Patience Poem

A patience poem that expresses how we at times just do not have the patience, but life is a teacher and patience is something we all need to learn. Our tolerance for others and our restraint from being angry all demonstrate our patience.

How we keep our composure during times when we feel impatient will lead to success in life challenges. Let these poems be a reminder about being having patience.

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  1. Life Is Patience
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

    To live how we want,
    And to do what we please.
    Can sometimes be tough,
    And not done with great ease.

    Life works in many ways,
    Some good and some bad.
    Which stops us in our tracks,
    And makes us really mad.

    We can't all get,
    What we want right away.
    And waiting is needed,
    To show us the way.

    So learn the lesson now,
    That some never learn.
    Waiting patiently,
    Will allow you your turn.

  2. having patience is one of the keys for a successful life

  3. Try Again
    Poet Unknown

    'Tis a lesson you should heed,
    Try, try, try again;
    If at first you don't succeed,
    Try, try, try again.

    Once or twice though you should fail,
    Try again;
    If you would at last prevail,
    Try again.

    If we strive, 'tis no disgrace
    Though we may not win the race;
    What should you do in that case?
    Try again.

    If you find your task is hard,
    Try again;
    Time will bring you your reward,
    Try again.

    All that other folks can do,
    With your patience should not you?
    Only keep this rule in view-
    Try again.

  4. at nearly every turn we are confronted with  situations that test the limits of our patience and tolerance.  Geshe Thupten Jinpa

  5. Patience Is A Flower That Grows
    Poet: Unknown

    It takes a while for flowers to bloom
    After we plant the seeds,
    We have to give them loving care,
    Like every flower needs . . .

    They don't just push up through the sod
    And blossom over night,
    But when they do burst through in bloom,
    That make a lovely sight!

    Sometimes it's that way with us, too,
    Some things take time, we find
    So just be patient and keep faith
    Till this is all behind!

  6. The Hardest Time Of All
    Poet: Sarah Doudney

    There are days of silent sorrow
    In the seasons of our life;
    There are wild, despairing moments,
    There are hours of mental strife;
    There are times of stony anguish,
    When the tears refuse to fall;
    But the waiting time, my brothers,
    Is the hardest time of all.

    Youth and love are oft impatient,
    Seeking things beyond their reach;
    But the heart grows sick of hoping
    Ere it learns what life can teach;
    For before the fruit be gathered
    We must see the blossoms fall;
    And the waiting time, my brothers,
    Is the hardest time of all.

    We can bear the heat of conflict,
    Though the sudden, crushing blow,
    Beating back our gathered forces,
    For a moment lay us low;
    We may rise again beneath it

    None the weaker for the fall;
    But the waiting time, my brothers,
    Is the hardest time of all.
    For it wears the eager spirit,
    As the salt waves wear the stone,
    And the garb of hope grows threadbare
    Till the brightest tints are flown;
    Then amid youth's radiant tresses
    Silent snows begin to fall;
    Oh! the waiting time, my brothers,
    Is the hardest time of all.

    But at last we learn the lesson
    That God knoweth what is best;
    For with wisdom cometh patience,
    And with patience cometh rest.
    Yea, a golden thread is shining
    Through the tangled woof of fate;
    And our hearts shall thank him meekly,
    That he taught us how to wait.

  7. Learn To Wait
    Poet: Unknown

    Learn to wait - life's hardest lesson,
    Conned perchance, through blinding tears,
    While the heart-throbs sadly echo
    To the tread of passing years.

    Learn to wait - hope's slow fruition;
    Faint not, though the way seem long;
    There is joy in each condition,
    Hearts, through suffering, may grow strong.

    Constant sunshine, howe'er welcome,
    Ne'er would ripen fruit or flower;
    Giant oaks owe half their greatness
    To the scathing tempest's power.

    Thus a soul untouched by sorrow
    Aims not at a higher state;
    Joy seeks not a brighter morrow,
    Only sad hearts learn to wait.

    Human strength and human greatness
    Spring not from life's sunny side;
    Heroes must be more than driftwood
    Floating on a waveless tide.

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We hope these patience poems are ones that you will share with others. And may you apply them in your day to day life. Being patient is a great way to reduce your stress and live each day in a more calm manner! Have patience with yourself - don't expect perfection, but keep moving one step after another toward your goals. And, with other people - you have no idea of what others are experiencing in their lives, have patience with each and every person you encounter!

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