Gods Blessings

Sometimes we just have to open our eyes to see Gods blessings in our lives. At times we may feel God has forgotten us however if you look around you will see that He is with you each and every day. From the sunshine to the rain He provides, from each breath He gives us, for the people who love us and surround us with- each a blessing of God.

We hope these Christian poems and quotes about Gods blessings remind you of this.

Blessings He'll Shower On You

Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2018

What will happen when your time
runs out and all your strength ebbs away?
When all the things on earth obtained have come to the point of decay?
When you cannot rise with the morning sun and
the night seems as long as the day?
When the strength of your youth is no longer your source
 and all your plans go astray?

I know the results when you try to achieve the goals that you set long ago,
That you're sure with hard work you could reach for the top,
Yet there's so much in life you don't know.
You trust in your skills; you honour your wealth;
your mind is filled with ideas;
You live at fast pace with no room to make friends;
being idle you call a disease.

But I want to warn you, your time is quite brief,
in a moment it's all whisked away.
Take heed to this warning while you still have time;
this could be your final day!
Someone will claim what you now call your own,
things that consumed all your health.
Where is the gain when you cannot enjoy even one day of your wealth?

All that you have, all that you own, really is not yours to claim -
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof;
the deed is made out in His name.
Be wary my friend, prepare for the day,
give unto God what is due;
Give Him your heart, give Him your dreams;
great blessings He'll shower on you.

If You Can't Find Joy
Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2008

If you can't find joy in your daily life, have you walked away from the source?
Are you letting your problems fill up your heart, are you living in daily remorse?
Does your life feel empty, unchallenged and dull?
 Is fulfillment not treasure enough?
Do you feel rejected unneeded, dismayed; is your road so lonely and rough?

Are you searching for treasures beyond your reach, for goals you cannot obtain?
Are you placing your trust in the gold of this world - a substance that will not remain?
Have you been persuaded that life is fulfilled when power is in your control?
Are you surrounded by thoughts of success to the point you've forgotten your soul?
Have you not heard that man is but dust and all earthly efforts are vain?
Are you so centered on what you achieve that other's advice you disdain?
What will you do when your plans are fulfilled?
Will you sit back in your pride and your glee?
Will you tell the whole world of what you've achieved and proudly shout,
 "World! Look at me!"?

Friend, I must tell you, your works aren't your own,
there's nothing on earth you possess,
You may have titles to deeds and great wealth, things here on earth to caress.
But God is the owner, Creator of all, who allows you this privilege, this joy.
It's here for a moment and gone in a flash, so quickly time comes to destroy.

Lay not up treasures down here on earth, let not this be your concern.
Life in eternity holds your rewards, investments that bring great return.
Give back to God all that is His, not just the things you can spare,
You'll find more fulfillment, more peace in your heart,
when you willingly give what you share.

God will reward you for giving to Him, more than your heart could request;
His shovel is bigger than any sized pails, be ready to be richly blessed.

Greta Zwaan, 2018

The sun begins to scatter the clouds that claimed the night,
The glowing lights of colour make darkness take its flight.
At first there’s but a glimmer as colour finds its way
And then great bursts of sunshine announce a brand-new day.

The harmony of colours dance in the morning mist,
They’re orange, they’re red, they’re yellow; what colours they enlist!
They touch and mould together, they snap as they join hands,
The music is ethereal and then they break their bands.

And still they dance in union, together then apart,
The colours blend and scatter – a heavenly work of art.
I almost hear their laughter; I almost hear them say:
“God’s made a brand-new morning; wake up, enjoy the day!

You’ve seen a bit of glory; you’ve seen the rising sun;
We’ve barely scratched the surface, our story’s just begun.
God’s majesty and power has colour without end,
Like morning’s brilliant glory their wonders move and blend.”

Each sunrise is new with splendour, each programme so well planned;
Each day holds forth its promise of life throughout the land.
When God displays His glory, when sunshine shows its face;
Rejoice and dance like sunbeams that evening clouds erase.

God Blessing Quotes

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.
Deuteronomy 16:17
Motivational Quotes From The Bible

Make no mistake about it, responsibilities toward other human beings are the greatest blessings God can send us.
Dorothy Dix
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We learn to walk in the will of God we will learn to see the blessings God has given us and be more grateful.
Heather Bixler, My Scripture Journal
Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes God will call you to make a sacrifice - through your money, yes, but also through your time, talent, and maybe even your life. You may feel like saying, "I don't feel like it." But if you do, you will miss the blessing that God wants to do by using you.
Rick Warren
Poems About God

Don't complain about the dark times; there's a blessing in the dark places. God is working something in your life that can only be worked in the fire of affliction.
Joel Osteen, Blessed in the Darkness
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Whole-life generosity starts with having your imagination captured by a vision of the rich blessings God pours out on you.
Rene Schlaepfer, Richer Life
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