God Will Provide - 3 Poems

We must always believe that God will provide - let these poems remind you of this. God's provisions for us are bigger than will can imagine. We just need to have faith, believe, and have trust in God.

  1. God Will Come Through
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©1998

    Is the answer "No" too hard for me to carry?
    Is my faith not strong enough to trust?
    When I walk with Christ and soon get weary?
    Does it mean that Jesus is not just?

    Scripture says that I must claim the promise;
    It also says to ask and I'll receive.
    Right now, I'm walking in a deep, dark valley;
    What more does God want, when I believe?

    My neighbours laugh and ridicule; they're mocking,
    There is no God, they say. "It's no big deal."
    But in my heart I know they're all mistaken.
    His power, His love, His care – I know He is real.

    Sometimes I need to thank God that His answers
    Do not comply with all of my requests.
    It's God who gives the thorns and plants the roses.
    It's God who gives to me the very best.

    I might shed tears at times and feel rejected,
    Depression might sweep over me like a wave.
    But in my heart I know I've been accepted;
    His constant love and mighty power can save.

    My soul can rest securely in His promise
    Even though my body racks with pain.
    This temporal structure will not always hold me;
    Some future day I shall be whole again.

    Perfect in the presence of my Saviour;
    Knowledge, wisdom, health shall all be mine.
    But the greatest joy will be to praise the Master;
    Where love and joy and peace shall all entwine.

    Right now I need the grace just to be faithful,
    To hold my head erect throughout this trial.
    To trust that God is cued in on my problems;
    He'll take me through, refined after a while.

    While others hiss and say, "Forget those notions,
    There is no God! You're foolish to pretend."
    I'll trust Him, serve Him and always obey Him.
    In all the world, He is my dearest friend.

  2. Our Capable God
    Greta Zwaan, ©2009

    Small to God can mean mountains to us, things that cause us concern;
    Every day stuff that God takes in stride, problems that we can't discern.
    We have the notion that life treats us harsh, determined that things go our way;
    But if there is conflict we're quick to complain, we want to keep troubles at bay.

    We don't seem to grasp, it's through troubles we grow, our faith being tested and tried,
    How we react during difficult times with evil enticements denied.
    God grants us the strength when we're willing to ask, but pride often stands in our way,
    If we're not humble enough to seek help, we'll end up going astray.

    We are not robots, we have a free will, God gave us the power to choose,
    We know the difference between right and wrong, we know what we might stand to lose.
    God has great patience, He won't always chide, but one day the roll call will come,
    If our decision has cast God aside, our hearts will have turned cold and numb.

    The day's not far off when our Lord will return, this time He'll settle the score,
    If you have entered the straight, narrow gate, your peace is assured evermore.
    All those great mountains, those cares and concerns, in a moment were cleaned from your slate,
    Problems and heartaches, conflicts and trials no longer hold power o'er your fate.

    Our capable God holds the reigns of your life, but you make your destiny sure,
    He offers you all when you reach out to Him, a peace that will always endure.

  3. How To Live
    Greta Zwaan, © 2009

    The fear of man curtails him from doing what he should,
    We fail to honour Jesus or witness as we could.
    In truth, we need not answer the cursing of mankind,
    We serve a living Saviour, we need not walk as blind.

    Your mandate is to suffer if others mock His name,
    Be fervent in your answer, be vibrant in your claim.
    That Christ needs to be honoured not blasphemed in disgrace,
    You claim it as a privilege, you witness face to face.

    You show that sin is evil, such deeds should be despised,
    Upholding truth and honour, rejecting hate and lies.
    It’s not that you point fingers when men are drawn to sin,
    But showing God’s displeasure when evil lurks within.

    Let this message stir you, God will not be mocked,
    He knows the heart’s desires and He is never shocked.
    Yet He will judge the nation, He’ll bring man to his knees,
    If man shows no repentance God cannot hear His pleas.
    Peer pressure mustn’t influence the way each man may walk,
    But if he is a Christian, it should reflect his talk.
    The world is watching closely, your acts are on display,
    Your actions will speak louder than any words that you may say.

    You are the book they’re reading, don’t let it be a snare,
    Be a vibrant witness, and bathe your life in prayer.
    Let others see the Saviour by watching what you do,
    And God will bless your efforts, His power lives through you.

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