10 Courage Poems

Be encouraged by these courage poems. Sometimes, we all need encouragement to find the strength to do something that scares us or that we are unsure of. But stepping out and taking action is one of the ways to overcome any fears. There are times when we need courage each and every day to get through the day. We hope these poems are ones that will inspire you to have courage!

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  1. Unheard
    Poet: M. S. Sibley

    A traveller, climbing up steep mountain peaks,
    Saw height on height of rugged ranges rise,
    Still unattained, and, sinking weary down
    With fainting courage, cried: "I’ll climb no more,
    The broad, green vale below hath softer road,
    Ease, comfort, troops of friends," - when lo! a voice,
    A bird’s voice, singing fine, and clear, and sweet,
    Borne upward as on silver wings of sound;
    Perchance his rapture filled no ear before,
    But just as sweet, though none should ever hear.
    O poet heart! sing on! though high, apart
    Thy lonely life, some fainting soul may hope
    And courage take to climb again; sing on,
    And gain the heights, content if God but hear.

  2. Strength From The Weak
    Poet: Phoebe Carey

    Once, seeing the inevitable way
    My feet must tread, through difficult places lay, —
    I cannot go alone, I cry dismayed;
    I faint, I fall, I perish, without aid.

    Yet, when I looked to see if help was nigh,
    A creature weaker, wretcheder than I,
    One, on whose head life’s fiercest storm had beat,
    Clung to my garments, falling at my feet.

    I saw: I paused no more, my courage found,
    I stooped and raised her gently from the ground;
    Through every peril safe I passed at length.
    For she who leaned upon me gave me strength.

  3. Courage, the highest gift

  4. Courage
    Poet: George Farquhar

    Courage, the highest gift, — that scorns to bend
    To mean devices for a sordid end!
    Courage, an independent spark from Heaven’s bright throne,
    By which the soul stands raised triumphant, high, alone.
    Great in itself, not praises of the crowd,
    Above ail vice, it stoops not to be proud.

  5. Fortitude And Trials
    Poet Unknown

    O, never from thy tempted heart
    Let thine integrity depart!
    When Disappointment fills thy cup,
    Undaunted, nobly drink it up;
    Truth will prevail and Justice show
    Her tardy honors, sure, though slow.
    Bear on — bear bravely on!

    Bear on! Our life is not a dream.
    Though often such its mazes seem;
    We were not bom for lives of ease,
    Ourselves alone to aid and please.
    To each a daily task is given,
    A labor which shall fit for Heaven;
    When Duty calls, let Love grow warm;
    Amid the sunshine and the storm.
    With Faith life's trials boldly breast,
    And come a conqueror to thy rest.
    Bear on — bear bravely on!

  6. Alone
    Poet: John Askham

    ’Tis a good thing sometimes to be alone, —
    Sit calmly down and look Self in the face,
    Ransack the heart, search every secret place;
    Prayerful, uproot the baneful seeds there sown,

    Pluck out the weeds ere the full crop is grown,
    Gird up the loins afresh to run the race,
    Foster all noble thoughts, cast out the base,
    Thrust forth the bad and make the good thine own.

    Who has this courage thus to look within,
    Keep faithful watch and ward, with inner eyes,
    The foe may harass, but can ne’er surprise,
    Or over him ignoble conquest win.

    Oh, doubt it not, if thou wouldst wear a crown,
    Self, baser Self, must first be trampled down!

  7. Who has this courage thus to look within
  8. Midwinter
    Poet: Richard Burton

    Sweet is the sunshine, virginal the wood
    Snow-mantled, — keen the tingle of the cold;
    Here is a sense of stainlessness, — a mood
    Of peace, and yet of courage, — morning-bold.

    Walk bravely down the day, nor drop from mind
    Midwinter’s lesson: how the storms of night
    Leave only loveliness and joy behind,
    Making the old year new, — the new year white.

  9. Heroism
    Poet: Charlotte Perkins Stetson

    It takes great strength to train
    To modem service your ancestral brain;
    To lift the weight of the unnumbered years
    Of dead men's habits, methods, and ideas;
    To hold that back with one hand, and support
    With the other the weak steps of the new thought.

