22 Smile Poems

Choose a smile poem from our collection to share with someone or one to suit your situation. A smile, a grin, a laugh always makes us feel better and it can help put other people at ease. It sends a positive message of friendship and openness.

These short poems have been written by talented people who share their thoughts and feelings on the benefit of smiling. Have a read, and hopefully, you will have a smile!

1. Smile More 2. A Smile Cost Nothing
3. Worry Less Smile More 4. A Smile Is Worth
5. The Value Of A Smile 6. Start Your Day With A Smile
7. Poems About Laughter 8. Beauty Hint
9. A Laugh Pays Best In The End 10. A Friendly Beaming Smile

  1. Smile More, Frown Less
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Smile more and frown less
    Can help us when we feel stressed.

    Smile more and frown less
    Is better than putting on a pretty dress

    Smile more and frown less
    Others soon you will impress.

    Smile more and frown less
    You will find others you will bless.

    Smile more and frown less
    Will lead to happiness and success

  2. smile more

  3. The Cost Of A Smile
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Can you put a dollar on
    Can you pretend and con
    Can you just turn the dial
    And bring on a common smile.

    Priceless is a smile or a grin
    For someone whose life feels dim
    Money can never replace
    That common smile on your face.

    What has never gone out of style
    Why it is that common smile.
    It cost you nothing to give
    So smile, grin, laugh and live!

  4. Smiles Drive Away
    by Everett Wentworth Hill

    My clouds bring smiles instead of tears
    Because I will it so.
    It eases life to laugh at doubts and
    Let dark idols go.

    There is no way to combat fate,
    For life's a game we play.
    The clouds of day are only fears
    Which smiles will drive away.

  5. Worry Less
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Worry can take away your smiles
    It can make the steps seem like miles
    Worry stops all the grins
    It makes life seem so dim.

    So take the worry and throw it away
    Find a way to make your smile stay.
    Worry is no good for you
    It just makes you feel so blue.

    Smiling more and worrying less
    Is a way of life to address
    Focus on the positive things
    And you will find the happiness it brings.

  6. don't worry be happy

  7. Worth Its Weight in Gold
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Is a smile is worth its weight in gold
    It is something that can't be bought or sold.
    A smile is worth so much more
    It is a facial expression we adore.

    Is a smile worth going the extra mile for
    When your smilin you won't be bored
    A smile given in forgiveness is pure
    To stop an argument it can cure.

    A smile is worth opening the door
    You'll be amazed at what is in store
    You see a smile is worth its weight in gold
    It is welcome and never old.

  8. Value It Brings
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Value it brings to everyone
    It is like a little burst of sun.
    Never underestimate the thing
    That a friendly smile will bring.

    You may think that little grin
    Could start a smile within
    It's like a chuckle for the fellow
    Who breaks into a laugh and bellows

    Smiles have a value you see
    And even better they are free
    So give one of yours away
    And brighten someone else's day!

  9. The Contagious Smile
    Poet Unknown

    Smile a smile!
    While you smile,
    Another smiles;
    And soon there are miles
    And miles of smiles
    And life's worth while —
    If you but smile.

  10. start your day with a smile

  11. Start Your Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    What a better way
    To start your day
    But with a smile big
    Don't keep your face straight, let it zig.

    Smiling will help keep your day
    Positive and cheerful in every way
    As when you give you smile to others
    It can lessen the anxiety that smoothers

    To start today and every day
    With a smile to display
    See how many you can give away
    Make a difference, smile today!

  12. It Starts With A Smile
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    It starts with a smile then a chuckle
    Before you know it laughter explodes like a bubble
    From the bottom of your toes
    Laughter rises up to your nose.

    Laughter when heard
    Causes smiles inward
    And when children laugh
    It can double you in half.

    A good laugh can cure
    Any little old sore
    It can make you feel happy and glad
    A much better feeling than being sad.

    Laughter is good for you
    It will help in all you do.
    Spread it around and see
    People will be more happy!

  13. The Vital Accompaniment
    Poet: Strickland Gillilan

    The wise admonition goes deeper, they say,
    If you smile when you give it.
    Your righteous life lures other feet to the Way
    If you smile while you live it.
    The word of good cheer finds the heart you had meant -
    Sinks into the spirit to which it was sent -
    Lends all of the help it was meant to have lent
    If you smile when you give it.

    The money you handed that brother in need -
    Did you smile when you gave it?
    His pride may have hurt till it made his heart bleed -
    Nought but smiling could save it.
    Not an impudent smirk or a meaningless grin,
    Not a smile just as deep as your outermost skin -
    But a love-laden smile, with sweet confidence in -
    That will help him to brave it.

  14. What Smiles Can Do
    Poet: Unknown

    A smile is quite a funny thing,
    It wrinkles up your face,
    And when it's gone, you never find
    Its secret hiding place.

    But far more wonderful it is
    To see what smiles can do;
    You smile at one, he smiles at you,
    And so one smile makes two.

    He smiles at someone since you smiled,
    And then that one smiles back;
    And that one smiles, until in truth
    You fail in keeping track.

    Now since a smile can do great good
    By cheering hearts of care,
    Let's smile and smile, and not forget
    That smiles go everywhere!

  15. Let It In
    Poet Unknown

    When you're feelin' grouchy,
    Let the Sunshine in;
    When your face gets feehn' hard,
    Crack it with a grin.
    Don't be 'fraid o' wrinkles.
    Tear loose with your mirth;
    An old face, laughter-wrinkled,
    Is the sweetest thing on earth.

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We hope you found a smile poem that you enjoyed. Greet each day with a smile, and if you come across someone who has no smiles then give them one of yours!

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