Patience Poem

This patience poem expresses how we at times just do not have the patience, but life is a teacher and patience is something we all need to learn. Our tolerance for others and our restraint from being angry all demonstrate our patience.

How we keep our composure during times when we feel impatient will lead to success in life challenges. Let our quotes about being patient be a reminder.

encouraging patience poem

Life Is Patience

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

To live how we want,
And to do what we please.
Can sometimes be tough,
And not done with great ease.

Life works in many ways,
Some good and some bad.
Which stops us in our tracks,
And makes us really mad.

We can't all get,
What we want right away.
And waiting is needed,
To show us the way.

So learn the lesson now,
That some never learn.
Waiting patiently,
Will allow you your turn.

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We hope this patience poem and the quotes about being patient are ones that you will share with others. And may you apply them in your day to day life. Being patient is a great way to reduce your stress and live each day in a more calm manner! Have patience with yourself and with others - you have no idea of what others are experiencing in their lives!

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