Flower Quotes

Be inspired by these flower quotes. When we see a flower in bloom the beauty can take our breath away. Flowers always make us feel good and are given on special occasions or just when we want to make someone feel special.

A walk in a flower garden can bring us peace and awe. Planting a flower garden can give us satisfaction as we see the plant come into bloom. But also a field of wild flowers can offer beauty in a way that is unique.

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  1. A garden can be a place of peace for me watching nature and flowers be Catherine Pulsifer, A Garden Can Be
    Garden Poems

  2. There's not a tint that paints the rose, or decks the lily fair, or streaks the humblest flower that blows, but God has placed it there. James Cowden Wallace, God Seen In His Works
    Christian Poems

  3. There is many a rose in the road of life if we would only stop to take it Unknown, Road Of Life
    Poems of Encouragement

  4. Bloom, Easter lilies fair! Out of the dust arisen, from the deep darkness under the sod quickened to life by the touch of God J. H. Knowles, A Song Of Life
    Easter Poems

  5. Life’s field will yield as we make it - a harvest of thorns or of flowers.
  6. Life’s field will yield as we make it - a harvest of thorns or of flowers. Unknown, Life Will Yield
    Poems About Life

  7. Instead of a gem, or even a flower, cast the gift of a lovely thought into the heart of a friend. Geo. Macdonald
    Friendship Poems

  8. If I could pick a flower for every time I thought of you - it would keep me busy and I would not be blue! Catherine Pulsifer, Pick A Flower
    Thinking Of You Poems

  9. Easter flow'rs are blooming gay, and Easter buds are springing. John Mason Neale, The World Itself Keeps Easter Day
    Legend of the Dogwood Tree Poem

  10. The heart of a child, like the heart of a flower, has a smile for the sun and a tear for the shower: Arthur Austin-Jackson, The Child's Heart
    A Child - Poems about Children

  11. How, soft as sleep, it onward glides in sunshine through its dreaming flowers. Charles Fenno Hoffman, The Streamlet
    Nature Poems

  12. Ah, that my soul were as the scent these flowers fling away, to fade and float insentient into this perfect day. E. K. Linton, A Summer Day
    Summer Poems

  13. There is a God! - each flower I see seems but to live to speak His praise John Imrie, There Is A God!
    Poems About God

  14. Friendship is a flower that grows and understands John McLeod, Gentle The Love
    Short Love Poems

  15. To some, a dandelion is a weed but this flower has many seeds Catherine Pulsifer, First To Appear
    Dandelion Poems

  16. March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil Sara Coleridge, Month Poems
    Month Poems

  17. The water is a dark flower and a fisherman is a bee in the heart of her. Author Unknown
    Poems About Water

  18. There is a land where beauty never dies...we may not know how sweet its balmy air, how bright and fair its flowers; Nancy W. Priest, Joys Of Heaven
    Heaven Poems

  19. There's not a dewdrop on the flower,- but bears the impress, Lord, of Thee. Unknown, Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving Poems

  20. But you can brighten up my day when e're you send me flowers I'll know that someone out there cares through all these lonely hours. Greta Zwaan, Give Me Flowers
    Give Me Flowers

  21. Good thoughts are like flowers that grew from the seeds which you planted one day in the spring
  22. Good thoughts are like flowers that grew from the seeds which you planted one day in the spring Unknown, Beautiful Thoughts
    Poems For Women

  23. We thank thee, Lord...for the flowers sweet and for the grass about our feet Emma Jones, Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving Prayers

  24. If love is as sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder
    Mom Poems

  25. Thou art so like a flower, so pure and fair and kind Unknown, In My Heart
    Romantic Poems

  26. April Babies sometimes cry, to help the flowers grow by and by! Althea Randolph, A Year Of Babies
    Baby Poems

  27. Folly is like the growth of weeds, always luxurious and spontaneous; wisdom, like flowers, requires cultivation. Hosea Ballou
    Wisdom Quotes

  28. The Moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one Moon. Jean Ingelow
    Moon Quotes

  29. Why is subtlest perfume found in flowers that grow in shade? Dr. I. B. Howell, Why?
    Poems About Jesus

  30. It was only a blossom, just the merest bit of bloom, but it brought a glimpse of summer to the little darkened room. Unknown, Only
    Good Morning Poems

