Transform The Common Task

A poem to encourage us to always do our best and never think that any task is beneath us. William Arthur Ward expresses a key to success in this poem.

The poem encourages us to use our abilities to the best that we can, to be of service to others, and be willing to do the chores set before us. So often, we see people striving for success in life but not willing to put in the work to achieve it. Or, not willing to start at the bottom and work their way up, they want to start at the top - but life doesn't work that way! Be encouraged by Mr. Ward's verses to do what needs to be done.

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Transform The Common Task
Poet: William Arthur Ward

Do you seek nobility?
Do you want your work to last?
Using your ability
Just transform the common task.

If you want a famous name
Here is what the world would ask,
"Will you strive to play the game
And transform the common task?"

Would you give to life your best?
Shall your service upward soar?
Here again is still the test . . .
Will you do the common chore?

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Be further encouraged by the wisdom of these words by William Arthur Ward:

by William Arthur Ward

We must be silent before we can listen;
We must listen before we can learn;
We must learn before we can prepare;
We must prepare before we can serve;
We must serve before we can lead;
We must lead before we can know
One of the real values of silence.

by William Arthur Ward

Thinking is an eight-letter word
That spells hard work.
It is the difference between success and failure,
Excellence and mediocrity,
Progress and stagnation,
Growth and decay.
Thinking is painful to practice,
But profitable to pursue.

Reflect, Radiate, Register
by William Arthur Ward

Our faces should reflect helpfulness, happiness, and hopefulness,
Not boredom, belligerence, and bitterness.

Our eyes should radiate encouragement, enthusiasm, and expectancy,
Not sourness, scorn, and skepticism.

Our expression should register awareness, attractiveness, and affection,
Not anxiety, anger, and aggression.

by William Arthur Ward

Blessed is the person who possesses
Unbounded enthusiasm for life;
Who practices unlimited forgiveness towards others;
Who expresses unending gratitude to God;
And who wages an uncompromising war on injustice.

Don't Fly Off The Handle
by: William Arthur Ward

Flying off the handle sometimes causes
Hammers and humans to lose their heads,
As well as their effectiveness.

One-liners by William Arthur Ward:

Brighten your corner with work; it is the lantern of success.

The person who can handle himself can usually handle his job.

If we have no critics we probably have no projects.

To concentrate is to conquer; to prune is to perfect; to simplify is to strengthen.

The winner says, "let me do it for you"; the loser protests, "that's not my job."

Will someone else's life be brighter tomorrow because of what you have done today?

Every day is a day of decision, a day of duty, a day of destiny.

Pray and work for a 20-20 insight that helps you see the best in others!!

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