Poems about Trouble

We all face trouble in our life. The difference is how we handle it. Let these poems about trouble give you thoughts and ideas on how to handle trouble next time you are faced with a life problem.

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  1. Seeds of Trouble
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    When there be seeds o' trouble 'round,
    And all the soil is fertile,
    I never make the slightest sound,
    But shut up like a turtle.

    I never cared for craps o' weeds,
    Ner fancied much the thistle,
    And when it comes to warlike deeds
    I think I'd rather whistle.

  2. Troubles?
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Troubles? Sure I've lots of them,
    Got 'em heaped up by the score,
    Got 'em baled and bundled up,
    Got 'em hid behind the door.
    Got 'em young and got 'em old,
    Got 'em big and little, too.
    Don't care to discuss 'em now.
    Rather tell my joys to you.

    Got the finest home there is.
    Got the finest pair o' boys.
    An' the sweetest little girl,
    Reg'lar livin', breathin' joys.
    Got the finest wife in town,
    Got a little garden, too.
    Troubles? Sure I've got 'em, but
    Rather tell my joys to you.

    Got a bunch of friends I love.
    Friends I know are staunch and true;
    Visit 'em, they visit me,
    Jus' the way good friends should do;
    Got my health, an' got a job.
    That's enough to see me through.
    Troubles? Sure I've got 'em, but
    Rather tell my joys to you.

  3. The Little Song
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    When trouble came and skies were drear,
    Although his soul was filled with fear,
    His heart within would softly croon
    A sort of cheerful little tune:
    Tara-diddle, tara-diddle, tara-diddle-deee.

    No matter what the trouble there
    It helped him over his despair -
    That little song within his heart,
    Devoid though it might be of arf:
    Tara-diddle, tara-diddle, tara-diddle-deee.

    "No man," quoth he, "can really mope
    And find himself bereft of hope,
    If only as he walks along
    He'll hum that simple little song:
    Tara-diddle, tara-diddle, tara-diddle-deee."

    So all together! Let it ring!
    Join in the chorus, all, and sing.
    Start with a will each new-born day
    With this, his care-dispelling lay:
    Tara-diddle, tara-diddle, tara-diddle-deee.

  4. Each To Its Own
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    Because I cannot fly
    No angry grouch have I;
    To birds I'll leave the air;
    And joy that on the street
    Two fairly nimble feet
    Will take me anywhere.

    You'll never see me weep
    Because I cannot sweep
    The depths as fishes free.
    To them I'll leave the seas
    And all that in them is;
    The water's not for me!

    But here upon the land,
    With sweets on every hand,
    Contented with my lot,
    I'll take what comes my way
    And thank God every day
    For troubles I have not.

  5. I'll take what comes my way And thank God every day For troubles I have not.

  6. A Cure
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    Can't smile, my friend, because you're blue?
    Well, here's a little hint for you:
    Look on the heavens for awhile;
    The bluer they, the more they smile!
    When trouble overtakes you, why
    Pretend you're just a bit of sky,
    And do
    As it does when it's blue;
    Look down on trouble and despair
    As calm as though they were not there!

  7. Smiling Face
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    When Trouble comes upon the scene
    Just greet him with a smiling face,
    And make him feel that he's the style
    Of friend you've wished for all the while.
    If thus you do he will not stay,
    But soon departing on his way
    Will flee your hearth at maddest pace,
    For Trouble hates a smiling face!

  8. Many A Trouble
    Poet: Unknown

    There's many a trouble
    Would break like a bubble,
    And into the waters of Lethe depart,
    Did we not rehearse it,
    And tenderly nurse it,
    And give it a permanent place in the heart.

    There's many a sorrow
    Would vanish to-morrow,
    Were we but willing to furnish the wings:
    So sadly intruding,
    And quietly brooding,
    It hatches all sorts of horrible things.

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We hope these trouble poems have given you thoughts to help keep your troubles in perspective. Remember trouble and life problems do not last forever, this too shall pass!! Life is too short to stay focused on troubles, take action to resolve your issues, and move on.