12 Poems About Anger

Let these poems about anger remind you that while you may be feeling angry it is always better to calm down before saying anything or taking action. Anger never solves any issues, if anything being mad and flying into a rage makes things worse!

May these poems remind you to let your anger go.

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  1. Govern the Temper
    Poet: J. J. Thorne

    Hold your temper for self sake.
    This is the prudent way:
    Often when it is not controlled,
    It hands the body down to the clay,

    When passions condemn our feeble hearts,
    And conscience asks the mind to obey;
    We find our selves vain and defiled.
    And in sin have gone astray.

    Temper governed and tongues withheld,
    Keeps peace day by day;
    When the body discharges the violence of temper,
    Friendship tears away.

    Eternity is for ever and ever,
    Life is only a short stay;
    If we control our tongues and temper,
    The less we will account for judgment day.

    By holding the temper we learn
    A pleasant and prudent way;
    Temper held dliscloses the bloom of life,
    With a fragrant savor that never will decay.

    Perverted temper kindles the tongue
    Ambition leads to a fight or fray;
    But bravery is caution, wisdom reflects.
    And makes no trouble to pay.

    The best we can do we cannot avoid,
    And drive all temper away;
    But thought and meditation will help to restrain.
    And finally peace and comfort will pay.

  2. The Deeds Of Anger
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    I used to lose my temper an' git mad an' tear around
    An' raise my voice so wimmin folks would tremble at the sound;
    I'd do things I was ashamed of when the fit of rage had passed,
    An' wish I hadn't done 'em, an' regret 'em to the last;
    But I've learned from sad experience how useless is regret,
    For the mean things done in anger are the things you can't forget.

    Now I think I've learned my lesson an' I'm treadin' gentler ways,
    An' I try to build my mornings into happy yesterdays;
    I don't let my temper spoil 'em in the way I used to do
    An' let some splash of anger smear the record when it's through;
    I want my memories pleasant, free from shame or vain regret,
    Without any deeds of anger which I never can forget.

  3. Best Advice
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2011

    The best advice I ever received
    Advice that has stuck with me
    It deals with how I should be.
    Read James 1:19 and you will see.

    You will find wisdom in the words
    Which will move your life forward
    If you follow the advice
    You won't have to think twice.

    If we just practiced these three things
    Peace to the world it would bring
    The happiness we would find
    The words of the Bible there is no other kind!

    You will be calm and less angry
    To put into practice they are easy.
    Open your mind and don't screen
    Here are the words from James 1:19:

    "Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters:
    You must all be quick to listen,
    slow to speak,
    and slow to get angry."
    James 1:19

  4. I'm So Mad I Could Scream
    Poet: William Cole

    I'm so mad I could scream,
    I'm so mad I could spit,
    Turn over a table,
    Run off in a snit!

    I'm so mad I could yell,
    I could tear out my hair,
    Throw a rock through a window,
    Or wrestle a bear!

    On thinking it over
    I will not leave home
    But I'll put all my anger
    Right here in this poem.

    I'm feeling much better -
    Like peaches and cream -
    For a poem is the best way
    Of letting off steam!

  5. I'm so mad I could scream, I'm so mad I could spit...I'm feeling much better -Like peaches and cream -For a poem is the best way Of letting off steam!

  6. When Things Won't Work
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    I have to say,
    It makes me angry,
    When things don't go,
    The way they should be.

    I expect so much,
    From things and people.
    And when things go poorly,
    I feel so ungleeful.

    My temper gets hot,
    And I don't know what to do.
    I just wish someday,
    These things would pull through.

    But I have to stay calm,
    And roll up my sleeves.
    Maybe some direction,
    Is all that I need.

  7. life is too short to be unhappy

  8. Anger Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Anger is a thing that brings
    Negative and sad things
    Find a way to control your feeling
    Don't let it send you reeling.

    Anger is an emotion
    That can be compared to an explosion
    But it doesn't have to be that way
    If you control it and keep it at bay.

    Anger can hurt and it can harm
    When you feel it is reason for alarm
    Go for a walk, just cool off
    Then sit down and have a talk.

