With God - 3 Poems

Be inspired by these 3 short poems by William Arthur Ward that reflect upon how great God is. When we trust Him and act according to His will it is amazing what we can do. While these poems are short they contain wisdom and they will give you thoughts to think about God.

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  1. With God
    by William Arthur Ward

    With God,

    No mountain is too high
    to keep you from climbing it...

    No gaol is too great
    to keep you from reaching it...

    No problem is too difficult
    to keep you from solving it...

    No adversary is too powerful
    to keep you from overcoming it...

    No obstacle is too awesome
    to keep you from overcoming it...

    No burden is too heavy
    to keep you from bearing it...

    No aspiration is too noble
    to keep you from attaining it.

  2. We Cannot
    By William Arthur Ward

    We can ignore God but
    We cannot escape Him.

    We can resist Him but
    We cannot elude Him.

    We can reject Him but
    We cannot silence Him.

    We can deny Him but
    We cannot destroy Him.

  3. Spark
    By William Arthur Ward

    Love is the
    spark that kindles the fire of compassion.

    Compassion is the
    fire that flames the candle of service.

    Service is the
    candle that ignites the torch of hope.

    Hope is the
    torch that lights the beacon of faith.

    Faith is the
    beacon that reflects the power of God.

    God is the
    power that creates the miracle of love.

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