6 Poems About God's Timing

Let these short poems about God's timing encourage and inspire you. Do you trust God's timing? We can always be sure that His time is the perfect time. We sometimes demonstrate impatience and in today's instant culture people find it hard to wait for God's perfect timing!

God's time and our time are never the same. It is important to understand that God is not restricted to time like we are. As the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:8, "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord, a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." But what we can count on is His timing is always the best!!

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  1. Time Belongs To God
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2006

    Time somehow eludes you, it alters best intentions,
    It passes by while you are unawares;
    It doesn’t give you notice so you might watch your step;
    You’re not too sure for what you should prepare.

    Mankind is oh, so busy, an empire to obtain,
    The thought of wealth is foremost in his mind.
    He concentrates his efforts regardless of all else,
    Prosperity and fame he has to find.

    Meanwhile, each moment passes, the hours turn to years,
    Then what accomplishments will leave their mark?
    You never noticed nature, the fragrance of the rose,
    Or seen the trees in colour in the park.

    You scurried through the morning, you rushed throughout the day,
    You set a pace that many thought too high.
    And in your haste and progress, achievement came your way,
    But joys of love and nature passed you by.

    Then suddenly it happened – your work days have expired,
    Retirement is set to come with age,
    Your routine is disrupted, you haven’t much to do,
    But life is offering you a brand-new page.

    Yes, time to smell the roses, to learn to slow your pace,
    To find out why the Lord has blessed you so,
    To realize the beauty of living on God’s earth,
    To hear the gentle, rippling waters flow.

    The early song of robins, the mourning dove’s soft coos,
    The rising of the sun when dawn draws nigh,
    The mist above the waters, the dew drops on the grass
    The wonder of a brand-new baby’s cry.

    Take note while you’re still able, rejoice in what you see,
    Stand still and hear God speaking to your soul,
    Be quick to give Him glory, be still and hear His voice,
    Remember, time is His; He’s in control!

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  3. Perfect Timing
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God's timing is perfect, it's true;
    His ways are higher, beyond our view.
    We may not understand, we may not see,
    But we must trust, have faith, and believe.

    In His perfect timing, all is planned
    We must have patience, hold His hand.
    We may want things now, we may want them fast,
    But God knows best, our future is cast.

    So let go of control, let go of your fear,
    Trust in His timing, He is always near.
    Be content with His plan, it's all for your good,
    In His perfect timing, you will be understood

    Have faith and patience, trust in His ways
    He will guide you, through all of your days.
    Never doubt God's timing is perfect, have trust
    His love for us is a love that is just.

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  5. The Keeper
    Poet:  John McLeod, 1980

    The keeper at the gate of time
    Waits patiently and ever
    Keeps his vigil silently
    His trust he will not sever
    Nor will condemn the actions
    When the soul strives unaware
    But always will embrace in Love
    And bless with silent prayer.

  6. In God's Good Time
    Poet: Mary B. Sleight

    Low hang the clouds, a leaden pall
    That shows no gleam of azure rift.
    But Hark! soft as a spirit's call —
    "In God's good time the clouds shall lift."

    Fierce break the billows at my feet,
    No hint of help my eyes discern;
    But hark ! again a whisper sweet:
    "In God's good time the tide shall turn."

    Oh, heart, in this glad word abide,
    Repeated like a silver chime:
    Unharmed is he by storm or tide
    Who waits in faith for God's good time.

  7. You also need to remember two things: One, God is never in a hurry. And two, God is never late.
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  8. We Pray And We Pray
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    We pray and we pray, for things to be done
    We want answers now, for our problems to be won.
    But sometimes our prayers, are not answered fast,
    We may feel disappointed, our hope is cast.

    But God's timing is perfect, His ways are divine.
    We may not understand, but we must be in line,
    Our hearts and our minds, with His perfect plan
    For when we look back, we'll understand.

    His timing is always better than what we desired.
    If we saw the whole picture, we would be inspired.
    So let go of control, and trust in His way,
    His timing is perfect, every single day.

    Be thankful for His timing, in your life's story
    In all things give God the glory.
    God's timing is perfect, we must have faith
    His love for us is, a love that is great!

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  10. My Times Are In Thy Hand
    Poet: Christopher Newman Hall

    My times are in Thy hand:
    I know not what a day,
    Or e'en an hour, may bring to me;
    But I am safe while trusting Thee,
    Though all things fade away.
    All weakness, I
    On Him rely
    Who fixed the earth and spread the starry sky.

    My times are in thy hand:
    Pale poverty or wealth,
    Corroding care or calm repose,
    Spring's balmy breath of winter's,
    Sickness or buoyant health -
    Whate'er betide,
    If God provide,
    'Tis for the best; I ask no lot beside.

    My times are in thy hand:
    Many or few my days,
    I leave with thee - this only pray
    That by thy grace, I every day
    Devoting to thy praise,
    May ready be
    To welcome thee
    Whene'er thou comest to set my spirit free.

    My times are in thy hand:
    Howe'er those times may end -
    Sudden or slow my soul's release,
    Midst anguish, frenzy, or in peace -
    I'm safe with Christ, my Friend;
    If he is nigh,
    Howe'er I die,
    'Twill be the dawn of heavenly ecstasy.

    My times are in thy hand:
    To thee I can entrust
    My slumbering clay till thy command
    Bids all the dead before thee stand.
    Awakening from the dust,
    Beholding thee,
    What bliss 'twill be,
    With all thy saints to spend eternity!

    To spend eternity
    In heaven's unclouded light!
    From sorrow, sin, and frailty free,
    Beholding and resembling thee -
    O too transporting sight!
    Prospect too fair
    For flesh to bear!
    Haste! Haste! my Lord, and soon transport me there!

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May these poems remind you that God's timing is always right, even when we don't understand it. As Dillon Burroughs said in his book, Hunger No More, "God is never late and rarely early. He is always exactly right on time--His time."

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