11 Apology Poems

Be inspired by these apology poems to say I am sorry. In life, we sometimes say things without thinking and we end up hurting the people we care the most for. Or we do something that we later regret. Show your remorse by saying I am sorry, ask the person for their forgiveness. When we apologize we are also making a promise that we will not do this again. We are taking responsibility for what we have done, and acknowledging the wrong.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Admit when you are wrong when you have made a mistake. And do it quickly. Don't let hurt or anger go on for a long time as the longer it goes on the harder it is for both sides.

And don't let your pride get in your way. We sometimes can be stubborn or we look to others for blame before we really accept what we have done. Step back and look at the situation, ask yourself what would you do, how would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot!

Relationships in life are perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. Money, things, possessions none of them bring true happiness, but relationships are critical. Don't lose relationships that are important to you by not apologizing when you should. And, even at times when you think you were not in the wrong, by apologizing you then can discuss the situation. But if you point the finger, if you say it is not my fault, that resolves nothing.

Never think words do not matter. What we say and sometimes more importantly how we say it can improve a situation or it can destroy a situation. Perhaps you have said something that was misunderstood - say you are sorry and explain what you truly meant.

In life one of the most important things you can learn is to say, "I am sorry". Offer your apology and show remorse - it is one of life's most important lessons!

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    There are times when, at the moment, we don't think we have done wrong. But once we reflect on the situation we can see that perhaps our words or actions were inappropriate. Say, you are sorry with this short poem.

  1. Looking Back
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2020

    Looking back I now see
    How unkind I could be
    Please accept this apology
    I know it has not been easy.

    I'm sorry for the things I said
    The words I said, now I dread
    Please forgive me, this I ask
    I know it is truly a task.

    In the future, I promise to be
    More understanding, not so contrary
    If words could express how I feel
    You would know I'm sorry is so real.

  2. I’m sorry you’re angry is NOT an apology. Lisa Lutz
    more apology quotes

    Let your apology come from the heart. People can sense a sincere apology and a phony one. If you are just saying it for the sake of saying it then you might as well not say it! And, always ask for forgiveness, but don't expect it right away.

  3. Forgive Me
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    This is a true apology from my heart
    Please forgive me, let's not part
    I don't know what got into me
    I was wrong that I can see

    You mean the world to me
    I just want you to be happy.
    Perfect, I sure am not
    And mess up I seem to do a lot!

    I am so sorry is all I can say
    Let me make it up this day
    You mean the world to me
    Forgive me, please, please, please

  4. forgive me poems
    forgive me poems

    Do you take the people in your life for granted? We all sometimes do this, but it is something we need to be conscious of and never do!

  5. Please Forgive Me
    by Kate Summers, © 2020

    Never do I want to take you for granted
    It can make one feel like they are stranded
    I am sorry I made you feel that way
    Words just can't seem to say
    How very sorry that I am
    Please forgive me if you can!

  6. What is an apology? What does it stand for? Let this short poem give you some answers.

  7. A P O L O G Y
    by Kate Summers, © 2021

    A is for "accepting" I was wrong
    P is for "pleading" for your forgiveness
    O is for "omission" of your feelings
    L is for "losing" my pride and saying I'm sorry
    O is for "ownership" of my mistakes
    G is for "gracious", asking for your grace
    Y is for "yielding" my errors and my ways.

  8. Forgiveness poems
    Forgiveness Poems

    We can't change our actions we did in the past, we can't take back words we already said, but, we have complete control over the future.  So apologize by admitting what you did and say you're sorry.

  9. Do Stupid Things
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    I sometimes do some stupid things
    I don't stop and think of what it will bring
    I blurt out words that I soon regret
    Or take action that can upset.

    If only I could change what I did
    But I know that can't be done, I will not kid
    A mistake, I admit, I did make
    And now here I lay wide awake

    I regret what I did, if I could change it I would
    Please let me make it up and do some good
    A truly sincere apology I offer to you
    I know I hurt you and made you blue.

    I am sorry, I never meant to hurt you
    You are so encouraging and supportive
    Please accept my apology
    Even though it may not be easy.

