Life Choices

Life is filled with choices. Let these poems remind you that the choices you make determine your life - whether you are happy or sad, whether you look forward or back, whether you excel or are mediocre, whether you find success or not.

Choices we make impact our lives and the lives of those around us. Also, review our collection of choices quotes, be motivated to make the right choices by these quotes.

There Will Come A Day

Poet: Julie Hebert

There will come a day in your life,
When you will be told,
That life isn't a fairy tale,
So let go of what you still hold.

Making the choice to hold on to things,
That you can never change,
Is holding you back,
And probably feels quite strange.

So let go of the past,
And look on to the future.
This will lift the weight,
With no need for suture.

And never forget this,
That the choice is for you to pursue.
To determine what your choice is
Let life be the best for you

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It Is Our Choice

Author: Julie Hebert

Life is filled with
Ups and downs,
It's our choice, it's up to us
To smile or frown.

We are the ones,
That makes a choice to determine our fate,
Don't ever think,
You are too late.

Our life is made up,
Of the choices we make.
So get on out there,
And get your piece of the cake.

Don't ever let life
Pass you by.
Life's too precious,
To just standby.

life choices to be happy or sad

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Choices Quotes

Life is the sum of all your choices.
Albert Camus
Life Quote

We may not have a lot of choice in when or how we die, but we can daily decide the way in which we live.

Donald Neviaser, The Inner View
Choices Quotes

Make choices based on moral and honorable convictions, and you will be the master of your own ship.

Greg Henry Quinn, 365 Meditations for Teachers
Positive Poems

One of the most terrifying and paralyzing situations a human being can face is not having choices or, at least, believing we don't have choices.

Anne Wilson Schaef, Meditations for People Who (May) Worry Too Much
Poems About Failure

You can either have the result - getting what you want - or you can have the reasons, explanations, and justifications as to why you can't have what you want. The choice is up to you.

Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., Negaholics How to Overcome Negativity and Turn Your Life Around
Poems of Encouragement

We seal our fate with the choices we make.

Gloria Estefan
The World That Awaits

The choice is yours; to accept the wings to rise and fly or choose to crawl or remain static.

Israelmore Ayivor, You Can Rise
Motivational Poems

The ability to succeed and create the life you really want has always been a choice and not some random event.

Scott Allan, Drive Your Destiny
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