Poems About Laughter

Be inspired to laugh, smile and grin by these poems about laughter. There are great reminders of the benefits that laughing brings. Also enjoy our collection of laughter quotes.

Why Don't You Laugh

Poet: Unknown

Why don't you laugh, dear boys, when troubles come,
Instead of sitting 'round so sour and glum?
You cannot have all play,
And sunshine every day;
When troubles come, I say, why don't you laugh?

Why don't you laugh, dear girls? 'Twill ever help to soothe
The aches and pains. No road in life is smooth;
There's many an unseen bump,
And many a hidden stump
O'er which you'll have to jump. Why don't you laugh?

Why don't you laugh? Don't let your spirits wait;
Don't sit and cry because the milk you've split;
If you would mend it now,
Pray let me tell you how:
Just milk another cow! Why don't you laugh?

Why don't you laugh, and make us all laugh, too,
And keep us mortals all from getting blue?
A laugh will always win;
If you can't laugh, just grin -
Come on, let's all join in! Why don't you laugh?

Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Laughter sort o' settles breakfast better than digestive pills;
Found it, somehow in my travels, cure for every sort of ills;
When the hired help have riled me with their slipshod, careless ways,
An' I'm bilin' mad an' cussin' an' my temper's all ablaze,
If the calf gets me to laughin' while they're teachin' him to feed
Pretty soon I'm feelin' better, 'cause I've found the cure I need.

Like to start the day with laughter; when I've had a peaceful night,
An' can greet the sun all smilin', that day's goin' to be all right.
But there's nothing goes to suit me, when my system's full of bile;
Even horses quit their pullin' when the driver doesn't smile,
But they'll buckle to the traces when they hear a glad giddap,
Just as though they like to labor for a cheerful kind o' chap.

Laughter keeps me strong an' healthy. You can bet I'm all run down,
Fit for doctor folks an' nurses when I cannot shake my frown.
Found in farmin' laughter's useful, good for sheep an' cows an' goats;
When I've laughed my way through summer, reap the biggest crop of oats.
Laughter's good for any business, leastwise so it seems to me
Never knew a smilin' feller but was busy as could be.

Sometimes sit an' think about it, ponderin' on the ways of life,
Wonderin' why mortals gladly face the toil an care an' strife,
Then I come to this conclusion—take it now for what it's worth
It's the joy of laughter keeps us plodding on this stretch of earth.
Men the fun o' life are seeking—that's the reason for the calf
Spillin' mash upon his keeper—men are hungry for a laugh.

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Quotes About Joy and Laughter

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.
Arnold H. Glasow
Short Inspirational Quotes

There's enough sadness in the world. What we all need is more laughter.

Gregory Peart, You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh
Smile Quotes

We have seen laughter and we have seen tears
We have experience joy and the passing of the years

Catherine Pulsifer
Birthday Poems

Morning wishes for all the joy that each new day can bring!
For laughter and happiness that will make you sing.

Kate Summers
Morning Motivation

Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children make a home.

Irish Saying
Irish Blessing

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