Attitude Poem

Your attitude is an important part of your life. It can determine whether you are happy or sad, whether you are a success or a failure, whether you are content or dissatisfied. It impacts all aspects of our lives. Let these short poems by William Arthur Ward encourage you to keep your attitude positive, and look for the good in life. It doesn't matter what your age, it doesn't matter what challenges you face, if your attitude is positive life is easier. Be encouraged by these poems to keep your attitude positive, finding the brighter things in life. You and only you make the choice in how you view things!

  1. Your Attitude
    by William Arthur Ward

    Great persons rise above adversity and attain new heights of achievement by
    Turning tribulations into triumphs,
    Failures into fortunes,
    Setbacks into successes,
    Obstacles into opportunities,
    And burdens into blessings.

    They refuse to be hampered by handicaps,
    Dismayed by discouragements,
    Overcome by opponents,
    Defeated by disappointments,
    Or destroyed by disasters.

  2. Our disposition, more than our position, affects our present happiness and future contentment.

  3. Age And How You See Things
    by William Arthur Ward

    Regardless of age, you are still young at heart

    As long as you exclaim:
    Instead of
    "What's the use!" . . .

    When you say
    "Hot dog"
    Instead of "Oh well" . . .

    When you yell,
    Instead of "So what?". . .

    When you contend
    "Everyone's important"
    Instead of
    "You can't fight City Hall" . . .

    When you insist
    "Folks are swell"
    Instead of
     "You can't trust people anymore" . . .

    When you greet others with
    "What a great day to be alive!"
    Instead of
    "The world is shot to pieces". . .

    When you proclaim
    "What an opportunity"
    Instead of
    "What a predicament."

  4. Today's attitudes are the seeds of tomorrow's disposition - and of next week's habits.

  5. Interruptions
    by William Arthur Ward

    Interruptions can be viewed as sources of
    Irritation or opportunities for service,
    As moments lost or experience gained,
    As time wasted or horizons widened.

    They can annoy us or enrich us,
    Get under our skin or give us a shot in the arm.
    Monopolize our minutes or spice our schedules,
    Depending on our attitude toward them.

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