Faith Over Fear

Let these poems give you confidence and inspire you to always have faith over fear. By trusting God our fears can be eliminated because we have faith that He is watching over us; He has a plan and His timing is always perfect! We hope these poems remind you of this.

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  1. Fear and Faith
    Poet: Harry Emerson Fosdick

    Fear imprisons, faith liberates;
    fear paralyzes, faith empowers;
    fear disheartens, faith encourages;
    fear sickens, faith heals;
    fear makes useless, faith makes serviceable -
    And, most of all,
    Fear puts hopelessness at the heart of life,
    While faith rejoices in its God.

  2. A Dream Of Home
    Poet: Alice Cary

    Sunset! A hush is on the air,
    Their gray old heads the mountains bare.
    As if the winds were saying prayer.

    The woodland, with its broad green wing,
    Shuts close the insect whispering,
    And lo! the sea gets up to sing.

    The day's last splendor fades and dies,
    And shadows one by one arise.
    To light the candles of the skies.

    O wild flowers, wet with tearful dew,
    O woods, with starlight shining through,
    My heart is back to-night with you!

    I know each beech and maple tree.
    Each climbing brier and shrub I see, -
    Like friends they stand to welcome me.

    Musing I go along the streams:
    Sweetly believing in my dreams;
    For fancy like a prophet seems.

    Footsteps beside me tread the sod
    As in the twilights gone they trod;
    And I unlearn my doubts, thank God!

    Unlearn my doubts, forget my fears,
    And that bad carelessness that sears
    And makes me older than my years.

    I hear a dear, familiar tone,
    A loving hand is in my own,
    And earth seems made for me alone.

    If I my fortunes could have planned,
    I would not have let go that hand;
    But they must fall who learn to stand.

    And how to blend life's varied hues.
    What ill to find, what good to lose.
    My Father knoweth best to choose

  3. Christian faith isn't so much what you say you believe but how you behave in a consistent manner.
A.W. Tozer

  4. Faith Opens The Door
    John McLeod, ©1982

    Trembling on my bough of indecision
    No way seemed clear and safe to step upon,
    I found no answer to my fevered questing
    No rack to base my fumbling reasoning on.
    And then I heard the soft words of another
    That deep within I'd never sensed before,
    Saying: God is Love, and Love is understanding,
    And Faith the key that opens every door!

    Thus, suddenly I was no longer wary
    And taking new found courage from each word
    I strode forth finding light to cheer and guide me
    And all my fears seemed groundless and absurd,
    This then is realization of His wisdom,
    His Truth that will abide for evermore,
    For God is Love, and Love is understanding,
    And Faith the key that opens ever door!

  5. Faith and Fear

  6. Longing
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, ©2004

    The gulf is fixed, set there by God, no further can man go,
    Decisions that are left too long no one can overthrow.
    The Scripture's full, warnings galore, you chose while you're alive,
    You plant your flag, you make your stand, or you will not survive.

    The mandatory way of God can follow but one path:
    The blood that Christ spilled for your sin removes eternal wrath.
    God cannot, will not, look on sin as though of no account,
    For all good works, like filthy rags, you cause your sins to mount.

    Should you decide there's time galore, your life's in your control,
    Beware! The moment soon might come when God will claim your soul.
    Your destination must be sealed before you your final breath,
    Acceptance cannot reach your soul beyond the call of death.

    No prayer of saints can draw you back - there is no second chance,
    Once you have breathed your final breath there's not a backward glance.
    You have one chance and one alone to claim your destiny,
    While here on earth you make your choice to let God set you free.

    Do not let others set your goals, for man leads man astray,
    The truth can only come from God, there is no other way.
    The warnings have been handed out, the danger signs are clear,
    I beg you, make your choice for God, then death can bring no fear.

    You'll spend eternity with Christ, you'll want to give Him praise,
    The time to be prepared is NOW! Be saved and change your ways.

  7. What Is Faith and What Is Prayer?
    Poet: Leonora Milliken Boss

    Faith is the trustful looking forward
    To a thing you think must be;
    Prayer is the asking, in that faith,
    Knowing it will come to thee.

