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Prayer For Today

Find a prayer for today to express words to God. Prayers that have been written by people who have had experiences and a relationship with God. May these prayers encourage you to open your heart to God - a God who hears our prayers.

Many people say evening prayers, but before your feet hit the ground in the morning say a prayer thanking God for waking you up this day. As you leave for work say a prayer to God, and throughout the day offer a short prayer to God. Spend time today in prayer.

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  1. A Prayer
    Author: Edwin Markham

    Teach me Father, how to go
    Softly as the grasses grow:
    Hush my soul to meet the shock
    Of the wild world as a rock;
    But my spirit prompt with power,
    Make as simple as a flower.
    Let the dry heart fill its cup,
    Like a poppy looking up;
    Let life lightly wear her crown
    Like a poppy looking down.
    When its heart is filled with dew,
    And its life begins anew.

    Teach me, Father, how to be
    Kind and patient as a tree;
    Joyfully the crickets croon
    Under shady oak at noon:
    Beetle, on his mission bent,
    Tarries in that cooling tent.
    Let me, also, cheer a spot,
    Hidden field or garden grot;
    Place where passing souls can rest
    On the way, and be their best.

  2. Awareness
    Author: Miriam Teichner

    God - let me be aware.
    Let me not stumble blindly down the ways,
    Just getting somehow safely through the days,
    Not even groping for another hand,
    Not even wondering why it all was planned,
    Eyes to the ground unseeking for the light,
    Soul never aching for a wild-winged flight.
    Please, keep me eager just to do my share,
    God - let me be aware.

    God - let me be aware.
    Stab my soul fiercely with others' pain,
    Let me walk seeing horror and stain.
    Let me hands, groping, find other hands.
    Give me the heart that divines, understands.
    Give me the courage, wounded, to fight.
    Flood me with knowledge, drench me in light.
    Please keep me eager just to do my share.
    God - let me be aware.

  3. Never Waste Your Pain!
    Dick Innes

    Dear Lord...
    Please grant that I shall
    Never waste my pain; for...
    To fail without learning,
    To fall without getting up,
    To sin without overcoming,
    To be hurt without forgiving,
    To be discontent without improving,
    To be crushed without becoming more caring,
    To suffer without growing more insensitive,
    Makes of suffering a senseless, futile exercise,
    A tragic loss,
    And of pain,
    The greatest waste of all.

  4. Just For To-Day
    Poet: Ernest R. Wilberforce

    Lord, for to-morrow and its needs
    I do not pray;
    Keep me, my God, from stain of sin
    Just for to-day.
    Help me to labor earnestly,
    And duly pray;
    Let me be kind in word and deed,
    Father, to-day.

    Let me no wrong or idle word
    Unthinking say;
    Set thou a seal upon my lips
    Through all to-day.
    Let me in season, Lord, be grave,
    In season gay;
    Let me be faithful to thy grace,
    Dear Lord, to-day.

    And if, to-day, this life of mine
    Should ebb away,
    Give me thy sacrament divine,
    Father, to-day.
    So for to-morrow and its needs
    I do not pray;
    Still keep me, guide me, love me, Lord,
    Through each to-day.
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We hope you have found a prayer for today in our collection. Prayer is powerful and today may just be the day that your prayer is answered. As Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, "Never stop praying."

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