The Promises of God

Be inspired by these poems about the promises of God. The Bible contains many promises if we believe. Find hope and peace in these promises! May these poems inspire you.

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  1. What God Hath Promised
    Poet: Annie Johnson Flint

    God hath not promised
    skies always blue,
    Flower strewn pathways
    all our lives through;
    God hath not promised
    sun without rain,
    Joy without sorrow,
    peace without pain.

    But God hath promised
    strength for the day,
    Rest for the labor,
    Light for the way,
    Grace for the trials,
    Help from above,
    Unfailing sympathy,
    Undying love.

  2. Gods promises

  3. Jesus, A Friend
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2018

    In the darkness of the night when your soul can find no rest,
    When you're overcome with worry and despair,
    When the trials seem too great and you've nowhere you can turn,
    Jesus opens up the avenue of prayer.

    He's the friend who knows your pain and your heavy-burdened life,
    He's aware of all the fears that come your way.
    In His arms you'll find relief when you share your troubled soul,
    And the peace returns when you kneel down to pray.

    Far too often we forget as we travel down the road,
    But the promise is still there - "Come unto Me."
    Jesus' offer stands through time and will never be annulled,
    It's the only place you can be truly free.

  4. God Will Come Through
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 1998

    Is the answer "No" too hard for me to carry?
    Is my faith not strong enough to trust?
    When I walk with Christ and soon get weary?
    Does it mean that Jesus is not just?

    Scripture says that I must claim the promise;
    It also says to ask and I'll receive.
    Right now, I'm walking in a deep, dark valley;
    What more does God want, when I believe?

    My neighbours laugh and ridicule; they're mocking,
    "There is no God," they say. "It's no big deal."
    But in my heart I know they're all mistaken.
    His power, His love, His care - I know He is real.

    Sometimes I need to thank God that His answers
    Do not comply with all of my requests.
    It's God who gives the thorns and plants the roses.
    It's God who gives to me the very best.

    I might shed tears at times and feel rejected,
    Depression might sweep over me like a wave.
    But in my heart I know I've been accepted;
    His constant love and mighty power can save.

    My soul can rest securely in His promise
    Even though my body racks with pain.
    This temporal structure will not always hold me;
    Some future day I shall be whole again.

    Perfect in the presence of my Saviour;
    Knowledge, wisdom, health shall all be mine.
    But the greatest joy will be to praise the Master;
    Where love and joy and peace shall all entwine.

    Right now I need the grace just to be faithful,
    To hold my head erect throughout this trial.
    To trust that God is cued in on my problems;
    He'll take me through, refined after a while.

    While others hiss and say, "Forget those notions,
    There is no God! You're foolish to pretend."
    I'll trust Him, serve Him and always obey Him.
    In all the world, He is my dearest friend.

  5. Promise Of His Word
    Poet: Mary Clemmer Hudson

    Good night, dear Love! I pray the Lord,
    By every promise of His Word,
    That, day and night, may follow thee,
    With ever-folding ministry.
    Thy better angels, holding thee
    In all loud day's prosperity.

    And in the haunting night-watch lone;
    From all the evil sin hath wrought,
    From, tempting deed and soiling thought.
    From sorrow and from murdered faith,
    From loss in life and loss in death.
    The blessed angels hold thee sure
    And lead thee safe and save thee pure.

  6. Faithful Labourers
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 1985

    God calls His faithful labourers to gather in the sheaves,
    Some He sends to foreign land, but other souls He leaves.
    God is not showing preference by choosing just a few;
    Location’s not important – the home front needs you too.

    He needs the basket holders to stay behind and pray;
    The ones who hold the ropes, for those who’ve travelled far away.
    God counts it equal value when you’re down on your knees,
    As soldiers in an army, no rank and no degrees.

    The mission work goes forward because you persevere,
    You labour in His vineyard with zeal throughout the year.
    With bake sales, quilts and suppers, you’re always on the go,
    Gathering funds for missions, so others too might know.

    Equipped to fight the battle for souls you care about;
    Be sure your work’s important, it sends His soldiers out.
    You may not work in jungles or speak in foreign creeds,
    But God has used your talents to help financial needs.

    Perhaps you’ve never travelled beyond your well-known shore,
    But by your faithful efforts God’s word is spread the more.
    And each deed is recorded the sacrifice, the time,
    The talents that you offer, each nickel and each dime.

    Be proud to represent Him right in your own back yard;
    You rank as missionaries; you’re working just as hard.
    God will reward your service when souls are gathered in,
    For it’s through home-front workers that missions can begin.

    Be strong in prayer and giving; be faithful to the end;
    And through your constant vigil, God says, “Well done my friend.”

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