Overlooked had you not been keeping track of the small things.

  9. For Opportunity
    Poet: Marshall Field

    Try always to be ahead of your position
    and increase your efficiency.

    Having started, learn your business
    thoroughly from the ground up.

    Always remember that what you save,
    and not what you earn, counts.

    Consider carefully your natural bent,
    whether for business or a profession.

    Take stock of yourself and try to determine
    what business you are best fitted for.

    Work with all your energy and
    do everything as well as you can,
    not merely well enough to pass muster.

    Of course, the fact that we know something of
    how the other man did it does not prove that we,
    too, will achieve a large measure of success.

    The personal element is always an important factor.
    Many men fail even when they are trying to put
    the highest kind of rules and regulations into effect.

    But it is better for them to try and fail
    than not to try at all, or to succeed through base
    methods and ignoble motives.

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