5 Faith In God Poems  

A collection of poems written by Eloise A. Skimings that all reflect her beliefs and faith in God. May you be inspired and uplifted by her words. And may they strengthen your faith in God!

As you can see by her poetry, Eloise had a strong faith in God. She was guided by God's word throughout her life and this is reflected in her poems. May her words uplift you.

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  1. The Lord He Guideth Me
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    O my heart is light
    And my songs are bright.
    My voice is full of glee.
    No dark cloud of care
    Mv heart can ensnare -
    The Lord He guideth me.

    The vesper hell peals,
    My heart joyous feels
    At its sweet minstrelsy.
    While I list, these notes
    On the light air floats,
    The Lord He guideth me.

    Then with lasting love
    I will look above
    In all humility;
    In notes of sweet song
    Sing the whole day long.
    The Lord He guideth me.

    O my heart is light
    And ray songs are bright,
    My voice is full of glee.
    No dark cloud of care
    My heart can ensnare.
    The Lord He guideth me.

  2. Come Little Children
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    "Come ye little children unto me.
    For of such is the kingdom of Heaven;"
    Such were the words of our Divine Lord,
    Such dear ones the command he has given.

    Dear little soldiers of Christ you'll be,
    With wreaths and breast-knots of virginal white,
    When ye kneel at the altar God's glory
    Will surround ye, in a halo of light.

    Be brave, little ones, and be pure of heart,
    For God loveth innocence, such as thine;
    Daily ask Him your past sins to forgive,
    "Yes," He will say, "ye are children of mine"

  3. Hymn
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Lord our God, who rules above,
    Accept our earthly works of love
    And fill our souls with faith to prove Thy Majesty.
    Let the Gospel's seed take root and bloom,
    And flowers of faith expel the gloom,
    For Christ has risen from the tomb In Majesty.

    Let ev'ry tongue Thy praise proclaim,
    Let ev'ry knee bow at Thy name,
    For Jesus Thou art still the same In Majesty.
    The heavens with Thy name shall ring,
    And countless angels endless sing.
    We'll live with Thee, our Lord and King, In Majesty.

  4. Hard To Bear
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    While my task seems hard to bear;
    Hard to know that on this earth
    I'll never see thee more, ne'er
    See thy smile at my return,
    Nor hear thy fresh young voice in
    Accents fraught with filial love.
    But we will meet again, meet
    To part no more, in the world
    Of heavenly rest, of promise
    Of eternal joy. The Vine,
    The living Branch, whose tendrils
    Take root in the heart alone.
    Knew that our love was earthly,
    That our hearts clung to our child.
    And now we„ with humble trust
    In God's goodness, in his word,
    "Come to me all ye that are
    Laden, and I will refresh ye,"
    We will join in the anthem,
    "Abide with me."

  5. Pentecost
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    "If anyone love me
    He will keep my word,"
    Truths from the lips of Christ,
    Our Sovereign Lord.
    If we love Him? Ah. me,
    Are we in His grace?
    Are we standard bearers
    In this earthly race?

    Love, the faithful loadstone
    Which draws soul to soul,
    Essence of power divine,
    Under God's control.
    Love of Christ, the pillar
    To which our souls cling;
    Love of Christ, the anthem
    Which the angels sing.

    Love, the sinner's pardon.
    The atonement true;
    In sin's night of darkness.
    Falls like morning dew.
    And the worn and weary
    Find a place of rest. '
    Mid the storms of envy
    On the Savior's breast.

    Love, the soldier's watchword
    On the battle field,
    Of Queen, of home, and country,
    God's power revealed.
    "Peace I leave, peace, I give,"
    Thus the Paraclete
    With tongues of living fire
    Descending doth greet.

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