5 Only A Flower Poems

Be inspired by these only a flower poems that reflect on the beauty of flowers. From the water lily to the violet flowers provide a sense of wonderment and amazement to our daily lives. You may think it is only a flower, but that flower could brighten someones day!

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  1. Only A Flower
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Only a flower, on the pavement it lay,
    Falling unseen from some beauteous bouquet;
    Picked up by some one, and tended with care
    It blooms now as fresh as it bloomed in the air.

    How little it dreamt of the fate now in store.
    When lovingly pulled a few moments before;
    In yonder sick chamber it sheds perfume sweet,
    And no one could know it was found in the street.

    Thus with frail mortals, whose talent now is cast
    Aside, and o'erlook'd by the many who have passs'd,
    Till some noble mind sees a flash in the gem,
    And in a hero's crown it forms a diadem.

  2. Our Lives Like Flowers
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Thy gift I prize highly, so pretty and bright,
    Of scarlet geraniums, and pink mix'd with white.
    And ivy so green, 'tis a lovely bouquet,
    I wish it could live and be fragrant alway.

    But it must perish, like the joys of this earth,
    A type of the heart, void of pleasure and mirth;
    Our lives should be bright while we live, like these flowers,
    And cheer our dear friends in their sad weary hours.

  3. Water Lillies
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Flowers of the deep, bow grand in thy beauty,
    Ever floating with pride o'er Huron's pure breast
    Like cups of pure gold, luring man from his duty
    And filling his mind with a heavenly rest.

    Earth has no flower in her garden so royal,
    So queenly and grand as this queen of the wave;
    So proudly ye look, so strong and so loyal,
    The foam crest your birth place, the foam crest your grave.

    Where are ye now, when your home is frost laden?
    The ice king is gamboling free o'er your bed;
    But the sun will restore thee, as hope does the maiden
    Who gathers June roses for the perfume they shed.

  4. April Violets
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    O violets, sweet violets, ye heralds of spring,
    What fond recollections to my heart ye bring;
    So sweet is your perfume, ye whisper of hope
    When your scented blue leaves, five petall'd, ye ope.

    O violets, sweet violets, waft ye to heaven
    The pure joys of life, which to mortals are giv'n;
    Speak not of the shadows which oft round us lie,
    But of the warm sunshine that comes from on high.

  5. The Trumpet Flower
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Grand in its beauty, the trumpet flower climbs
    O'er trellis'd wall,
    Its flame color'd blossoms, so strong and so lofty,
    Charm great and small;
    Its leaves of ever-green beauty fill the heart
    With beauty rare,
    Welcom'd by the August sun which on them shines
    With tender care.

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