7 Adversity Poems

Be encouraged by these adversity poems. Sometimes when we face hardships and difficulties we can feel like we are the only ones who have ever experienced these issues. Read the poet's thoughts on adversity to encourage you and give you thoughts on how to handle it. The most famous saying on adversity is: "this too shall pass". Wise words to remember as we face life's trouble.

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  1. Adversity Teaches
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Adversity can teach us many things
    Even though we feel disaster it brings
    There are lessons there
    Lessons that we can share.

    Life brings the good and the bad
    Making us feel happy and sad
    But look at adversity as an opportunity
    To strengthen your identity.

    When we look back at what occurred
    And realize we survived and endured
    A hardship we felt we'd never get through
    We now see that there was a lesson due.

    So change your attitude about hard times
    Realize it was a mountain you climb
    The adversity has made you stronger today
    Learn from it, and be on your way.

  2. adversity has made you stronger today Learn from it, and be on your way.
    Don't Quit Poem

  3. Face Prosperity
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We all would rather face prosperity
    Rather than handle adversity.
    But in life, trouble does come
    Don't let adversity make you succumb
    Be determined, look for solutions
    To bring the issue to a conclusion.
    While the trouble may make you feel down
    Be positive and don't you frown
    Keep looking ahead, don't look back
    Adversity won't last, that is a fact!

  4. Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes its jewels with.
    Adversity Quotes

  5. Look Away
    Poet: Annie M. Abey

    When the storm breaks over thee
    And the angry billows roll,
    Foaming with adversity,
    'Gainst thy body and thy soul;
    When the gale but wilder blows
    As you struggle, plead, and pray,
    Leave it with the One who knows;
    Lift your eyes and look away.

    If the storm is all you see,
    And you hear naught but its moan,
    Soon discouraged you will be,
    Tossing helpless and alone;
    If, instead, you look above
    And in confidence hold still,
    You shall prove God's care and love
    While you rest in his sweet will.

    When the Lord was here below,
    Once he walked the troubled sea,
    And one cried, "If it be thou,
    Bid me, Lord, to come to thee."
    "Come," and Peter firmly trod
    On the surface of the deep;
    For his eyes were on his God,
    Who is always strong to keep.

    When he saw the boisterous waves
    And of them began to think,
    Then he cried, "O Master, save!"
    For his feet began to sink.
    "Wherefore, wherefore didst thou doubt?"
    Then the loving Master said.
    While he watched the scenes about,
    Fear had come and faith had fled.

    Look away, then, look away
    From the trials dark and long;
    Heaven wills that every day
    Hope should sing her cheering song.
    Trust in spite of doubts and fears;
    Heed not what the foe may say.
    Angels whisper in thine ears,
    "Look to Jesus, look away."

  6. This, Too, Shall Pass
    This Too Shall Pass Poems

  7. "This, Too, Shall Pass Away"
    by John Forster

    An Eastern monarch commanded his minister
    to furnish a motto that should cheer in adversity,
    and prevent excessive joy in prosperity.

    He gave the monarch for his signet:
    "This, too, shall pass away."

    How greatly would such a thought console us in sorrow,
    or restrain us in joy.
    Every state of feeling or suffering, of hope or despair,
    will pass away in this life.

  8. A Touch Of Adversity Shows
    by Kate Sanborn

    It takes a touch of adversity to show whether a man is a man at all,
    just as it needs the touch of frost to bring out the glories of the trees.

    Even on a dark day in October, how royally the woods flame out!
    Under what glorious banners they march to meet the winter!
    What unmatched splendors, rich as sunset skies,
    tender as the rainbow, shine out over the whole earth!

    Those splendors are the treasures that the trees were silently laying up
    when the summer's sun flooded them all day long;
    and shall a man in his time of prosperity lay up no store of sunshine in his inner self,
    whereby, when darker days come on, he shall be luminous with courage and good cheer?

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  10. Stand By Your Friend
    Poet: John Imrie

    Should a friend be in need
    Of advice or kind deed.
    Don't begrudge him your comfort to lend;
    He will bless you at last,
    When his troubles are past -
    In adversity stand by your friend!

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  12. The Flame
    Poet: Patience Strong

    Happiness is like a candle flame -
    that flickers in a draught and loses light...
    A breath of disapproval or of blame
    Dims the lovely glow, however slight.
    Let the candle of your happiness -
    Keep its brightness, burning steadily...
    Let it shine in times of storm and stress -
    Undisturbed amidst adversity.

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No matter what adversity you are facing in your life don't let it drag you down. Focus on solutions and take action always remembering that we all face difficult times but there are also happy times.

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