7 Poems About Health

Let these poems about health remind you how important it is to take care of yourself. If you lose your health no amount of money can ever buy it back.

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  1. Health Be Yours
    Poet: Unknown

    Hence, kindly wish, fly away, fly away,
    Find me the one I think of today!
    Fly then no longer, but linger and say
    "Health be yours, joy be yours,
    Ever and aye."

  2. Your Mental Health
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Our mental health is just as important
    As our physical, it's true
    To stay positive and healthy,
    Know what it is you must do

    Talk to someone and share,
    Get that weight off your chest
    Take time away from stress,
    Have a good rest.

    Your attitude must be positive
    For mental health to be good
    Be mindful and aware of problems
    And deal with them as you should.

    It may take effort each day
    But the result is worth it all
    Pay attention to your emotional well-being,
    Don't let yourself fall!

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  4. Little Things
    Poet: Charles W. Stevenson

    Here's to the one who loves to do
    The little things of life,
    Who lets no large ambition woo
    Him into worldly strife;
    A kindly man content to work
    At any useful task,
    Who has no duties he would shirk,
    No favors he would ask.

    Here's to the man, where'er he be!
    And O, Thou gentle One,
    Remember, in Thy ministry,
    The good that he has done,
    The happy words, the helpful deeds,
    So tender and so true!
    For those who have no selfish needs,
    Alas, are all too few.

    Ah, he who takes a humble part,
    In trade, in church, in state,
    And lets no envy fill his heart
    With hatred for the great,
    Can watch the wheel of fortune roll
    Its luckless favors out,
    Conscious that he has won his soul
    Who conquers care and doubt.

    This health to him! - who learns to feel
    That little things in life
    Make up the best of human weal,
    The worst of human strife;
    Who hides his anger in a smile,
    His worry in good cheer,
    And lives without a trace of guile,
    And dies without a fear!

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    Little Things Poems

  6. Stress Can Drain
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Stress can take its toll
    On your health - mind, body, and soul.

    It can leave you feeling drained
    Your will and vigor waned.

    You may feel overwhelmed and down
    But try a smile rather than a frown.

    With deep breaths of meditation, exercise, and more
    Do what works to relieve stress and maintain your core.

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  8. Drink Me A Health
    Poet: Unknown

    April, cold with dropping rain,
    Bring the lilacs back again.
    Whistle of returning buds
    Trumpet lowing of the herds!

    Newer life and fuller love.
    Bring it, April, from above.
    I wish it were summer
    With roses a-bloom -

    Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho! Heigh-hey! -
    That lilies would open
    Their cups of perfume.
    And drink me a health to-day.

  9. Time and health are two precious assets that we donā€™t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. Denis Waitley
    Health Quotes

  10. Good Health
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Good health is best found in healthy habits -
    A diet of nourishment and plenty of rest.
    Grow your own garden, cook meals from scratch,
    Take a walk or do some yoga or just stretch.

    Fuel both your body and mind with positivity,
    With self-care and reflection to lead the way.
    Learn new coping mechanisms to get through lifeā€™s challenges,
    So you can live in peace every single day.

  11. Positive Poems
    Positive Poems

  12. Life's Bill Of Fare
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Enough to eat, a time for play,
    And clothes to keep the wind away;
    At night a place to go to rest,
    And health and strength for every test.
    What more than these doth life contain?
    Then why this constant strife for gain?

    What more has king or prince today,
    Or he, three times a millionaire,
    Than food to eat and hours for play,
    A place to sleep and clothes to wear?
    Sum up life's favors as you will,
    It is for these we fight and kill.

    And he three times a millionaire,
    And he upon the heights sublime,
    Like you and me, can only wear
    One suit of clothing at a time,
    Once satisfy his appetite,
    Then richest foods mean no delight.

    And so, if you have these, I say,
    Envy no man his hoarded store;
    Contented, journey on your way,
    You will not happier be with more.
    Enough to eat, some clothes to wear,
    A place to sleep - life's bill of fare.

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Your health is one of the most important aspects of life.  Take care of it!! We hope these poems remind you of this.

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