4 Serving God Poems

Be inspired by these Christian poems about serving God. What an honor to be able to serve God, the Creator of all.

Let these poems inspire you and uplift you to serve God here on earth. The things we do to help others, to help His church, to show kindness and love to all, are all things we can do to serve God here and now.

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  1. My Pledge
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 1995

    Lord, You're the One I want to please, the one I've given my heart to.
    Yet failure seems to loom so big, whate'er I put a start to.
    My plans are big, my goals are high, yet I cannot achieve it.
    I want to serve and love You most, but who would e'er believe it?

    Intentions spring within my heart to always walk beside You,
    But many times I'm miles ahead, Your voice I do not heed to.
    I have my life so well mapped out - each day, each week is taken,
    You have a little corner too, so Lord, don't feel forsaken.

    I'll give You all the time that's left; I'll plan, I'll be real careful.
    In church I'll speak my piece for You; at home, I'll be more prayerful.
    Out in the world? Well, Lord, that's hard. Think of my reputation!
    To be a Christian nowadays could split a good relation.

    My job's at stake if I speak out, my friends perhaps would leave me.
    And then what could I do for You? Oh, Lord, You must believe me!
    What's that You say? My heart's not Yours? But Lord! That's my desire!
    I walked the aisle some years ago; there's sparks, perhaps not fire.

    Yet all You ask is for my love? A better understanding?
    A knowledge of Your precious Word, a bond that's true and banding?
    I see it now, yes, Lord, I do - I need to get to know You.
    I need that time alone each day to learn the things You'll show me.

    Lord, tell me what will bring You joy, and help me to achieve that,
    Remove my doubts, remove my fears, and help me to believe that.
    Although I've failed You in the past, You've always been beside me.
    Lord, take my life, make it anew, for You alone can guide me.

    This day I stand inside Your house, and here before Your altar,
    I pledge my love, I give my heart, please, help me not to falter.
    Too long I've walked this road of sin, a path so dark and lonely.
    I'm here to change directions, Lord, to love and serve You only.

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  3. One Day's Service
    Poet: Amos R. Wells

    O to serve God for a day!
    From jubilant morn to the peace and the calm of the night
    To tread no path but his happy and blossoming way,
    To seek no delight
    But the joy that is one with the joy at heaven's heart;
    Only to go where thou art,
    O God of all blessing and beauty! to love, to obey
    With obedience sweetened by love and love made strong by the right;
    Not once, not once to be drunken with self,
    Or to play the hypocrite's poisoned part,
    Or to bend the knee of my soul to the passion for pelf,
    Or the glittering gods of the mart;
    Through each glad hour to lay on the wings of its flight
    Some flower for the angels' sight;
    Some fragrant fashion of service, scarlet and white--
    White for the pure intent, and red where the pulses start.
    O, if thus I could serve him, could perfectly serve him one day,
    I think I could perfectly serve him forever--forever and aye!

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  5. Serve God
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I pledge my life to serve God, what an honor,
    The weight of purpose on my willing shoulders.
    His call, a beacon guiding me in the dark,
    With steadfast faith, I embark on this noble arc.

    The joy of being able to serve my Lord,
    A privilege untold, leaving me restored.
    Through trials and triumphs, His light shall never part,
    For in His service, I find solace, deep in my heart.

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  7. I Worship Thee
    Poet: Frederick William Faber

    I worship thee, sweet will of God!
    And all thy ways adore.
    And every day I live I seem
    To love thee more and more.

    Thou wert the end, the blessed rule
    Of our Saviour's toils and tears;
    Thou wert the passion of his heart
    Those three and thirty years.

    And he hath breathed into my soul
    A special love of thee,
    A love to lose my will in his,
    And by that loss be free.

    I love to kiss each print where thou
    Hast set thine unseen feet;
    I cannot fear thee, blessed will!
    Thine empire is so sweet.

    When obstacles and trials seem
    Like prison walls to be,
    I do the little I can do,
    And leave the rest to thee.

    I know not what it is to doubt;
    My heart is ever gay;
    I run no risk, for come what will
    Thou always hast thy way.

    I have no cares, O blessed will!
    For all my cares are thine;
    I live in triumph, Lord, for thou
    Hast made thy triumphs mine.

    And when it seems no chance or change
    From grief can set me free,
    Hope finds its strength in helplessness,
    And gayly waits on thee.

    Man's weakness waiting upon God
    Its end can never miss,
    For man on earth no work can do
    More angel-like than this.

    Ride on, ride on triumphantly,
    Thou glorious Will! ride on;
    Faith's pilgrim sons behind thee take
    The road that thou hast gone.

    He always wins who sides with God,
    To him no chance is lost;
    God's will is sweetest to him when
    It triumphs at his cost.

    Ill that he blesses is our good,
    And unblest good is ill;
    And all is right that seems most wrong
    If it be his sweet will!

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