  31. ...between book-pages, one may find forgotten sprays of treasured azure flowers. Rosamond Livingstone McNaught, The Home
    Poems About Home

  32. ...bloom sweet flowers, where all day long - the wild bee drones his dreamy song. George Arnold, The Garden Of Memory
    My Garden

  33. The flower shines not for itself at all; its joy is the joy it freely diffuses
  34. The flower shines not for itself at all; its joy is the joy it freely diffuses Unknown, Giving And Living
    Giving Poems

  35. From the water lily to the violet flowers provide a sense of wonderment and amazement to our daily lives. Catherine Pulsifer
    Only A Flower Poems

  36. A daisy is a flower from above - so simple, its pedals of white that seem to dance in the light. Catherine Pulsifer, A Daisy
    Poems About Daisies

  37. There's not a flower that decks the vale...but in its use some beauty shows, God's love to us and love undying! G. Griffin, There's Not A ...
    Poems About God's Love

  38. Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same. Helen Keller
    What Is Love Poem

  39. Oh, the flowers of spring are fair to see, yet sweet doth the fall rose blow Lida M. Smith, We Are Growing Old
    Poems On Aging

  40. Flowers are loved by young and old, as they gracefully unfold John Imrie

  41. What do the leaves do through the long summer hours...shelter the wild flowers. Unknown, The Lessons Of The Leaves
    Poems About Leaves

  42. Oh! the flowers that bloom in beauty to-day, to-morrow may fade, so soon they decay. Mary C. Ryan
    Oh! The Flowers

  43. Catching snowflakes goes on for hours - to a child, it is like picking flowers. Catherine Pulsifer, Unique
    Poems About Snowflakes

  44. For thorns are mixed with the blooming flowers no matter which path we tread. Edwin Carlile Litsey, The Dreams Ahead
    Positive Poems

  45. Be thankful for the air we breathe. For the flowers, grass and trees. Catherine Pulsifer, The Little Things
    Be Thankful Poems

  46. I would rather have one little rose from the garden of a friend
  47. I would rather have one little rose from the garden of a friend Unknown, Kindness During Life
    Be Appreciative

  48. Flower of Love, the last to leave, bud that blossomed first for Eve. Charles Henry Webb, With A Rose
    Rose Poem

  49. Behold, the New Year 'beckons, like a flower - hid in its roots among the untrodden hills Lucy Larcom, The New Year
    New Year Poems

  50. While they lavished their splendor before me, not a flower had I heart to cull Mary Mapes Dodge, From Flower To Light
    Garden Making

  51. The garden is yours and it is yours to gather the fruits and every flower of every kind Helen Hoyt, The Garden
    Poems about Gardens by Famous Poets

  52. And ’tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes. William Wordsworth, Early Spring
    Spring Poems

  53. Summer has come, praise be to God, for the blushing flowers! Caleb Davis Bradlee, Summer
    Spring, Summer, Autumn Poems

  54. Dear little one good-bye, a pleasant walk for you.....when the flowers and the grass are wet with dew, that hangs in little drops so pearly. M. E. B., Going To School
    Poems About School

  55. The frost-fashioned flake, when the winter is over, a dewdrop will shine in the heart of a flower. Nixon Waterman, Nature's Promise
    Wind In The Trees

  56. Forests decay, harvests perish, flowers vanish, but grass is immortal. Brian Ingalls
    Garden Verses

  57. Along all our pathways sweet flowers are blossoming, if we will only stop to pluck them and smell their fragrance. Minot J. Savage, Go Through Life
    Journey Of Life

  58. God made a beauteous garden with lovely flowers strown Robert Frost, God's Garden
    God's Garden Poem

  59. The sunlight speaks. And it's voice is a bird: it glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard above the flower bed. Harry Kemp, The Hummingbird
    Poems About Birds

  60. The winter brings long, pleasant evenings, the spring brings a promise of flowers Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    Gods Blessings

  61. The moon like a flower in heaven’s high bower, with silent delight sits and smiles on the night. William Blake, Smiles On The Night
    Poems About The Moon

  62. A quick glance at a small flower garden whether that is in a backyard or a balcony planter may see the petals closing of certain flowers as they also bid farewell to the day. Byron Pulsifer
    Good Night

