25 Self Control Quotes, Short Poems and Quotes

25 Self Control Quotes

Self control quotes speak to the issue of keeping self-discipline and calmness at the forefront of any adverse or difficult situation. To be in control, as opposed to succumbing to an outburst of anger or inappropriate or unmeasured physical or verbal response marks the inner ability of the person.

It is an attitude of understanding and resolution rather than experiencing the arrows of an attack on your inner integrity. It is the ability to portray, feel, and extend an open hand in relation to a personal or professional attack always preferring to see any criticism as an opportunity for growth. Our human instinct is to lash out but it is an instinct that merely advances conflict and not unification or compromise. Each author that has been cited has written different views or opinions that can well serve to help anyone move from a stance of rigidity of response to a more open and conciliatory posture.

  1. Remember, self-discipline equates to high self-esteem, which in turn results in happiness and satisfaction in life.
    Marsha McKay, Self Esteem Workbook
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  2. While we can't generally have control over the events in our lives, we can control how we approach them.
    Dale McLeo, Stoicism

  3. From self-control, restraint, fortitude, love, courage, and optimism, it is the card that controls our passions for the better.
    Michele Gilbert,The Introvert
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  4. It is essential to control our thoughts as it is to control our actions.
    Dorothea Kopplin, Something to Live By

  5. You can also use self-help techniques to teach your mind how to react better to anxiety-inducing situations.
    Lawrence Baumann, Control Your Depression

  6. Self-control raises fundamental issues at the heart of practical decision making, human agency, motivation, and rational choice.
    Gimmy Hamilton, Secrets to Self-Control
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  7. When you learn to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, you begin to gain confidence and your self-esteem gets much better.
    Lawrence Baumann, Stress Control
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  8. People are becoming aware through positive thinking of the power that self-agency has, and they see the potential for growth that taking responsibility  and visualizing change has in your life.
    Arianna Peterson, How to Gain a Positive Mindset
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  9. The present and gift of a discerning life is built not on selfishness but more on self-control through rational thinking devoid of self-serving emotions.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  10. Self-control isn’t just one good character trait, a nice addition to the pantheon of virtues. It’s foundational. Not because it’s more important than other virtues, but because the others rely upon it.
    Drew Dyck, Your Future Self Will Thank You
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  11. While the vast majority of humans fortunately no longer have to live in constant discomfort and fear of death, we would still do well to possess even a fraction of mental toughness and self-discipline our ancestors had.
    Martin Meadows, 365 Days With Self-Discipline
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  12. Because of the concept of neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to constantly form and reorganize synaptic connections—we know that the amount of self-control somebody possesses is anything but static.
    Peter Hollins, The Science of Self-Discipline
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  13. Even if it were possible to control our kids and mold them into who or what we want them to be, we might be less stressed, but they would be more controlled than self-controlled.
    William Stixrud, The Self-Driven Child

  14. Sometimes a person is pressuring you to do something ... If you cannot say no to this external or internal pressure, you have lost control ... and are not enjoying the fruit of “self-control."
    Henry Cloud, Boundaries
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  15. I believe that the best way to improve your self-control is to see how and why you lose control ... It allows you to support yourself and avoid the traps that lead to willpower failures.
    Kelly McGonigal Ph.D., The Willpower Instinct
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  16. The most important element in choice is that you are in control of what you choose to do, to say or to act.
    Byron Pulsifer
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  17. You know exactly how to go from attack mode to emotional mode to smart mode... A few minutes or hours after that, you probably gain enough self-control to start thinking your options through.
    Mark Goulston, Just Listen
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  18. To present your positive self requires you to pay attention to how and what verbal and nonverbal communication you use.
    Peter W. Murphy, Always Know What To Say
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  19. If you can be happy now on the way to achieving external things then you are in control of your life and you will show up on a daily basis with energy and passion that not many people have.
    Zac Dixon, Self Love

  20. We do, in fact, control our own stress. So, if you are feeling "stressed out", you are responsible for creating that feeling.
    Catherine Pulsifer, Your Work and Your Stress
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  21. There is just one spot where self-control happens, in the mind. This is genuine on the grounds that all things have their start as considerations delivered by either our cognizant, oblivious or intuitive mind.
    Gimmy Hamilton, Master on Self-Discipline
    What You Think You Become

  22. Men have the power to control their anger. To believe that men cannot control their anger is to see violence as an uncontrollable animal instinct.
    Aaron Karmin LCPC, Anger Management Workbook for Men

  23. We are what we think. We are in control. If you give power to negative events, you are the one to blame. Circumstances and events have no power at all unless we give power to them.
    Catherine Pulsifer, The Quality of Your Thoughts
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  24. Know what you want Keep your mind always on it.
    Face facts, but remember there is always a bright side.
    Above all, keep the tightest control of yourself.
    Lord Reading, Work Wins
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  25. The measure of self-control is not demonstrated in the shadows but in the light of adversity.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
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