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Life is filled with choices. Let these life poems inspire you and remind you that the choices you make determine your life - whether you are happy or sad, whether you look forward or back, whether you excel or are mediocre, whether you find success or not.

Choices we make impact our lives and the lives of those around us. We hope these poems are a motivation to make the right choices, ones that you will look back on later in life and give thanks that you made the decision that you did!

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There Will Come A Day

Poet: Julie Hebert

There will come a day in your life,
When you will be told,
That life isn't a fairy tale,
So let go of what you still hold.

Making the choice to hold on to things,
That you can never change,
Is holding you back,
And probably feels quite strange.

So let go of the past,
And look on to the future.
This will lift the weight,
With no need for suture.

And never forget this,
That the choice is for you to pursue.
To determine what your choice is
Let life be the best for you

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It Is Our Choice

Author: Julie Hebert

Life is filled with
Ups and downs,
It's our choice, it's up to us
To smile or frown.

We are the ones,
That makes a choice to determine our fate,
Don't ever think,
You are too late.

Our life is made up,
Of the choices we make.
So get on out there,
And get your piece of the cake.

Don't ever let life
Pass you by.
Life's too precious,
To just standby.

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Choices We Make
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

Every day we have choices to make
They may seem small but they can determine our fate
We always need to weight the good and the bad
Making the right choice will result in being glad.

When choices seem difficult to make
We can stop and put on the brakes
We can ask for advice and look for a guide
Someone with wisdom to provide.

When the wrong choice we decide
We can fix it, not let it divide.
Don't ever hesitate to say sorry
It will be appreciated and recognized.

And a choice incorrectly made
Learn from it and you will see it fade
So when it comes to choices do your best
And everything will work out like doing a test!

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Choose The Path
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

There are no gods that bring to youth
The rich rewards that stalwarts claim;
The god of fortune is in truth
A vision and an empty name.
The toiler who through doubt and care
Unto his goal and victory plods,
With no one need his glory share:
He is himself his favoring gods.

There are no gods that will bestow
Earth's joys and blessings on a man.
Each one must choose the path he'll go,
Then win from it what joy he can.
And he that battles with the odds
Shall know success, but he who waits
The favors of the mystic gods,
Shall never come to glory's gates.

No man is greater than his will;
No gods to him will lend a hand!
Upon his courage and his skill
The record of his life must stand.
What honors shall befall to him,
What he shall claim of fame or pelf,
Depend not on the favoring whim
Of fortune's god, but on himself.

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