  63. Like a happy child, through the flowers gay that fill the field and fringe the way Henry VanDyke
    A Mile With Me

  64. And summer comes with verdant June; the flowers then are in full bloom Unknown, The Seasons
    Poems About The Seasons

  65. When we see the rose, do we see the flower or the thorns? Catherine Pulsifer
    The Bitter Or The Sweet

  66. It takes a while for flowers to bloom after we plant the seeds Unknown, Patience Is A Flower The Grows
    Patience Poem

  67. To comfort man; to whisper hope whene'er his faith is dim: for He that careth for the flowers will care much more for him. Mary Howitt, God's Love In The Flowers
    Poems About Faith

  68. Stop and appreciate the small things every day - take time to stop and smell the flowers on your way. Catherine Pulsifer, Simple Things
    Living A Simple Life

  69. All the names I know from nurse: Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse, Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock and the Lady Hollyhock.
    Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, The Flowers

  70. With no hope, our life can be like a garden full of flowers but a winter garden covered with snow with no hope of blooms. Byron Pulsifer
    On Hope's Broken Wing

  71. Ho, Dandelion! my lightsome fellow! What's become of all your yellow?
    Mary Mapes Dodge, Ho, Dandelion

  72. Now when life's day is over — all done with hopes and fears — the fashion is to tender sweet flowers and salty tears. Arthur Franklin Fuller

  73. And make your home a garden of flowers, where joy shall bloom through childhood's hours. Unknown, Make Childhood Sweet
    Poems About Children Growing Up

  74. Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today; and give us not to think so far away Robert Frost, A Prayer In Spring
    Fire and Ice Poem

  75. Violets by the woodland way, promise of blossom on the spray. Wonderful glow of daffodils underneath the windowsills. Patience Strong, How Did It Happen

  76. As late I rambled in the happy fields,.....I saw the sweetest flower wild nature yields, a fresh-blown musk-rose, 'twas the first that threw its sweets upon the summer Keats, To A Friend Who Sent Me Some Roses
    Rose Poems

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  78. O who will walk a mile with me along life's merry way...like a happy child, through the flowers gay
    Henry VanDyke, A Mile With Me

  79. Like the dew on the morning flowers before the sun's rays fall, love and friendship hover around us when thou art nigh. Eloise A. Skimings
    Famous Friendship Poems

  80. A beautiful bouquet of flowers, - is precious to me, as coming from thee, with perfume of bright sunny bowers. John Imrie, A Bouquet Of Flowers
    To My Friends

  81. Which is the wind that brings the flowers? The West Wind, and soft and low Unknown, What The Wind Brings
    Poems About The Wind

  82. Butterflies are self propelled flowers. R. H. Heinlein
    Butterfly Poems

  83. Bring now your flowers, the praise so fitly said - 'twill bless the living - cannot cheer the dead; Arthur Franklin Fuller
    Do All You Can

  84. Autumn, Autumn, you did not see me watching....when the wild flowers bent to meet you, and the trees reached out to greet you John Richard Moreland, Autumn
    Autumn Poems

  85. We must take care of this world of ours - appreciate it all from air to the flowers. Catherine Pulsifer, The Three R's Poems About Earth Day

  86. The sun will not always shine; the flowers won't always bloom. But I have found this out: the storms that I go through are for my good Unknown, As You Go Through Life
    Poems About Challenges

  87. Blessed are the happy folks who understand the trees .....hey know the language of the flowers, and hear the symphony
    Patience Strong, Wonderland

  88. Forests decay, harvests perish, flowers vanish, but grass is immortal. Brian Ingalls
    Poems about Grass and Lawns

  89. How do the flowers love every flower its season? J. B. Selkirk, Love's Rejoinder
    True Love Poems

  90. Prayer is the concentrated asking, and is a flower that's sure to blow. Leonora Milliken Boss, What Is Faith and What Is Prayer?
    Faith Over Fear

  91. Beneath the snow that's drifting, dear. The violet 's waiting to appear. Edgar A. Guest, Beneath The Snow
    Poems About Waiting

  92. You got to have some trouble in this rough old world of ours, you got to fight the bumblebee, sometimes to pick the flowers Unknown, The Journey
    Life Journey

  93. May spring flowers bright always mark your way
    Irish Wedding Blessing

  94. But the rich should take pride in their humiliation—since they will pass away like a wild flower. James 1:10
    Motivational Quotes From The Bible

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