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William Arthur Ward has inspired millions with his poems and his words for many years. His work is inspirational and motivational making people think by his writings. Let his poems be ones that you reflect upon and share with others.

His writings have been published by many, including Reader's Digest, and many Christian publications. And he has authored some great inspirational books, including Thoughts Of A Christian Optimist, For This One Hour, Miracles That I Have Seen, and Rewarding moments: A treasury of prose and poetry, to name only a few. Born on December 17, 1921, in Louisana, Mr. Ward graduated from McMurray College and received his master's degree at Oklahoma State University.

He died on March 30, 1994, but his work lives on by continuing to inspire many.

william arthur ward
William Arthur Ward

Favorite Poems by William Arthur Ward

Popular William Arthur Ward Short Poems:

  1. Be Grateful
    by William Arthur Ward

    If the life of a river depended
    Only on the rain that falls within the
    Confines of its own banks,
    It would soon be dry.

    If the life of an
    Individual depended
    Solely on his own resources,
    He would soon fall.
    Be grateful for your tributaries.

  2. A Pinch Of Praise
    by William Arthur Ward

    A pinch of praise is worth
    a pound of scorn.

    A dash of encouragement is more helpful than
    a dipper of pessimism.

    A cup of kindness is better than
    a cupboard of criticism.

  3. Do More
    Poet: William Arthur Ward

    Do more than belong: participate.
    Do more than care: help.
    Do more than believe: practice.
    Do more than be fair: be kind.
    Do more than forgive: forget.
    Do more than dream: work.
    Do more than teach; inspire.
    Do more than earn; enrich.
    Do more than give; serve.
    Do more than live; grow.
    Do more than suffer; triumph.

  4. Mistakes
    Poet: William Arthur Ward

    The mistakes to avoid:
    Remorse over yesterday's failures.
    Anxiety over today's problems.
    Worry over tomorrow's uncertainty.
    Waste of the moment's opportunity.
    Procrastination with one's present duty.
    Resentment of another's success.
    Criticism of a neighbor's imperfection.
    Impatience with youth's immaturity.
    Skepticism of our nation's future.
    Unbelief in God's providence.

  5. More Than
    Poet: William Arthur Ward

    I am more than happy;
    I am joyful.
    I am more than healthy;
    I am whole.

    I am more than alive;
    I am radiant.
    I am more than successful;
    I am free.

    I am more than caring;
    I am loving.
    I am more than tranquil;
    I am peaceful.

    I am more than interested;
    I am involved.
    I am more than adequate;
    I am triumphant.

    I am more than fortunate;
    I am prosperous.
    I am more than human;
    I am a child of God.

  6. Wise Is
    by William Arthur Ward

    Wise is the person
    Who profits from the mistakes of the past,
    Recognizes the opportunities of the present,
    And anticipates the challenges of the future.

    The wise person feels
    A kinship with antiquity,
    A friendship with infancy,
    And a fellowship with infinity.

  7. Brighten Your Corner
    by William Arthur Ward

    Brighten your corner with Gratitude;
    it is the candle of contentment.

    Brighten your corner with Kindness;
    it is the flame of friendship.

    Brighten your corner with Cheerfulness;
    it is the light of good will.

    Brighten your corner with Joy;
    it is the window to health.

    Brighten your corner with Humor;
    it is the sunshine of the soul.

    Brighten your corner with Faith;
    it is the door to discovery.

    Brighten your corner with Generosity;
    it is the portrait of character.

    Brighten your corner with Enthusiasm;
    it is the torch of achievement.

    Brighten your corner with Work;
    it is the lantern of success.

    Brighten your corner with Patience;
    it is the reflection of maturity.

    Brighten your corner with Love;
    it is the power of Brotherhood.

    Brighten your corner with Prayer;
    it is the lamp of understanding.

  8. Start The Day
    by William Arthur Ward

    To start the day with a prayer
    is to fill the day with song.

    A healthy outlook is one of the benefits
    that comes from the exercise of prayer.

    Prayer is an action, not an act;
    an attitude, not a ritual.

    Prayer changes our attention
    from the problem to the Power;
    from anxiety to the Almighty.

    Some knees bend only under
    the load of a heavy heart;
    some eyes are opened only after
    the head is bowed.

    Prayer at its best is a grateful day opener,
    A beautiful day brightener,
    And a joyful closer.

  9. A Preacher Is...
    by William Arthur Ward

    A preacher is a person who
    perceives parables in problems,
    poetry in patience,
    sermons in sunsets,
    symphonies in snowflakes,
    stories in smiles,
    miracles in meadows,
    messages in mountains,
    fables in flowers,
    lessons in leaves,
    legends in laughter,
    truth in trees,
    wonder in water falls,
    wisdom in windows,
    greatness in gratitude,
    grandeur in grasses,
    goodness in gardens,
    beauty in bridges,
    inspirational in icicles,
    crosses in crises,
    and reverence in rainbows.

  10. Truth
    by William Arthur Ward

    Truth, like fire,
    Can comfort or consume,
    Serve or sear, delight or destroy.

    Used with imagination,
    It is a torch that lights the way;

    Used with compassion,
    It is an ember that warms the heart;

    Used with courage,
    It is a spark that ignites reform;

    Used with wisdom,
    It is a flame that illumines the darkness;

    Used with abandon,
    It is a plaything that scorches a friend.

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