6 Poems About Justice

Let these poems about justice give you thoughts about what is right and what is wrong; what behaviors should be accepted and what should not; what is honorable and what is not. Justice can be seen in how we treat people - with respect, integrity, and truthfulness. Justice can also be seen in how we determine the law of the land and what should be done when it is not followed.

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  1. What Makes A Nation Great?
    Poet: Alexander Blackburn

    Not serried ranks with flags unfurled,
    Nor armored ships that gird the world,
    Not hoarded wealth, nor busy mills,
    Not cattle on a thousand hills.
    Not sages wise, nor schools, nor laws.
    Not boasted deeds in freedom's cause -
    All these may be, and yet the state
    In the eyes of God be far from great.

    That land is great which knows the Lord,
    Whose sons are guided by His Word;
    Where justice rules 'twixt man and man,
    Where love controls in act and plan.
    Where breathing in his native air
    Each soul finds joy and praise and prayer -
    Thus may our country, good and great.
    Be God's delight, man's best estate.

  2. Justice Avenges
    Poet: Alice Cary

    We get back our mete as we measure;
    We cannot do wrong and feel right,
    Nor can we give pain and gain pleasure,
    For justice avenges each slight.

  3. May the law of kindness be in my lips, and the spirit of helpful justice in my heart. William N. Clarke

  4. Be True
    Poet: Unknown

    Young friends, to whom life's early days
    Are bright with promise all,
    And to whose view the glowing rays
    Of hope unclouded fall, -
    To counsel each to choose the good
    Throughout the coming years, I would
    A precept give to you:
    Observe if you success would win
    The wealth of worth embodied in
    Two little words: Be true.

    Be true to right: let justice still
    Her even balance claim;
    Unawed, unbribed, through good or ill,
    Make rectitude your aim.
    Unswayed by prejudice, thy mind
    Each day submitted claims will find
    To champion or deny;
    Then, cast, according to thy light,
    Thy influence on the side of right,
    Though all the world goes by.

    Be true to truth: the proudest name
    That sterling worth may win
    Is soiled and tarnished past reclaim
    Where falsehood enters in.
    No gem that arduous toil may find
    In learning's fields adorns the mind
    Like truth's pure, shining ray;
    And from her presence error's crowds
    Of worshipers disperse like clouds
    Before the rising day.

    Be true to reason: let her light
    Be ever glorified,
    And make through life her beacon bright
    A fixed, enduring guide.
    False views of life young faith may blind,
    False creeds allure the youthful mind
    And its adherence win;
    But reason's steady light to thee
    An oracle of truth shall be -
    A monitor within.

    Be true to self-respect: the world
    May judge thy motives wrong,
    And slander's poisoned shafts be hurled
    Where virtue moves along;
    Keep thou the upright ways that find
    The approval of thy own good mind -
    "To thine own self be true";
    So shalt thou proudly walk erect,
    And, conscious of thy own respect,
    Make others' honor due.

    These are the virtues, these the ways,
    That bring their own reward;
    And to observe them all thy days
    Keep constant watch and guard.
    He who from these his guidance takes
    Gives to the race the hope that makes
    The march of man sublime;
    And each good deed, each wrong withstood,
    Lives in its influence for the good,
    Throughout all coming time.

  5. Preparedness
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Right must not live in idleness,
    Nor dwell in smug content;
    It must be strong, against the throng
    Of foes, on evil bent.

    Justice must not a weakling be
    But it must guard its own.
    And live each day, that none can say
    Justice is overthrown.

    Peace, the sweet glory of the world,
    Faces a duty, too;
    Death is her fate, leaves she one gate
    For war to enter through.

  6. Thrist After Justice
    by John Ruskin

    The entire object of true education is to
    Make people not merely do the right things,
    But enjoy the right things -
    Not merely industrious
    But to love industry -
    Not merely learned,
    But to love knowledge -
    Not merely pure,
    But to love purity
    Not merely just,
    But to hunger and thirst after justice.

  7. Victorious
    Poet: Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Stainless soldier on the walls,
    Knowing this - and knows no more:
    Whoever fights, whoever falls,
    Justice conquers evermore;
    And he who battles on her side,
    God, though he were ten times slain.
    Crowns him victor glorified, -
    Victor over death and pain

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We hope the poems about justice give you thoughts to consider as you think about justice.

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