6 Poems About Brotherhood

Use these poems about brotherhood to remind you that we are all brothers and sisters. Brotherhood exists when there is a bond between two people, a friendship that joins them together, a unity and resulting peace between people.

In the eyes of God, we are all brothers and sisters. We need more brotherhood attitudes in this world of ours. More brotherhood would result in less fighting and anger. More brotherhood would give us all more happiness and contentment. More brotherhood would share the wealth and result in less poverty. We all have the same color blood, we are all brothers and sisters. In the eyes of God we are one family!

We hope you find a poem here that will encourage you to look at everyone as your brother and sister!
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  1. Brothers
    Poem Written by an Unknown Poet

    Give us, Lord, a bit o' sun,
    A bit o' work, and a bit o' fun;

    Give us all in the struggle and splutter,
    Our daily bread and a bit o' butter

    Give us, Lord, a chance to be
    Our goodly best, brave, wise, and free,

    Our goodly best for ourselves and others,
    Till all men learn to live as brothers.

  2. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brothers to dwell together in unity!
 Psalm 133:1  (NASB)

  3. Bless My Brother
    Poem written by Denis Martindale

    O Lord, bless my brother in Christ,
    For You are good and just,
    You know all that is sacrificed
    By those You come to trust...
    And since my brother proves he cares
    In everything he does,
    I pray that You will hear his prayers
    Because he loves Jesus...

    So, Lord, anoint Your servant now,
    Grant him Your blessings, too,
    Such that Your Spirit can allow
    More blessings to come through...
    O Lord, just think what could be done
    To save lost souls from Hell...
    I pray You use this precious son,
    He wants to serve You well!

  4. If every day were Christmas racial animosities would be drowned in a 
 sea of brotherhood. Edgar DeWitt Jones

  5. A Creed
    Poem written by Edwin Markham

    There is a destiny that makes us brothers
    None goes his way alone;
    All that we send into the lives of others
    Comes back into our own.

    I care not what his temples or his creeds,
    One thing holds firm and fast -
    That into his fateful heap of days and deeds
    The soul of man is cast.

  6. You ball up your fist each time you hear about an unfound injustice in the world. That makes me your brother.
Darnell Lamont Walker

  7. Brotherly Love
    Poet: C R McPhee

    He has no time to belittle others,
    because he fully understands that all are his brothers.

    He cannot hate for long,
    for he knows that he alone must carry the heavy weight of hate.

    He does not walk alone,
    because God forever walks with him.

    Yes, Brotherly Love is the easiest thing in the world to do,
    because it helps the giver more than the receiver.

    Brotherly Love is easy because it is enjoyable.
    It is easy to do because it frees us from tension.
    It is easy to do because it is the right thing to do.

  8. The Crown
    Poet: Gerri Maxwell

    The crown in shining splendor.
    Reflects the life we live.
    For those to whom have been given much.
    How much they can give.

    The crown in rayalty and power,
    Reveals the service done.
    For he who serves his brother,
    Will find a crown he's won.

    Each knight and lady have a crown,
    And each must shine by giving.
    For as we serve and spread in light,
    It will reflect our living.
    For he who serves his brother,
    Will find a crown he's won.

  9. Is It Worth While?
    by Joaquin Miller

    Is it worth while that we jostle a brother
    Bearing his load on the rough road of life?
    Is it worth while that we jeer at each other
    In blackness of heart? — that we war to the knife?
    God pity us all in our pitiful strife.

    God pity us all as we jostle each other;
    God pardon us all for the triumphs we feel
    When a fellow goes down 'neath his load on the heather,
    Pierced to the heart: words are keener than steel,
    And mightier far for woe or for weal.

    Were it not well in this brief little journey
    Over the isthmus down into the tide,
    We give him a fish instead of a serpent
    Ere folding hands to be and abide
    For ever and aye in dust at his side?

    Look at the roses saluting each other;
    Look at the herds all at peace on the plain -
    Man, and man only, makes war on his brother,
    And dotes in his heart on his peril and pain -
    Shamed by the brutes that go down on the plain.

    Is it worth while we should in the dust humble
    Our fellows with whispers of guile and mistrust?
    God pity us all! Time eft-soon will tumble
    All of us together like leaves in a gust,
    Humbled indeed, down into the dust.

    Why should we envy a moment of pleasure
    Some poor fellow-mortal has wrung from it all?
    Oh! could you look into his life's broken measure -
    Look at the dregs — at the worm-wood and gall -
    Look at his heart hung with crape like a pall -

    Look at the skeletons down by his hearthstone -
    Look at his cares in their merciless sway,
    I know you would go and say tenderly lowly,
    Brother - my brother, for aye and for aye,

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We hope you have found a poem on brotherhood that inspires you. Whether it is a friend, your neighbor or someone in need remember to think of brotherhood and question whether you are truly practicing brotherhood and love.

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