Monday Prayer

Find a Monday prayer to start your day out in a positive way. There is no stronger way to start a week but by praying. May these Monday prayers uplift your spirit and stay with you the entire day. You may also be inspired by the bible verses for Monday.

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Father God,
I thank you for granting me to awaken this Monday to experience your majesty
through the brilliance of the sunshine and the song of birds outside my window.
Thank You for giving me strength and perseverance to overcome
the ever-present temptations of this world.
I pray, Father God, that you show me which way my footsteps should travel
as I work to your Glory, for Your Kingdom.
I pray this in the nightly name of Jesus Christ.

Dear God,
As I rise this Monday morning,
I know that you have granted me another day.
This is not a day You have given me to squander through my own self-serving desires.
I know, God, that You have put me in this place at this time for Your purpose.
So, God, I pray that you use me as Your vessel for
whatever it is You desire me to do this day.
May You grant me the sight to see what it is;
may You grant me the means, either my words or actions,
that guide someone to You or back to You.
I pray, God, that You would use me to open the eyes of those who can't see You;
to open the ears of those who fail to hear You;
and to be Your instrument to penetrate their hard hardheartedness so
they can hear You calling them to You.
I pray, God, that you may grant my prayer in Jesus' name.

Heavenly Father,
I come before You giving your grateful thankfulness for loving me when I did not deserve it.
I pray, Father, that this Monday, you will guide my footsteps as your Will shows me.
Help me, Dear Lord, to complete the day as you purposed me before this world began,
I trust you, Heavenly Father, and to You, I give you all Glory.

Almighty God,
Please bless me this Monday morning with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
I know, God, that I often fall short of your standards.
But, God, I pray for your forgiveness,
I pray for your strength through the Holy Spirit,
and I pray for your counsel and guidance in every action and word I make.
Refresh me this morning through your Holy Word that I may serve to your purpose.
In Jesus name, I pray.

Heavenly Father,
I give you all praise and glory.
I thank you for your unconditional love.
I give you praise for your blessings already given to me.
I especially give you thanks Father for the hope I have
in Christ for an everlasting eternal relationship with you.
Without you, Father, I know I would be eternally lost.
Please give me the strength I need this Monday to
meet all the challenges I will encounter.
Please guard me against the evil one for he is everywhere in this dark world.
Lead me into your divine purpose for me this day.
In Jesus’ mighty name I pray.

Prayer By Thomas Arnold

grant that my heart may be truly cleansed and filled with Thy Holy Spirit,
and that I may arise to serve Thee,
and lie down to sleep in entire confidence in Thee,
and submission to Thy will, ready for life or for death.
Let me live for the day, not overcharged with worldly cares,
but feeling that my treasure is not here,
and desiring truly to be joined to Thee in Thy Heavenly Kingdom,
and to those who are already gone to Thee, O Lord,
save me from sin, and guide me with Thy Spirit,
and keep me in faithful obedience to Thee,
through Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord.

Prayer by Ashton Oxenden

I know not what is before me this day,
but Thou knowest. I desire to leave all in Thy hands,
and to place myself at Thy disposal.
Do for me as Thou seest best. Prosper me in all that I undertake.
Give me good success, if it be Thy will.
But, if Thou seest that crosses and disappointments are better for me,
give me grace to accept them as from Thee.
Enable me to bear them meekly and cheerfully,
and to say, Father, not my will, but Thine, be done.
O my God, make me happy this day in Thy service.
Keep my conscience void of offence.
Let me do nothing, say nothing, desire nothing,
which is contrary to Thy will.
Give me a thankful spirit.
O for a heart to praise Thee for all that Thou hast given me,
and for all that Thou hast withheld from me.

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