6 Giving Poems

Be inspired by this collection of giving poems. Do you have the spirit of giving. If we all had more of this spirit what a better place this world would be. These poems will remind you of the good you can do in this world by giving just a bit more.

Think about the times when you received something, someone gave you something. And then think about the times where you have given someone else something. It is a much more rewarding experience to give than to receive.

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  1. When You Give
     Poet: Margaret Gordon Kuhlman

    If you find that life is flat,
    Full of this, with none of that,
    Try giving!

    Introspection makes it flatter;
    A few more years - what will it matter?
    Try giving!

    If the world is dark and bitter;
    Things all tend to make a quitter-
    Try giving!

    Forget yourself in helping others;
    Know that all men are your brothers,
    You will see then life is sweeter
    Than you thought, and far completer -
    When you give!

  2. Giving And Serving
    Poet: Henry Drummond

    Half the world is on the wrong scent
    in the pursuit of happiness.
    They think it consists in having and getting,
    And in being served by others.
    It consists in giving and in serving others.

  3. Did You?
    Poet Unknown

    Did you give him a lift? He's a brother of man.
    And bearing about all the burden he can.

    Did you give him a smile? He was downcast and blue.
    And a smile would have helped him to battle it through.

    Did you give him your hand? He was slipping down hill,
    And the world, so I fancied, was using him ill.

    Did you give him a word? Did you show him the road,
    Or did you just let him go on with his load?

    Did you ask what it was-why the quivering lip?
    Why the half suppressed sob, and the scalding tears drip?

    Were you a brother of his when the time came of need?
    Do you know what it means to be losing the fight?

    When a lift just in time, might set everything right?
    Do you know what it means-just the clasp of a hand?

    When a man's borne about all a man ought to stand?

  4. In Giving
    Poet: M. E. Russell

    It is in loving, not in being loved,
    The heart is blessed;
    It is in giving, not in seeking gifts,
    We find our quest.
    Whatever be thy longing or thy need,
    That do thou give.
    So shalt thy soul be fed, and thou, indeed,
    Shalt truly live.

  5. Giving And Living
    Poet: Unknown

    Forever the sun is pouring his gold
    On a hundred worlds that beg and borrow;
    His warmth he squanders on summits cold,
    His wealth, on the homes of want and sorrow.
    To withhold his largess of precious light
    Is to bury himself in eternal night:
    To give is to live.

    The flower shines not for itself at all;
    Its joy is the joy it freely diffuses;
    Of beauty and balm it is prodigal,
    And it lives in the life it sweetly loses.
    No choice for the rose but glory or doom -
    To exhale or smother to wither or bloom:
    To deny is to die.

    The seas lend silvery rain to the land,
    The land its sapphire streams to the ocean;
    The heart sends blood to the brain of command,
    The brain to the heart its constant motion;
    And over and over we yield our breath -
    Till the mirror is dry and images death:
    To live is to give.

    He is dead whose hand is not opened wide
    To help the need of sister or brother;
    He doubles the worth of his lifelong ride
    Who gives his fortunate place to another;
    Not one, but a thousand lives are his
    Who carries the world in his sympathies:
    To deny is to die.

    Throw gold to the far-dispersing wave,
    And your ships sail home with tons of treasure;
    Care not for comfort, all hardships brave,
    And evening and age shall sup with pleasure;
    Fling health to the sunshine, wind, and rain,
    And roses shall come to the cheek again:
    To give is to live.

  6. Service
    Poet: Frank W. Lynn

    Shall service be for duty's sake alone?
    A half unwilling help we merely give
    To salve a conscience not yet callous grown
    On try to justify some right to have?

    No service this; the eager, willing hand
    Must be inspired to do its ordered part
    By thoughtful mind where sturdy faith has planned;
    Must be directed by the loving heart.

    Who profits most by service? He who strives,
    Who every moment of the day conserves
    To bring some benefit to others' lives.
    Who profits most by service? He who serves.

    If we may offer up one special plea
    To Him from whom our trust shall never swerve.
    May this our constant prayer forever be;
    Lord, give us opportunity to serve.

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