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Patience Strong was a pen name for Winifred Emma May. She was born on June 4, 1907, in the United Kingdom and inspired many by her short but inspiring poems. She published many books over the years during wartime that helped encouraged and offered messages of hope and courage. Her poems are like good friends, refreshing and offering a positive perspective on the issues facing us all as we journey through life. Her poems are often referred to as "poems to keep and read often - constant comforters, to be consulted again and again..."

If you are feeling discouraged or sad or perplexed read some of her poetry and be uplifted. Great poems to share with others who need a positive message!

Over the course of her life she had her poems published in books, and she also contributed to the Daily Mirror and different magazines. She passed away on August 28, 1990 however her poems still live on today by motivating and inspiring people, While she has written many poems we have picked some of the best ones to share with you. We hope these poems by Patience Strong are ones that will inspire you and give you food for thought. Her style is one that is easy to read and the poems are full of meaning and wisdom.

Patience Strong
Patience Strong

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5. The Gift 6. Comfort
7. Sleep 8. Crumbs
9. Beauty Hint 10. Bedside Books
11. Little Things 12. Shadows
13. Cinderella Poem

Popular Patience Strong Short Poems:

  1. Roofs
    Poet: Patience Strong

    I love to climb the hill that lies behind our little town -
    And when the sun shines after the rain, it's lovely to look down -
    Upon the coloured roofs below, lit by the sun's bright ray -
    A beautiful mosaic, brown and red and green and grey...

    The town looks small and toy-like underneath the sky's great dome -
    And as I gaze, I realize that each roof is a home -
    Where people strive and work and play, and children laugh and cry -
    And men and women play their parts, and live and love and die...

    And yet the town looks so content, so happy and serene,
    With all its little shining roofs of red and brown and green -
    And as the daylight fades to dusk, I watch as sunsets gleams,
    And pray God sends to every home joy - peace - and happy dreams.

  2. The Tides of Providence
    Poet: Patience Strong

    It's not what you gather, but what you sow,
    That gives the heart a warming glow.
    It's not what you get, but what you give,
    Decides the kind of life you live.

    It's not what you have, but what you spare.
    It's not what you take, but what you share
    That pays the greater dividend
    And makes you richer in the end.

    It's not what you spend upon yourself
    Or hide away upon a shelf,
    That brings a blessing for the day.
    It's what you scatter by the way.

    A wasted effort it may seem.
    But what you cast upon the stream
    Comes back to you recompense
    Upon the tides of providence.

  3. Anticipation
    Poet: Patience Strong

    The very best part of a party, I think
    Is the house before guests come along -
    And you sit very still, just composing your thoughts
    (if you don't things are bound to go wrong) ...

    When the table is laid and the places are set,
    And the fire is ablaze in the grate,
    When the flowers are arranged and the lamp is switched on
    And there's nothing to do but just wait...

    And at last when the bell rings and people crowd in,
    Bringing gaiety, laughter and fun -
    Then you feel that you've lived through it all in your thoughts -
    As you hasten to welcome each one...

    I enjoy every moment I spend with my guests
    Till the good-byes are said in the hall -
    But the quiet hour of anticipation, for me,
    Is the very best part of it all.

  4. Winter Sunset
    Poet: Patience Strong

    The winter sunset flames about a world of smoky grey -
    The wild red glory of the clouds lights up the day day
    The sky is slashed with whips of fire - the bright sun dips to rest -
    And fans of gold and orange flames strike upward from the West...

    The heedless crowds go crawling by along the ugly street -
    Intent upon their little lives - what they shall wear and eat...
    How strange they do not stand and gaze with hungry, staring eyes -
    And read the blazing message of God's writing in the skies.

  5. Seaside Reverie
    Poet: Patience Strong

    I shall remember this beautiful scene -
    When I'm caught one again on the wheel of routine...
    I shall pause as I go on my dull humdrum way,
    to recapture this hour of my brief holiday.

    And against the drab background of commonplace things
    I'll conjure the picture of white wheeling wings -
    Swift gulls gliding low through the shimmering haze -
    The bright crowded beach and the sun's golden blaze -

    The stain of red sails on the blue of the sea -
    The gleam of tanned figures, like bronze statuary...
    A vivid scene flashed on a canvas of grey -
    To light up the murk of some winter's day.

  6. Cradles
    Poet: Patience Strong

    I love to look at cradles, for they seem to symbolize -
    The whole of human tenderness - their pretty frills and ties -
    Are emblems of the love that spreads its kind protective wings -
    Around the helpless and the weak, and small defenseless things...

    And we are all defenseless from the moment of our birth -
    Frail, tiny figures strutting on our little spinning earth -
    Our world is whirling in the void - we face Eternity -
    We cannot probe the secrets of our hidden Destiny...

    And yet, we, too, are cradled, safe within His tender care -
    The love too deep for man to know is always waiting there -
    Creating and controlling - suns and stars and worlds above -
    And we are safe within the cradle of that perfect Love...

  7. Wonderland
    Poet: Patience Strong

    Blessed are the happy folks who understand the trees -
    And hear the whispered messages that float along the breeze -
    For they are never lonely though they may be all alone -
    They have their secret Wonderland - treasures of their own...

    They know the language of the flowers, and hear the symphony -
    Of rain and wind and rustling leaves and sweet bird-melody...
    And happy ghosts troop in and out the quiet of their room-
    With hints of lovely things to come - dispelling fear and gloom ...

    Familiar voices echo from the mists of Memory -
    They live in friendly intercourse with that great company,
    That moves around us all the time - protective - yet unseen,
    With blessings for the heart that is receptive and serene.

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