12 Eloise A. Skimings Poems, Inspiring Short Poems

12 Eloise A. Skimings Poems

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Be inspired by this collection of Eloise A. Skimmings poems. Born in 1836 in Goderich, Ontario, Canada Eloise never married but dedicated her life to teaching and writing. She was the principal at the Goderich School and also taught music. She also wrote for the Clinton News-Record.

She wrote the book Golden Leaves in 1904 and many of the poems in our collection are from that book. To quote from the introduction of that book: "Like whisperings from soul to soul may these Golden Leaves inspire my readers, as I have been inspired, to acts of benevolence, to a study of our beautiful English language, to keep it pure and unsullied, and to acta of kindness, no matter in what sphere of life we are placed. "

She died on April 7, 1921 but her poems still inspire many today.

Eloise A. Skimings
Eloise A. Skimings

Popular Eloise A. Skimings Short Poems:

  1. I Recall
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Purest love flows from thy soul.
    Happiness dwells in thy heart;
    Other friends can I enroll,
    Each to me love's joys impart.
    But I love thee best of all.
    E'er thy friendship I recall.

  2. To A Friend
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    On presenting me with a honey comb.
    May the honey that flows from these waxen cells
    Be sweet like the mem'ry thou hast for me
    And may thy life flow like chimes of magic bells.
    And mayst thou many years of happiness see.

  3. Sunshine
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Sunshine surrounds thee,
    Pride of your home;
    Happy as the birds
    'Neath heaven's dome.
    May your life be spent
    In doing good.

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  4. Evening
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    When the autumn evening sky is blue and clear,
    And the stars like bright gems are shining,
    I think of absent friends, friends both true and dear,
    Friends I have not met for many a long year,
    Friends who often sent loving words of cheer
    When my cloud had no silver lining.

    I love at dewy eye to watch the falling star,
    'Tis like a brilliant volume to me
    From the friends who have gone to the beautiful shore,
    Where the life toss'd mariner's struggle is o'er,
    Where'll be no parting for evermore
    On that side of eternity's sea.

    The October moon is rising in the East
    Like a golden orb - night's autumn sun -
    To me Hope's Anchor, a royal love feast;
    No cloud in my sky - no fears in the least.
    The joy of my heart has returned - I'm released
    From life's shadows that fell one by one.

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  5. Thine Heart Is Light
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Thine heart is light,
    Then keep it so;
    Drive sorrow from your heart
    Where'er you go.

    Be a friend good and true,
    To those you love;
    O'er their path blossoms strew,
    To bloom above

    In the crown for God's own
    Who trust in him;
    And reap what he has sown,
    Like Seraphim.

    Keep thou before the mast
    On life's rude sea;
    Love's pilot rules the blast
    For you and me.

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  6. To The Land Of Beauty
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Gone is thy loved one to that land of beauty
    Where the immortals bloom divinely fair;
    Where innocence blossoms with love and duty.
    Brought by earth's pearls so rich and rare.

    Thy darling has pass'd thro' the beautiful gates
    To the fair golden City of Rest ;
    With her angelic robes she patiently waits
    For those whom she lov'd on earth the best.

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  7. Happy Thoughts
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Happy thoughts - how little they cost
    Yet are they pearls of value rare
    To those who on life's sea are tossed,
    Whose earthly lot is hard to bear.

    Happy they who know their power,
    Know the goodness that from them springs,
    Hope 'gain conquests every hour,
    And from High its blessing brings.

    Happy thoughts, like the April sun,
    Melting away the winter snows;
    And when life's happy goal is won,
    Grand among thorns appears the rose.

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  8. Harvest Time
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    How sorrowful it is to watch
    The noisy reaping machine
    Parting the grain from its mother bed,
    While it gracefully bent its stately head
    As the breeze swept o'er the green.

    The binders follow in their train
    To bind the golden grain;
    And when their hard day's work is o'er
    They merrily dance, as in days of yore,
    To the sweet sounding violin.

    How glorious the harvest moon
    Peeps thro' the maple leaves.
    And beams upon the merry throng
    As they sing the beautiful harvest song
    In the shade of the lofty trees.

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  9. Impromptu
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    From thee one souvenir I crave,
    Your picture my album to grace,
    And I should give mine in return,
    But this sonnet must take its place.

    I must only in mem'ry live,
    A picture my beauty would mar;
    And should time mv features efface,
    Think of me wherever you are.

    Think of me, and never forget
    The pleasure our friendship oft gave;
    For few can sail o'er life's rough sea
    Without some rude billows to brave.

    Then forget me not, but cherish
    The thought that I wish still for thee
    Long life, and health, and wealth, to keep
    Thy soul from worldly sorrows free.

    Thou hast entered the gate of knowledge
    And roamed amid beauties there;
    Which to thy mind more precious are
    Than jewels surpassingly fair.

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    A collection of memorial poems.
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  11. Only A Flower
    From the water lily to the violet flowers provide a sense of
    wonderment and amazement to our daily lives.
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  12. Poems Of Faith
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