7 Christian Poems Of Comfort

Take heart as you delve into this treasury of Christian poems of comfort, each one a gentle embrace for your weary soul. These verses, like a soothing balm, are here to comfort you and give you hope. Let their words wrap around you, whispering hope and solace.

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  1. Take Comfort In This Truth
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In shadows deep and nights so still,
    When fear creeps close and hope seems nil,
    Remember this, my friend so true,
    Jesus walks beside you too.

    In darkest hours, when tears may flow,
    His presence whispers, soft and slow.
    He holds your hand, your burden shares,
    And lifts you up with tender care.

    When joy bursts forth like morning light,
    And laughter dances through the night,
    Jesus celebrates with you, my dear,
    His love is unwavering, always near.

    So take comfort in this sacred truth,
    In sorrow or in moments of youth:
    Jesus walks beside you, strong and sure,
    Guiding your steps forevermore.

  2. While there are some wonderful and comforting contemporary  hymns that we sing praises to the Lord, some of the old hymns are ones that have survived the test of time. Hymns like "How Great Thou Art" or "Amazing Grace" - those hymns are ones that we all know and love.

  3. The Old Hymns
    Poet Unknown

    There's lot o' music in 'em, the hymns of long ago,
    An' when some gray-haired brother sings the ones I used to know,
    I sorter want to take a hand — I think o' days gone by,
    On Jordan's stormy banks I stand and cast a wistful eye.

    There's lots of music in 'em — those dear, sweet hymns of old,
    With visions bright of lands of light and shining streets of gold;
    And I hear 'em ringing — singing, where Mem'ry dreaming stands,
    "'From Greenland's icy mountains to India's .coral strands."

    They seem to sing forever of holier, sweeter days,
    When the lilies of the love of God bloomed white in all the ways;
    And I want to hear their music from the old-time meetin's rise.
    Till 'I can read my title clear to mansions in the skies."

    We never needed singin' books in them old days; we knew
    The words — the tunes of every one the dear old hymn book through!
    We didn't have no trumpets then — no organs built for show;
    We only sang to praise the Lord "from whom all blessings flow."

    An' so I love the old hymns, and when my time shall come —
    Before the light has left me and my singing lips are dumb —
    If I can only hear 'em then, I'll pass without a sigh
    To Canaan's fair and happy land, where my possessions lie!

  4. Thy will be done

    A poem that makes us think about the words we pray - "Thy will be done"

  5. Thy Will Be Done
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    It may seem hard to say sometimes,
    When trials and troubles come,
    But then is it not a consolation, to say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

    Even when affliction comes
    And He takes away some loved one,
    Is it not a comfort, to say,
    "Thy will 0, God, be done?"

    Though the clouds are dark around us,
    And our pathway drear and lone,
    Oh! is it not sweet to say
    "Father in heaven, thy will be done?"

    When joy, pleasure and happiness,
    Profusely to us come.
    We are not slow to say.
    "Father, thy will be done."

    Still it is the same kind Father,
    That sends of joy some, of sorrow some,
    And ought we not always say,
    "Father, thy will be done?"

  6. A Christian poem that reminds us of how short life is. But thanks to the love of God we have a home in heaven.

  7. Influencer
    Poet: Marie B. Williams

    The limit of life is brief;
    'Tis the red in the red rose leaf;
    'Tis the gold in the sunset sky;
    'Tis the flight of a bird on high.
    Yet we may fill the space
    With such an infinite grace
    That the red will be in all time,
    And the gold through the ages shine.
    And the bird fly swift and straight
    To the lilies of God's own gate.

  8. Throughout life we are faced with many trials and tribulations, however, if we stop and appreciate the little things and keep a happy heart focused on Jesus then we will draw nearer to Jesus and there is no other comfort than that!

  9. I Listened
    Poet: Mary C. Plummer

    I listened to a bird's sweet song,
    One balmy day in May;
    The world is full of lovely things.
    To me it seemed to say.

    But you must keep a happy heart,
    To find this always true.
    For dark clouds cover sunlit skies,
    And fade away the blue.

    I listened to a song from man:
    The tone was loud and clear;
    The trials of life are very hard,
    He sang, and shook with fear.

    'Twas then I sang a little song.
    To satisfy my heart:
    O, Jesus, draw me close to thee.
    My comforter Thou art.

  10. O, Jesus, draw me close to thee.  My comforter Thou art.
    Christian Quotes of Comfort

    A short Creed but one that gives us comfort and a direction for how to live.

  11. Creed Worth Believing
    seen on a Church Bulletin

    I will not worry.
    I will not be afraid.
    I will not give way to anger.
    I will be kind to every man, woman and child with whom I come in contact.
    I will be cheerful and hopeful.
    I will trust in God and bravely face the future.

  12. In Times Of Trouble
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In times of trouble, in nights of fear,
    Remember that Jesus is near.
    He bore our sins on Calvary's tree,
    So we could live, forever free.

    When storms of life seem too great,
    Hold on to His love, trust in His fate.
    For Jesus died to set us right,
    And bring us to eternal light.

    So take heart, be filled with grace,
    In Jesus' arms, find your place.
    For in His love, our hope is found,
    Eternal life, where joy abounds.

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