    It takes great strength to bring your life up square
    With your accepted thought and hold it there;
    Resisting the inertia that drags back
    From new attempts to the old habit's track.
    It is so easy to drift back, to sink;
    So hard to live abreast of what you think.

    It takes great strength to live where you belong
    When other people think that you are wrong;
    People you love, and who love you, and whose
    Approval is a pleasure you would choose.
    To bear this pressure and succeed at length
    In living your belief — well, it takes strength.

    And courage, too. But what does courage mean
    Save strength to help you face a pain foreseen?
    Courage to undertake this lifelong strain
    Of setting yours against your grandsire's brain;
    Dangerous risk of walking lone and free
    Out of the easy paths that used to be.
    And the fierce pain of hurting those we love
    When love meets truth, and truth must ride above.

    But the best courage man has ever shown
    Is daring to cut loose and think alone.
    Dark are the unlit chambers of clear space
    Where light shines back from no reflecting face.
    Our sun's wide glare, our heaven's shining blue,
    We owe to fog and dust they fumble through;
    And our rich wisdom that we treasure so
    Shines from the thousand things that we don't know.
    But to think new — it takes a courage grim
    As led Columbus over the world's rim.
    To think it cost some courage. And to go —
    Try it. It takes every power you know.

    It takes great love to stir the human heart
    To live beyond the others and apart.
    A love that is not shallow, is not small.
    Is not for one or two, but for them all.
    Love that can wound love for its higher need;
    Love that can leave love, though the heart may bleed;
    Love that can lose love, family and friend.
    Yet steadfastly live, loving, to the end.
    A love that asks no answer, that can live
    Moved by one burning, deathless force — to give.
    Love, strength, and courage; courage, strength, and love.
    The heroes of all time are built thereof.

  10. Bravery
    Poet:  James Russell Lowell

    We will speak on; we will be heard;
    Though all earth's systems crack,
    We will not bate a single word.
    Nor take a letter back.

    We speak the truth; and what care we
    For hissing and for scorn
    While some faint gleaming we can see
    Of Freedom's coming morn!

    Let liars fear; let cowards shrink;
    Let traitors turn away;
    Whatever we have dared to think,
    That dare we also say.

  11. Courage
    Poet: Florens Folsom

    Courage! Courage! Courage! The word is a marching-song;
    Trumpets and bugles and drums to these seven sounds belong;
    Banners and flags and pennons; shouts, applause, acclaim;
    But what of the courage that grubs in the dark, with never a dream of fame?

    The courage for dull routine; for Monotony's treadmill round;
    That cannot always smile, but aye at its post is found;
    That clinches Duty with bull-dog grip; that silently shoulders and bears
    Taunts, reproaches, temptings, burdens, labors, cares.

    Courage in the dark; Courage in shabby dress;
    Courage forgetful of self, unavid of Happiness,
    Not relying on Heaven, not afraid of Hell,
    This is the kind of Courage for Me, though it toll a passing-bell!

  12. Courage
    Poet: Phoebe Cary

    Here’s a hand to the boy who has courage
    To do what he knows to be right;
    When he falls in the way of temptation,
    He has a hard battle to fight.
    Who strives against self and his comrade
    Will find a most powerful foe.
    All honor to him if he conquers.
    A cheer for the boy who says, “No!"

    There’s many a battle fought daily
    The world knows nothing about;
    There’s many a brave little soldier
    Whose strength puts a legion to rout.
    And he who fights sin singlehanded
    Is more of a hero, I say,
    Than he who leads soldiers to battle
    And conquers by arms in the fray.

    Be steadfast, my boy, when you’re tempted,
    To do what you know to be right.
    Stand firm by the colors of manhood,
    And you will o’ercome in the fight.
    “The right," be your battle cry ever
    In waging the warfare of life,
    And God, who knows who are the heroes,
    Will give you the strength for the strife."

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There are many ways to demonstrate courage. We hope these poems remind you to use courage as you journey through life.

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