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Forgive Me

Strickland Gillilan's poem expresses sentiments about two simple words, forgive me. He talks about how the world would be a better place if we used these two words more often. Let the verses in this poem remind you to use these words when you should!

Forgive Me
by Strickland Gillilan

Wouldn't it be good, my brother,
If the sun could always shine?
If we lived for one another,
Wouldn't every day be fine?

Life were sweeter still, believe me,
Freer far from wails of woe
If those simple words "Forgive me"
Didn't choke a fellow so.

Were our lips not schooled to smother
All that's finest in the heart,
Wouldn't it be easy, brother,
Aye to choose the better part?

Oh, this world were sweet, believe me,
Free from bitterness and woe
If those blessed words "Forgive me"
Didn't choke a fellow so.

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