A poem about laughing and how it affects us all. From children's laughter to the laughter of just having fun. Enjoy this poem by John Imrie about the one thing that everyone enjoys doing! Each day we should find one thing to laugh about as laughter is good for the soul. No matter what you are facing a good laugh will always make us feel better!

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Poet: John Imrie

Oh, how I love the hearty laugh
That rings with a merry peal!
The outcome of some' witty "chaff,"
Which makes one cheerful feel;
A laugh which almost racks the jaw,
A regular side-splitter!
In which all join with "loud guffaw,"
And nothing isn't that's bitter!

I love when children laugh outright,
And shout in their playful glee,
When all run out to see the sight,
Or join in the sport so free!
A laugh that knows not care or ill,
The frolicsome laugh of fun!
Which speaks of naught but right good-will.
As they skip, and laugh, and run!

I hate the haughty laugh of scorn.
From the dudish fops called "men,''
Who sneer at worth if humbly born.
And smile at "the upper ten! "
Whose empty laugh shows lack of brain
Their language devoid of wit.
Their greatest feat to "twirl a cane,"
Or display "a perfect fit!"

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A Laugh Pays Best In The End A Laugh Pays Best In The End

One thing that is always guaranteed to make you laugh is spending time with young children.  Just hearing a young child laugh can be contagious.  As you read John Imrie's poem, Romping With The Children, it is sure to bring a smile to your face:

Romping With The Children
Poet: John Imrie

Micmic battle,
Din and rattle,
Romping with the children after tea;
How they giggle,
Laugh and wriggle,
Crowing as they triumph over me!

"Make him a horse,"
That's "Pa," of course.
They, the merry riders full of glee;
Though not much ground.
Yet round and round,
Till they drive the wind right out of me!

At last content,
And I near spent,
Loudly they call for "a song" from me!
I laugh and grin.
And then begin,
Hugging a little one on each knee!

"So here goes, Papa,
And one from Mamma,
And another when you can come home;
Just answer me this,
Is it nice to kiss
When you want through the dear telefome?"

"Hello?" I replied,
With fatherly pride,
"I've got them as snug as can be;
I'll give them all back.
With many a smack,
As soon as I come home to tea!"

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