    Faith is next to knowledge.
    And cultivated well will show;
    Prayer is the concentrated asking,
    And is a flower that's sure to blow.

    Faith as defined above must show you
    That few possess it in the rough;
    Tis a thing that may be stored,
    And one never has enough.

    When there's sufficient quantity.
    Imbued within your soul.
    You may ask and you'll receive;
    Much is within your own control.

  8. God Has Called You
    Greta Zwaan © 2007

    When the water gets hot, get out of the pot, is that the way it should be?
    Or should you stay in and clear up the sin until the guilty can see?
    That it's God's work that you do for the strong, faithful few -
    to train, encourage and teach;
    To bring forth the Word until all men have heard 'tis the sinners
    God's trying to reach.

    But they will oppose, it's their own door they'll close when they
    stand in the way of God's plan,
    Too costly to shed the life that they've led, complacent in sin like all man.
    But God demands change, their life rearrange, and for most that's not easy to do.
    Too set in their ways during life's sinful days, evil paints such a colourful hue.

    The wicked delight to work in the night so that darkness may cover their deeds,
    And the weak are their prey through their dark, subtle way, unconcerned where their false pathway leads.
    But one day this will end - old, alone without friend,
    worldly pleasures have taken its toll;
    The funds are no more, what's left to live for?
    That's the chance to display a new role.

    It's time to be near with a message that's clear,
    the revelation of God's wondrous grace;
    A time to display His glorious way for lost sinners to find a new place.
    Continue to preach, into darkened hearts reach, for the timing is in God's control;
    Be it months, be it years, through your struggles and tears,
    Being faithful reveals a true man.
    God has called you for this and the outcome is His,
    be content with His wonderful plan.

  9. Hope And Fear
    Poet: Algernon Charles Swinburne

    Beneath the shadow of dawn's aerial cope,
    With eyes enkindled as the sun's own sphere,
    Hope from the front of youth in godlike cheer
    Looks Godward, past the shades where blind men grope
    Round the dark door that prayers nor dreams can ope,
    And makes for joy the very darkness dear
    That gives her wide wings play; nor dreams that fear

    At noon may rise and pierce the heart of hope.
    Then, when the soul leaves off to dream and yearn,
    May truth first purge her eyesight to discern
    What once being known leaves time no power to appall;
    Till youth at last, ere yet youth be not, learn
    The kind wise word that falls from years that fall
    "Hope thou not much, and fear thou not at all."

  10. A Prayer
    by Florence Holbrook

    Not more light, I ask, O God
    But eyes to see what is;
    Not sweeter songs, but power to hear
    The present melodies.

    Not greater strength, but how to use
    The power that I possess;
    Not more of love, but skill to turn
    A frown to a caress.

    Not more of joy, but power to feel
    Its kindling presence near;
    To give to others all I have
    Of course and of cheer.

    Give me all fears to dominate
    All holy joy's to know;
    To be the friend I wish to be;
    To speak the truth I know.

  11. God's Pathways
    Poet: Helen Waithman

    Thus, God's bright sunshine overhead,
    God's flowers beside your feet,
    The path of life that you must tread
    Can little hold of fear or dread,
    And by such pleasant pathways led
    May all your life be sweet.

  12. We Need Not Fear
    Poet: Frances R. Havergal

    Oh, sweet command, that goes so far beyond
    The mightiest impulse of the tenderest heart!

    A bare permission had been much; but He
    Who knows our yearnings and our fearfulness,
    Chose graciously to bid us do the thing
    That makes our earthly happiness, and set
    A limit that we need not fear to pass,
    Because we cannot.

    Oh, the breadth, And depth, and height of love
    that passeth knowledge!
    Yet Jesus said, "As I have loved you."
    It is not that we love our precious ones
    Too much, but God too little.

  13. No Doubt Or Fear
    Poet: Elizabeth Porter Gould

    Why shadow the beauty of sea or of land
    With a doubt or a fear?
    God holds all the swift-rolling worlds in His hand,
    And sees what no man can as yet understand,
    That out of life here,
    With its smile and its tear,
    Comes forth into light, from eternity planned.
    The soul of good cheer.
    Don't worry -
    The end shall appear.

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