A poem that offers comfort for the times when we feel discouraged and in despair. Patience Strong reminds us and encourages us to face the world with hope and belief.

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by Patience Strong

When the soul is plunged into the depths of dark despair -
When the heart is heavy with its load of human care -
When it seems that we shall never see the light again -
Blinded by our sorrows, by the tear-drops and the pain ...

That's the time when unseen hands reach down to take our own -
Loved ones press around us, though we think we stand alone -
Angel wings enfold us safe from every hurt and harm -
Something seems to come to us and make us strong and calm...

Comfort steals upon the heart, we know not how or why -
Suddenly the light comes flooding o'er the darkened sky -
"God shall wipe away all tears" -
His promise shall remain -
And strengthened, healed and comforted -
We face the world again.

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