A poem that offers comfort for the times when we feel discouraged and in despair. Patience Strong reminds us and encourages us to face the world with hope and belief.

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Poet: Patience Strong

When the soul is plunged into the depths of dark despair -
When the heart is heavy with its load of human care -
When it seems that we shall never see the light again -
Blinded by our sorrows, by the tear-drops and the pain ...

That's the time when unseen hands reach down to take our own -
Loved ones press around us, though we think we stand alone -
Angel wings enfold us safe from every hurt and harm -
Something seems to come to us and make us strong and calm...

Comfort steals upon the heart, we know not how or why -
Suddenly the light comes flooding o'er the darkened sky -
"God shall wipe away all tears" -
His promise shall remain -
And strengthened, healed and comforted -
We face the world again.

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Seeing the Best
Poet: Patience Strong

Believe life is good and
It won’t let you down
When tempted to doubt it,
To fret and to frown.

Believe in the best though
It’s hidden from view.
For this is the faith that
Will carry you through.

Poet: Patience Strong

Home! ... our bit of God’s good earth.
The dearest bit of all.
The spot where our affections centre,
Whether big or small

It stands for all the precious things
We’ve worked and struggled for.
The heart’s abode,
The little world behind our own front door.

Hope Deferred
Poet: Patience Strong

Do not be despondent when your hopes have been deferred.
And it seems your prayers have gone unheeded or unheard.
Do not be discouraged when your wish has not come true.
Never lose your faith. Be patient. Take the longer view.

Give God time. It’s not for you to say just when and where
You want a thing to happen, for the answer to a prayer
Must sometimes be delayed because the Providential schemes
Are wider than the expectations of your dearest dreams.

So learn to wait and learn to trust and never cease to pray.
Often do we find there was a blessing in delay.

Morning Service
Poet: Patience Strong

What blessings are bstowed on us as we go on our way!
New marvels are invented
Life grows fairer every day
And in the morning in the midst of pressing household things

If we just switch our wireless on
A choir of voices rings
And echoes through the listening house
Triumphant hymns of praise

To glorify the morning hours and light the darkened days
Imagine what this wonder means to millions everywhere
The meanest kitchen may become a sanctuary of prayer
In mansions and in cottages the unseen choirs are heard
And countless congregations hear the beauty of the Word.

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