11 Strickland Gillilan Poems

Be inspired by these poems about life written by Strickland Gillilan. He was born on September 21, 1869, and he died in 1954. He was an American poet, journalist, and humorist. His work has encouraged and inspired many.

His work has been published by many including the Saturday Evening Post. He wrote many poems but also wrote short stories, songs, and novels.

Strickland Gillilan
Strickland Gillilan

  1. Keep Sweet
    A poem that reminds us no matter what happens we should turn the other cheek and not focus on the negative but keep our attitude positive!

  2. As I Go On My Way
    Each day of our life we impact others in ways we may not even realize. This poem, As I Go On My Way, expresses wisdom about living life and how you act.

  3. We Can Always Learn
    This short poem by Strickland Gillilan is a reminder we can always learn something if we just listen, during a discussion we should listen for the truth and learn all we can.

  4. The Greatest Gift
    An inspiring poem by Strickland Gillilan reminding us that kindness spreads love and hope.

  5. When I Am Wrong
    We all make mistakes, we all do things wrong. Let this poem by Strickland Gillilan be a prayer for when we do wrong.

  6. A Middle-Age Reflection
    If you are middle-age then this poem by Strickland Gillilan will bring a smile to your face.

  7. Something Sweet To Remember
    No matter what we are facing we have our memories to give us positive thoughts to focus on.

  8. Put To The Test
    An encouraging poem to read if you are feeling down about a friendship that no longer exists!

  9. The Book For All Time
    Facing troubles or crisis in your life, then this poem refers to the one Book that has answers and is a guide for living life.

  10. Forgive Me
    Strickland Gillilan's poem expresses sentiments about two simple words, forgive me. He talks about how the world would be a better place if we used these two words more often.

  11. The Keenest Pleasure
    Strikland Gillilan reminds us in this poem about the joy of seeing others succeed.

quotes about life by Strickland Gillilan

Our hope is that these Strickland Gillilan poems have encouraged and inspired you by giving you thoughts to think about for daily living.

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