    When you don't give in to it
    When you don't throw a fit
    You will find control you will have
    And for that you'll be glad.

  9. Guard Thy Lips
    Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

    Oh, when harsh and hasty words arises
    And clouds of vexation dim the eyes,
    And anger begins to settle down.
    And the face puts on a sullen frown;
    When wrathful thoughts rush quickly up,
    Oh, dash aside the poisoned cup.
    And guard thy lips!

    Guard them, lest, in an unguarded hour,
    They should utter, beyond thy power,
    Words to wound some loving heart,
    Perhaps, a lasting scar impart;
    Inevitable words when once they're spoken.
    Nothing can heal the heart they've broken.
    Then, guard thy lips!

  10. Let It Pass
    Poet: Unknown

    Be not swift to take offence;
    Let it pass!
    Anger is a foe to sense;
    Let it pass!
    Brood not darkly o’er a wrong
    Which will disappear erelong;
    Bather sing this cheery song-
    Let it pass!

    Strife corrodes the purest mind;
    Let it pass!
    As the unregarded wind,
    Let it pass!
    Any vulgar souls that live
    May condemn without reprieve;
    ’Tis the noble who forgive;
    Let it pass!

    Echo not an angry word;
    Let it pass!
    Think how often you have erred;
    Let it pass!
    Since our joys must pass away,
    Like the dew-drops on the spray,
    Wherefore should our sorrows stay?
    Let it pass!

  11. Words And Tones
    Poet: Unknown

    It is not so much what you say,
    As the manner in which you say it;
    It is not so much the language you use,
    As the tones in which you convey it.

    The words may be mild and fair,
    And the tones may pierce like a dart;
    The words may be soft as the summer air,
    And the tones may break the heart.

    For words come from the mind,
    And grow by study and art;
    But the tones leap forth from the inner self,
    And reveal the state of the heart.

    Whether you know it or not -
    Whether you mean or care -
    Gentleness, kindness, love and hate,
    Envy and anger are there.

    Then would you quarrels avoid,
    And in peace and love rejoice
    Keep anger not only out of your words,
    But keep it out of your voice.

  12. Angry Words
    Poet: Unknown

    Angry words! O let them never
    From the tongue unbridled slip;
    May the heart's best impulse ever
    Check them, e'er they soil the lip.

    Love is much too pure and holy,
    Friendship is too sacred far,
    For a moment's reckless folly
    Thus to desolate and mar.

    Angry words are lightly spoken,
    Bitterest thoughts are rashly stirred;
    Brightest links of life are broken
    By a single angry word.

  13. Words
    Poet: John George Fleet

    Words are things of little cost,
    Quickly spoken, quickly lost;
    We forget them, but they stand
    Witnesses at God's right hand,
    And their testimony bear
    For us, or against us, there.

    Oh, how words often ours have been
    Idle words, and words of sin;
    Words of anger, scorn, and pride,
    Or desire our faults to hide;
    Envious tales, or strife unkind,
    Leaving bitter thoughts behind.

    Grant us, Lord, from day to day,
    Strength to watch and grace to pray
    May our lips, from sin set free,
    Love to speak and sing of thee,
    Till in heaven we learn to raise
    Hymns of everlasting praise.

  14. Before The Sun Goes Down
    Poet: Unknown

    Has anger any place today
    In heart and mind?
    Has malice prompted you to say
    What was not kind?

    See how the sun is shining bright
    In heaven above;
    Oh, let him not go down tonight
    On aught but love!

    Have you been wronged in any way,
    And so are cross?
    Has some one injured you today,
    And caused you loss?

    The golden sun is sinking fast
    'Twill soon be night!
    Forgive, and let your wrath be cast
    Far out of sight!

    What? some one else was in the wrong,
    And his the debt?
    Well, never mind; show you are strong,
    And can forget.

    Look you how quickly fades the light;
    It will not wait!
    Quick, ere the sun goes down tonight,
    And 'tis too late!

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We hope these poems help you realize that being angry brings no rewards. And, sometimes it is only you who is suffering as the person you are angry with is not even aware of your feelings. May these poems encourage you to resolve any conflicts that you may have before anger gets to the boiling point.

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