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A collection of positive quotes to inspire and encourage you. Start your day with an encouraging, upbeat thought by reading these quotations and sayings.

A positive outlook can change your day, change your life! Keep your mind focused on positive aspects no matter what is happening in your life. Also, your positivity will make a difference in other people's life more than you may realize.

  1. Share love, laughter and positive feelings.
    Jo Deeprose
    Short Positive Quotes

  2. To me, abundance is simple: it’s having enough, being fulfilled, and feeling as though my cup is running over.
    Lisa Nichols, Abundance Now
    Abundance Quotes

  3. Helping others can have such a positive impact in someones life, more than you may imagine.
    Catherine Pulsifer, Receiving Help
    Positive Poems

  4. inspirational positive quotes
  5. Allow positive thoughts to shape your life.
    Christopher Michaels, Think Positive
    Life Quotes

  6. Have we realized the necessity for being helpful, encouraging, supportive and loving in our dealings with others and regarding their successes as equally as important as our own?
    Don McArt, The Mental Makeover
    Helping Others  

  7. Keeping your judgment to yourself and simply accepting people as they are, you are able to make more friendships on a positive basis.
    Joanna Jackson, Self Help

  8. I have always believed that telling children what to do is not as good as showing them what to do. Showing them is more powerful.
    Hyacinth Mottley, Words of Wisdom - Words of Faith

  9. Does your heart call you to heal the dysfunction in your own family, which might positively impact generations?
    Dr. Rachel Talton, Flourish: Have it All Without Losing Yourself
    Poems About Family

  10. Constantly trying to shield yourself from the influence of people who don't have your best interest at heart is a very stressful thing to do, so it is in your best interest to avoid them completely if you can.
    Noel N, Daily Planner: Productivity Boosts for Faster Results

  11. A positive inner voice will come when you cultivate inner peace, kindness, patience and happiness.
    Mary Reis, Positive Thinking

  12. One of the keys to attaining any goal is to figure out which actions will lead to the accomplishment of that goal and then enshrining those actions in a regular habit
    Mike Buffington, Hacking Laziness

  13. Every self-care act we engage in is a powerful affirmation: I honor myself and who I am becoming. I’m on my side. I’ve got this.
    Mary Beth Janssen, The Book of Self-Care
    Take Care Of Yourself  

  14. Although it is not entirely possible to keep from the negative things around you, you can still carry a positive attitude by focusing on the good and positive things in life.
    Clement Getate, Your Cross to Happiness

  15. encouraging positive quotes
  16. You need to remember and take responsibility for all that you are, and all that you are not.
    Charles Duncan, 5-minute Habits

  17. Moreover, mindful racial justice seeks to alleviate not merely isolated incidents of racial suffering, but all suffering caused by racism...
    Rhonda V. Magee, The Inner Work of Racial Justice

  18. I understood that eliminating the casualties of conflict cannot happen by repressing the conflict and just “being nice.” It happens by stewarding the energy inherent in conflict to make something positive, even amazing.
    Nate Regier, Conflict without Casualties

  19. ... one excellent way to boost your self-appreciation is by thinking of all the ways you have positively impacted the lives of others.
    Courtney E. Ackerman, My Pocket Gratitude

  20. The cure to expectation ... is not to figure out another way to get what we thought we wanted, but rather to move out of our own way enough to see what we really need.
    Christine Hassler, Expectation Hangover

  21. Love yourself for who you truly are and not for someone other people want you to be.
    Ryan Cooper, Insecurity: Insecurity To Self Confidence NOW!
    Don't Let People Bring You Down

  22. The people who I see function well are not the ones with the biggest “motors,” but the ones with the most efficient ones.
    Warren Buffet, in Getting There by Gillian Zoe Segal

  23. A balanced person is a better person. People will be drawn to you because being in your company makes them feel good.
    Suzie Doscher, Balance

  24. positive quotes to dare you
  25. Dare to dream. Dare to stand out. Dare to go against the grain. Dare to challenge your perceived limitations.
    Claire Louise Hay, Having It All: A Guide to Creating a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

  26. Positive people have positive expectations in their lives and most of their days are successful.
    Andrii Sedniev

  27. Read a motivational quote - This will keep your mind focuses on your goal, and will keep you feeling positive to assist you in achieving it.
    Diann B. Murr, Wake Up Successful
    Motivational Quotes

  28. The best part about retirement is that it allows you to stop doing what someone tells you to do. Instead, you can start doing what you want to do.
    Ernie Zelinski, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free
    Retirement Poems

  29. When you are experiencing positive feelings such as love, contentment, and joy, more possibilities will become visible in your life.
    D.D. Tai, Mind: How To Pleasure Your Mind Everyday

  30. If you feed your mind more positive self-talk than negative self talk you will create more positive results in your life.
    Ben Samson, Confidence Boosting Secrets

  31. Motivational books, cds and shows can fill your mind with positive thoughts to energize and encourage you to be the best you can be."
    Catherine Pulsifer

  32. A positive attitude toward life may help ward off sicknesses.
    Psychology Professor Sheldon Cohen

  33. You're all that you have and can change who you are,
    But it'll take removing your positive attitude from the shelf
    Julie Hebert
    Motivational Poems

  34. There is a positive solution to everything. Find it and you will find less stress.
    Catherine Pulsifer, Does It Really Matter
    Positive Thoughts

  35. Positive thinking won't let you do anything but it will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
    Zig Ziglar
    Graduation Sayings

  36. One of the easiest ways to positively affect your emotional health at work is to smile, to think of positive thoughts.
    Byron Pulsifer
    Motivational Quotes for Work

  37. joyful positive quotes
  38. We have to consciously work on making our lives more positive and joyful.
    Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
    Enjoy Life

  39. Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud.
    Angelina Jolie
    Keep Your Head Up

  40. If the person you are talking to has a good time, they enjoy the conversation, they will enjoy you.
    George Hutton, Conversational Brilliance
    Food For Thought

  41. By validating your friends, you can form stronger relationships with them, and you can help them to feel better about who they are.
    Nicole Raheja, Redefining Positive
    Best Friend Quotes

  42. Acceptance means recognizing that there is a better way to work through or around any obstacle.
    Rosy Lee Anderson

  43. The demonstrated skill of every master is the creation of a daily commission of giving.
    Kate Summers
    Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

  44. "Surround yourself with positivity, In what you do each day. And soon you see the strength you have, To keep negativity away.
    Julie Hebert, Do Not Let Others Bring You Down
    Poems About Life

  45. In each problem lies an opportunity to make better, to resolve, or to commence positive change.
    Byron Pulsifer

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