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Strickland Gillilan's poem expresses sentiments about two simple words, forgive me. He talks about how the world would be a better place if we used these two words more often. Let the verses in this poem remind you to use these words when you should! You may also be inspired by our collection of forgiveness poems

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Forgive Me
Poet: Strickland Gillilan

Wouldn't it be good, my brother,
If the sun could always shine?
If we lived for one another,
Wouldn't every day be fine?

Life were sweeter still, believe me,
Freer far from wails of woe
If those simple words "Forgive me"
Didn't choke a fellow so.

Were our lips not schooled to smother
All that's finest in the heart,
Wouldn't it be easy, brother,
Aye to choose the better part?

Oh, this world were sweet, believe me,
Free from bitterness and woe
If those blessed words "Forgive me"
Didn't choke a fellow so.

Inspirational Poems
Inspirational Poems

Another poem from Stickland Gillilan to which I would add "folks need a lot of forgiveness". But if you are giving love then that would include giving forgiveness.

Folks Need A Lot Of Loving
by Strickland Gillilan

Folks need a lot of loving in the morning;
The day is all before, with cares beset
The cares we know, and those that give no warning;
For love is God's own antidote for fret.

Folks need a heap of loving at the noontime -
The battle lull, the moment snatched from strife
Halfway between the waking and the croontime,
While bickering and worriment are rife.

Folks hunger so for loving at the nighttime,
When wearily they take them home to rest
At slumber-song and turning-out-the-light time
Of all the times for loving, that's the best!

Folks want a lot of loving every minute
The sympathy of others and their smile!
Till life's end, from the moment they begin it,
Folks need a lot of loving all the while.

Poems About Life
Poems About Life

And this poem reminds us that we all need forgiveness, that we all have faults and while we may be patient with ourselves, we at times, are not as patient with others. Being patient and forgiving with others is something we should all strive for.

You And Me Both
by Strickland Gillilan

I have a lot of grievous faults.
My pilgrim way is filled with halts
And limps and stoppings by the road.
When discipline applies her goad
I wince. I often note (with grief
That holds no prospect of relief
Through future mornings, nights and noons)
That every one is full of prunes,
Including me. But I cheer up
And feel joy brimming in my cup
When I look closer still and see
How patient I have been with me!

I know of none from whom I would
So much of foolishness have stood,
As I have daily borne when I
Was the offender. Should I try,
I could not take from others what
I've stood from me, without a swat
On the offender's eye or nose.
You'd find it hard to presuppose
How many things I can excuse
Whene'er the miscreant wears my shoes.
'Twould make old Job seem peeved, to see
How patient I can be with me!

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