8 Poems About Conflict

Be encouraged by these poems about conflicts to find resolutions to differences you are having. In life, we all experience conflict at one time or another with challenges we face or amidst turmoil but there exists in the conflict an opportunity for growth, resilience, understanding, and forgiveness. So rather than focusing on the conflict focus on finding solutions that will bring peace into your life.

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  1. Conflict Can Transform
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the sea of deadlines and expectations,
    Colleagues clash amidst frustrations,
    Opinions clash like waves in a storm,
    But resolution lies in stepping beyond the norm.

    Words exchanged, emotions run high,
    Conflict brews, tensions reach the sky,
    But beneath the surface lies a possibility,
    To mend the rupture and restore unity.

    Through dialogue and empathy's embrace,
    Colleagues forge a path towards grace,
    Listening without judgment, acknowledging pain,
    Conflict transforms into growth, not in vain.

    Colleagues once at odds, now standing strong,
    Resolving conflicts that once seemed so long,
    By bridging gaps and finding common peace,
    They build a bond that will never cease.

  2. Storms That Rage
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the realm of dreams, where hope resides,
    Encouragement embraces conflicts to subside,
    With bold ambition, we build bridges high,
    Harmony dances upon a tranquil sky.

    Through storms that rage and tumults that arise,
    Perseverance roars, with fire in our eyes.
    No problem shall deter us, no challenge too grand,
    We broadcast our gains from every bandstand.

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  4. Forgiveness, Our Guiding Light
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the realm of love, let battles cease,
    For conflict has no place in hearts at peace.
    With forgiveness as our guiding light,
    We engage tomorrow that feels so bright.

    Let past wounds be washed away,
    As we dance into a brand-new day.
    Excitedly, we hold hands tight,
    United in forgiveness, our souls take flight.

  5. Unity And Grace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the depths of our hearts, there's a flame so bright,
    Where love blossoms, dispelling darkest night.
    Conflict has no place in Christian souls,
    But unity and grace, an eternal goal.

    With thoughts of peace, our minds are set aflame,
    To spread compassion and eradicate blame.
    In actions kind, we'll conquer every fight,
    For within us, love ignites with its might.

  6. Peace And Conflict
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the realm where light and darkness dwell,
    Peace and conflict, their fates doth tell.
    Mortal foes do their paths divide,
    One seeks discord, one goodwill beside.

    Though conflict may boast its fleeting reign,
    Peace whispers eternity in its refrain.
    For in the heart of man, goodness resides,
    And peace is the choice that abides.

  7. Discontent Transformed
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In chambers dark, where conflict oft resides,
    Anger lays claim, causing flaming words to divide.
    Yet tarry not, my friend, in harm's embrace,
    For anger's force can dwell in nobler grace.

    When passions rise and threaten to cause pain,
    Let reason guide and soothe the tempest's reign.
    Thus discontent transformed into wisdom's balm,
    Resolve emerges from the heart's calm.

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  9. Love's Enduring Power
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the tapestry of kinship, conflicts arise,
    Siblings once close, now distant, no surprise,
    Resentment festers, tearing at the seams,
    But love's enduring power can mend shattered dreams.

    Parents burdened with unfulfilled hopes,
    Children suffocating beneath their ropes,
    Expectations clash, creating inner strife,
    Yet forgiveness holds the key to rebuilding life.

    Forgiveness, a balm for wounds so deep,
    Through understanding and compassion, we reap,
    Family ties strengthened, emotions set free,
    Resolving conflicts with love's gentle decree.

    In the heart of each relationship's core,
    Conflict tests the bounds we adore,
    But with forgiveness, as our guiding light,
    Resentment fades, making everything right.

  10. But with forgiveness, as our guiding light, Resentment fades, making everything right.

  11. Conflicts Do Reside
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    In life's grand tapestry, conflicts do reside,
    Battles of circumstance where shadows collide.
    Yet in the face of darkness, perseverance shines,
    A star of hope, a virtue without confines.

    Dedicated hearts refuse to yield or sway,
    With unwavering spirit, they light up the way.
    Through trials and tribulations, they stand tall,
    Resolute souls embrace victory's clarion call.

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