Judge Not

A poem that reminds us not to make judgments about people by the way they look. It is human nature to judge others, for example, we judge by the clothes they wear, by the job they have, or by the area they live in however we must make a conscious decision not to judge others. Lillian E. Curtis reminds us to not judge others by looks and she also reminds us we never know what our future may hold and we don't want people to judge us. She offers good advice in this inspiring poem!!

Judge Not
by Lillian E. Curtis

However hard a person looks,
Hard may have been his lot;
'Tis not for you nor me to tell,
So we will judge him not.

He may be ragged and forlorn,
Stern poverty may be his lot,
And still he may be worthy,
So we will judge him not.

We may soon be neglected and alone,
Hard may be our lot,
Then we should like a smile,
So we will judge him not.

Let's go and speak a kindly word
To cheer his weary lot,
That will be by far the best,
For God has said, "Judge not."

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