11 Patience Strong Poems

Patience Strong was a pen name for Winifred Emma May. She was born on June 4, 1907, in the United Kingdom and inspired many by her short but inspiring poems. She published many books over the years during wartime that helped encouraged and offered messages of hope and courage. Her poems are like good friends, refreshing and offering a positive perspective on the issues facing us all as we journey through life. Her poems are often referred to as "poems to keep and read often - constant comforters, to be consulted again and again..."

If you are feeling discouraged or sad or perplexed read some of her poetry and be uplifted. Great poems to share with others who need a positive message!

Over the course of her life she had her poems published in books, and she also contributed to the Daily Mirror and different magazines. She passed away on August 28, 1990 however her poems still live on today by motivating and inspiring people, While she has written many poems we have picked some of the best ones to share with you.

Patience Strong
Patience Strong

  1. Bulbs
    Patience Strong has captured the mystery of bulbs in these verses but also points out who makes them grow! A great poem to share with the gardener in your life.

  2. Listen
    Let this poem by Patience Strong remind you to take the time to listen to your surroundings, don't just take them for granted.

  3. Drudgery
    Read this inspiring poem by Patience Strong and be encouraged and inspired by her words. It may make you think about the daily grind in a much different way.

  4. Broken Romance
    We can all relate to summer romances and the feelings they bring. Here find a short poem by Patience Strong about romance.

  5. The Gift
    A great poem to read about giving gifts to others and what is important.

  6. Comfort
    A poem that offers comfort for the times when we feel discouraged and in despair.

  7. Sleep
    This poem reminds us that no matter what we are facing, sleep can help make things look better. Each day is a new day given to us by God to begin again.

  8. Crumbs
    A poem about feeding the birds especially in the winter. Patience Strong expresses thoughts that remind us to take care of the birds.

  9. Beauty Hint
    A beauty hint that we should all follow. This poem will make you smile but contains wisdom that we should all follow!

  10. Bedside Books
    For anyone who loves books this poem by Patience Strong is one that you can relate to. We all have favorite books, ones that inspire us and give us a lift when we read them.

  11. Little Things
    When we think the little things in life are below us and we shouldn't have to do them, then read this poem by Patience Strong to remind you that we all should be happy to do the little things.

We hope these poems by Patience Strong are ones that will inspire you and give you food for thought. Her style is one which is easy to read and the poems are full of meaning and wisdom.

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