15 Famous Garden Poems

These famous Poets express there thoughts on gardens. The love of gardens is expressed in these poems. A garden is often a labor of love and these poems reflect this. The gardeners in your life will appreciate the Poets thoughts on gardens.

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  1. Hollyhocks Poem
       by Edgar A. Guest

    Old-fashioned flowers! I love them all:
    The morning-glories on the wall,
    The pansies in their patch of shade,
    The violets, stolen from a glade,
    The bleeding hearts and columbine,
    Have long been garden friends of mine;
    But memory every summer flocks
    About a clump of hollyhocks . . . .

  2. Flower Garden Poem
       by Lillian E. Curtis

    Ah! hers was a bright and cheery place,
    A quiet, secluded little spot,
    Where, with her little flock around her,
    She had a cheerful, happy lot . . . .

    In "Oh! The Flowers" by Mary C. Ryan, the poem beautifully explores the transient nature of life and its fleeting moments of joy and hope. Through the metaphor of blooming flowers and passing seasons, the poet reminds us that just as flowers wither and vanish, so do our hopes and cherished moments. The poem emphasizes the impermanence of life and the importance of cherishing each moment, not living solely for the present but also preparing for the future. It encourages us to appreciate the beauty of life's passing moments while acknowledging that our ultimate hope lies in the eternal. The poem's reflective and contemplative tone encourages readers to savor the beauty of the fleeting present and find solace in the belief in an everlasting spiritual existence beyond life's brevity.

  3. Bulbs
      by Patience Strong

    I've put my bulbs in coloured bowls and hidden them away -
    Inside my cupboard, where they cannot see the light of day -
    I've put them in the soft black mould as cosy as can be -
    And in the quiet darkness they will work their mystery . . . .

  4. The Rose
       by Nixon Waterman

    O, rose of June, thou art so fair!
    Thy beauty our being entrances,
    As though the sweet blossom-scent air,
    The butterfly merrily dances . . . .

    In Nixon Waterman's poem "The Rose," the author reflects on the symbolism of the rose and how it represents life, beauty, and growth. The poem suggests that one's perspective on life determines how they perceive its beauty. For those who view life with joy and love, each day is filled with excitement, even in the face of challenges. On the contrary, those with a negative outlook on life see it as something to endure, focusing only on its hardships. The poem encourages us to see beyond life's difficulties, comparing them to the thorns on a rose that hide its splendor. Ultimately, it conveys the idea that life's beauty is revealed to those who have a positive and optimistic perspective, much like the beauty of a blooming rose in summer.

  5. Flowers
      by John Imrie

    Flowers are loved by young and old,
    As they gracefully unfold
    Sweetness caught from Eden's bowers,
    When at first God made the flowers:
    Rich in every tint and hue,
    Smiling, through their tears of dew;
    Beauty's glory crowns their head,
    As they peep from grassy bed . . . .

    In "Flowers" by John Imrie, the poem celebrates the universal love for flowers and the qualities they symbolize. Each type of flower mentioned is associated with a particular virtue or emotion, emphasizing the richness of human experience reflected in nature. The poem suggests that flowers can be teachers, imparting lessons about purity, humility, happiness, love, and beauty. Imrie also alludes to the divine role of creation, likening the beauty of flowers to God's creative handiwork. The poem conveys the idea that, like flowers, human life is short but can be meaningful if filled with good deeds and sublime thoughts that withstand the test of time. Ultimately, gardens serves as a reminder of the beauty and wisdom found in the natural world and the potential for human life to reflect those qualities.

  6. Only A Flower Poems
      by Eloise A. Skimings

    Only a flower, on the pavement it lay,
    Falling unseen from some beauteous bouquet;
    Picked up by some one, and tended with care
    It blooms now as fresh as it bloomed in the air . . . .

  7. Oh! The Flowers
       by Mary C. Ryan

    Oh! the flowers that bloom in beauty today,
    Tomorrow may fade, so soon they decay.
    They'll vanish from earth, ever summer is over,
    They'll pass like the dew, and blossom no more . . . .

  8. The Garden Of Life
    Poet: Madeline F. Sewell

    Life is so much like a garden, cluttered up with cares and weeds..
    They rob it of its clean appearance, they are thoughtless words and deeds;
    A life of fruitfulness I long for ..a cleaner lot to plant my seeds.

    Not yet have they destroyed my garden, I must pull them right away;
    Intruding weeds must be abandoned..Offensive words I must not say..
    No selfish deeds may I leave growing, if deeds of worth would grow today.

    I'll plant the best seeds in my garden, I'll fertilize it well with prayer..
    I'll cultivate my deeds of kindness, water them with love and care;
    Then wait for God to make my garden a thing of beauty..rich and rare!

  9. Short Famous Garden Poems

  10. I’ll take the showers as they fall,
    I will not vex my bosom;
    Enough, if at the end of all
    A little garden blossom.

  11. And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
    Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
    And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
    Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.

  12. A garden stored with peas,
    and mint and thyme,
    And flowers for posies.

  13. And the jessamine faint, and the sweet tuberose,
    The sweetest flower for scent that blows;
    And all rare blossoms from ... every clime
    Grew in that garden in per- ... feet prime.

  14. 	 Look but at the gardener’s pride— How he glories when he sees Roses, lilies, side by side, Violets in families! Wordsworth

  15. O painter of the fruits and flowers!
    We thank thee for thy wise design
    Whereby these human hands of ours
    In Nature’s garden work with thine.

  16. Thy summer garden ne’er
    Was lovelier with its birds and flowers
    Than is this silent place of snow
    With feathery branches drooping low.
    Mary Howitt

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