Laughter and Tears

Through life's journey we all experience laughter, and we all experience tears. In this inspirational poem, Wilhelmina Stitch describes both laughter and tears. We all would prefer our life to be full of laughter, however, we all know life is not without times of tears. As the poem points out tears can also be good for us. During times of sorrow and grief tears can help relieve the pain we are experiencing. It is better to shed tears than to keep your feelings bottled up which can cause undue stress. As the Poet points out tears can wash away the feelings that we are having.

It is important to note that staying in a state of tears is not a good thing. While we need to release our feelings, our tears, we also need to move in the direction of laughter. Staying depressed or down for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health. Wallowing in self-pity, or just feeling sorry for yourself for extended periods of time is not a good thing. The same is true of laughter - life is not a laughing matter, there are times when we need to be serious, understand these issues, and reflect on our choices or steps of action. Life is a combination of laughter and tears!

We all prefer happy times in our life rather than sad times. I would say the message of this poem is one that points out feeling sad is something we all need to express and tears are a way that this is expressed. Not expressing your feelings or not acknowledging them will result in a longer time period before we feel true happiness again.

To quote a line from the last stanza of this poem, "God made tears and laughter, too; Precious gifts, His twofold plan." This quote reminds us that God made both - so it is okay to shed tears! Once the tears are shed, the healing starts, and with time the laughter will return.

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Laughter and Tears
by Wilhelmina Stitch

Laughter shook his locks of gold,
shook his golden locks and cried,
"What are these I now behold!"
"Tears," the voice of sorrow sighed.

"Tears," said laughter with a trill,
with a trill like blackbird's song,
"They, indeed, are very ill,
they must go where they belong.
Fie upon you! Shame!
O tears, run away and join dead years."

Laughter, with your locks of gold,
be not arrogant and vain.
Have you never one been told,
Tears can heal a bitter pain?

Tears prevent a grim despair
Settling on the aching hear;
They can wash away a care;
Play a most important part.

God made tears and laughter, too;
Precious gifts, His twofold plan.
Tears refresh, like rain and dew,
The parched and anguished soul of man.
Laughter tossed his golden hair,
"I am here. Grey tears, beware!"

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