  10. poems of encouragement
    Poems Of Encouragement

    Why do we do the things we do. Sometimes we question the why.  Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we say things we should not say. We feel bad for causing sadness and hurt. We truly feel like a smuck! Let this short apology poem be one that you share when you find yourself questioning "oh why"!

  11. Oh Why
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    Oh, why did I make you mad?
    Oh, why did I make you sad?
    Oh, why did I make you cry?
    I ask myself why, why!

    I was to focus on me
    Without thinking about how you would be
    It was so selfish I now see
    Oh, why - what was I thinking how could I be.

    There is no good excuse, there is no blame
    It was my fault I say so with shame
    For my mistakes, I feel like I'm stuck.
    Oh why - sometimes I am such a big smuck!

    The remorse I do feel for what I have done
    Regret I do have - the feeling is no fun
    Acknowledgment of my wrong-doing
    Oh, why - what was I thinking!

    The choices we make determine the day
    Oh why - my choices were wrong in every way
    I hope you will forgive me, that is what I pray
    I am sorry for the hurt and for ruining your day.

  12. Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. Emily Kimbrough
    mistake quotes

    There are special people in our life, that we would never want to hurt.  Yet, sometimes, without even realize we say the wrong words or do the wrong thing - let this poem express your feelings when that happens.

  13. Never Hurt You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    You are very special to me
    I would never hurt you intentionally
    I apologize for what I did, a mistake
    I made, I wish I could shake.

    Please accept my sincere apology
    Saying I am sorry seems secondary
    I value your presence in my life
    I am sorry I caused such strife.

  14. A short poem about saying these three simple words, "I am sorry",  and the importance of them.

  15. Three Simple Words
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    Three simple words
    Can be worth more than gold
    Saying them with meaning can bring
    A change to a person, words that make us sing.

    The three simple words that make such an impact
    I am sorry, they can change everything, that is a fact.
    Say them sincerely, from the bottom of your heart
    And you will find things will soon restart.

    Don't hold back, say them soon
    Don't let problems begin to balloon
    Three simple words, never forget
    By saying them you will have no regret!

  16. poems about regret
    poems about regret

    What makes a good apology? How do you do it right?  Some quick guidelines to keep in mind are:

  17. Rules For An Apology
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2021

    Don't let time pass by, don't wait until tomorrow say it today
    Be sincere, from your heart in every way

    Don't say it then follow it with the word, "but"
    Stay focused on what you said or did that created the rut

    Acknowledge the hurt that you created
    Don't let your ego get in the way that you relay it

    Ask for forgiveness but don't expect it right away
    Do it in person, email or text are never okay

    Express what you will change to avoid the situation in the future
    Describing how you will change the picture!

  18. Never forget the nine most important words of any family – I love you. You are beautiful. Please forgive me.H. Jackson Brown Jr.
    poems about family

    A famous poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson!

  19. The Apology
    by Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Think me not unkind and rude
    That I walk alone in grove and glen;
    I go to the god of the wood
    To fetch his word to men.

    Tax not my sloth that I
    Fold my arms beside the brook;
    Each cloud that floated in the sky
    Writes a letter in my book.

    Chide me not, laborious band.
    For the idle flowers I brought;
    Every aster in my hand
    Goes home loaded with a thought.

    There was never a mystery
    But is figured in the flowers.
    Was never secret history
    But birds tell it in the bowers.

    One harvest from thy field
    Homeward brought the oxen strong;
    A second crop thine acres yield,
    Which I gather in a song.

  20. just for today
    just for today poems

  21. How I Feel
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Words can't express how I feel
    I feel like such a heel
    Please accept this apology
    I caused so much difficulty.

    I regret the mistakes made
    If I could go back and trade
    That moment in time, that day
    That I hurt you in any way.

    I admit I was wrong
    And I've been stubborn all along
    Please, I am sorry, I was wrong
    Forgive me is my song.

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One last thought, that needs emphasis on saying an apology, say it, and then stop. Never say I am sorry and then go on to give an excuse or a reason. That is a sure sign that you really don't mean the apology you are saying. And, you will find an argument that may be brewing that will take away any meaning from the apology. Life is too short to stay mad or upset, say "I am sorry!"

And, look back and realize what you did that upset the other person. Learn from that and move on. Don't beat yourself up, remember that none of us are perfect!

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