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Choose a smile poem from our collection to share with someone or one to suit your situation. A smile, a grin, a laugh always makes us feel better and it can help put other people at ease. It sends a positive message of friendship and openness.

These poems have been written by talented people who share their thoughts and feelings on the benefit of smiling. Have a read, and hopefully you will have a smile!

Smile More
Smiles are so cheap, why not willingly give
A dozen a day for each day that we live?
They brighten the face and hearts happy make.
Why not smile with good grace
Just for some one's own sake. . .
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smile more

A Smile Cost Nothing
One of the many essential things
That make our lives worth while;
(Tho' it cost the least of all)
Is a sweet and pleasant smile. . .
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Worry Less Smile More
There's a town called Don't-You-Worry,
On the banks of River Smile,
Where the Cheer-Up and Be-Happy,
Blossoms sweetly all the while. . .
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don't worry be happy

A Smile Is Worth
The thing that goes the farthest toward making life worth while,
That costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile;
The smile that bubbles from a heart that loves it fellow-men,
Will drive away the clouds of gloom and coax the sun again. . .
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The Value Of A Smile
Who can tell the value of a bright and sunny smile?
A smile of cheerful fellowship, without deceit or gulle;
A smile of kindly welcome or pure untrammeled love
Lifts hearts that are bowed in sorrow to sublime heights above. . . .
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start your day with a smile

Start Your Day With A Smile
If you will start your daily task
With cheerful smile and face aglow,
In friendship's pleasing rays you'll bask,
And toil each hour will lighter grow. . .
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Poems About Laughter
Why don't you laugh, dear boys, when troubles come,
Instead of sitting 'round so sour and glum?
You cannot have all play,
And sunshine every day. . .
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We hope you found a smile poem that you enjoyed. Greet each day with a smile, and if you come across someone who has no smiles then give them one of yours!

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